Tuesday TV Talk

Welcome to another episode of Tuesday TV Talk.  I know we are all still trying to get over the absolute shock that happened on the last episode of Game of Thrones but if you want to talk about other things, here you go! Obviously, spoilers below. Continue reading

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Get Out Of Bed, Jabroni

Actor and almost Jake Johnson ouster Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is here to help you get up in the morning.  Your alarm clock?  Piece of shit.  Your Philips Wake Up Light?  Throw it in the trash.  The Fast and Furious star has released an app called, wait for it, the Rock Clock, which wakes your candy ass up with inspirational quotes and music to motivate you out of bed and in the gym.  You can also install it if you just hate your current alarm and want to hear his pleasant voice.  You can even set goals, so it’s perfect for our projects.  It’s free, so download it now to hear such motivational tones like “Battle Cat”, “Chainsaws”, and “Ring ring”, which is literally The Rock just saying “ring ring.”  If nothing else, you can use the default setting of Rock Time, which is a general alarm that is set to go off at 4:45am.  It’s well worth the zero dollars.

Via The Verge

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Game of Thrones S6E02–Home

Further doings are afoot in Westeros and Essos. In addition to recapping events from last week, the “previously” tells us:

  • We’ll return to Bran’s storyline. You remember Bran, from two years ago?
  • Some sort of dragon-ation or dragon-osity will be undertaken
  • The Karstark clan will put in an appearance. You remember them, from three years ago?
  • We’ll be revisiting the Iron Islands for the first time since…season 3.

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And That’s How I Threw Out My Back This Weekend

The kids loved it, though.

Via DPnF

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How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was pretty good. I went grocery shopping and had fancy coffee and read two books and wrote some and started watching House Of Cards (not sure how I feel about the show yet, but I am 1000% in love with the perfection that is Claire Underwood). At some point I should probably spend a weekend actually interacting with other human beings, but it just feels so good to have two whole days all to myself!

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National Pet Week!

According to the American Veterinary Association, it’s National Pet Week! (May is also Hamburger Month and Salad Month, but I’m not going to celebrate those.)

I know a few months back we had a pet photo post, but between then and now, perhaps some of us (hard to say who) have cycled through a number of pets. But finally maybe that some of us (could be any of us, who knows!) have a fairly new cat who is more beautiful than any other cat who has ever lived and want to show off that cat.

 photo 0416161832_zpsdtwwnya3.jpg

Bianca Beans, in her favorite position. Class for days.

Show off your pets, guys! Even though your cats will not be as cute as mine, I still want to see them.

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Homeless Monsters Tournament of Hotties: Sexy Sixteen Results

We’re getting close to the end of this glorious tournament, and despite some early upsets the majority of the gentlemen advancing to the Exquisite Eight are high seeds. Michael Fassbender has the unique shame of being the only top seed not to make it to this stage, and I like to imagine that today he finds himself inexplicably cranky. Anyway, let’s examine the results!

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