It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

What are you doing this weekend? It’s going to one degree here–ONE SINGLE DEGREE–so I will be staying home, safely wrapped in a blanket cocoon.

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The Most Blessed Of All Holidays Is This Weekend

Thank the Lord, this weekend is our annual observation of that most holy of days, St. Valentine’s Day. It’s the only holiday where every true celebration results in a good boning.
Sadly, there are some sad sacks in the world for whom it is impossible at this late date to truly celebrate Valentine’s Day. These people are called “single people” or “prudes” or maybe even “having an argument with the person you thought you loved, but but now you are questioning everything.” A good old-fashioned VD roll in the hay may not be in the cards (or stars?? aww, our old friends) for you this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend the day in a very meaningful way. Here are some suggestions.  Some of them are dark! Continue reading

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Childhood Spinal Trauma

Never take your eyes off the enemy.

Via Esquire

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It’s Project Club Time!

How did you do this week? I’m giving myself a bit of a break because I got backed into and had to take my car to the shop and it ended up being a whole ordeal (don’t worry, Captain Americar is back in fine form), so I only wrote 1,177 words, which, hey, is better than zero words. And I did my taxes, but still didn’t go to the bank. I will never go to the bank. Does the bank even exist? Who knows!

Goals for this week: more words (I’m upholding 5,000 as the standard, but at this point I’ll be happy if I just keep making progress), going to the grocery store to stock up before my city becomes a frozen wasteland over the weekend, and ordering some stuff I need online (so easy, and yet I still put it off). Here’s last week’s post if you need a refresher.

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The Irish Pivot

Please wash those cushions when you’re done.

Via Tastefully Offensive


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So, How Was Your Day?

Mine was good! I had to work late, but I still managed to clean and work out and make my lunch for tomorrow, like some kind of real goddamn adult. Otherwise I remain, as ever, tired and sick of winter.

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The Parent Trap

It’s good to break a child’s brain at such a young age.

Via Pleated Jeans

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