So, How Was Your Day?

Let’s try something new (I mean, I’m going to; there’s no pressure to play along) and list it out:

  1. It is too hot. IT IS SEPTEMBER, GO AWAY TEMPS OVER 75.
  2. I am very tired, still.
  3. General busyness and stress have been causing me to neglect both my physical health and certain creative endeavors, both of which I need to start remedying before things get out of hand (balance, how does one achieve it?).
  4. Other than that, things are good! I know #3 sounds negative, but honestly everything is fine; I’m just a big baby sometimes.
  5. I don’t like even-numbered lists.
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The Road Not Taken

One of the great automotive experiences of our time is to yell at our navigation systems for screwing us over.  Whether it be for taking is down the wrong street, not warning us in time for a turn, or telling us to keep left on the highway when there was absolutely no need to say it, we can take out our road rage on whatever generic name you gave the voice inside your screen (Mine is Cheryl.  Fuck you Cheryl).  But what if that voice is a comforting one?  Someone like, say, famed television personality and one time Michigan public access host Stephen Colbert?  Can I really get upset at him for being unable to find a street that was built 3 weeks ago?  I’m not entirely sure I’d want to download his voice.  I don’t want to risk getting angry at such a fine gentleman.  Perhaps there is a reality show “star” that could contribute his or her voice, so that I may have no qualms about calling that person a shit basket.  If you guys have any recommendations, please fire away.

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Let’s Discuss This Song from 1959

Sometimes the 50s on 5 XM/Sirius radio station is a jem. And sometimes it plays “Seven Little Girls in the Back Seat.”

I’d never heard this song until this morning, and so I think we can say that it was this morning that my life truly began. But I have a number of questions about this forgotten hit by Paul Evans and the Curls.
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Ape Escape

It’s The Rundown all over again.

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Monster Community Pool – 9/1/2015

Welcome to September.

Enjoy your final days of wearing white, people.

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Sympathy For Today’s Educators

I knew the first term.  I knew the last term.  THAT’S IT.

Via Laughing Squid

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How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was extremely lazy, which I did manage to remedy a little bit at the last minute, but still. I also ate way to much junk food and feel kind of sick as a result, because I’m super great at this whole adulthood thing.

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