Hey, Everyone Needs A “Me Time” Spot

Earlier this week, news broke of a mysterious and obviously haunted tunnel found in the woods near a Toronto university. Theories about its existence ranged from “ghosts” to “totally ghosts; also, terrorists,” but it turns out that, hey, 22-year-old Elton McDonald dug it for the always-valid reason of “why the hell not”:

“It was just something I always wanted to do,” he said. “I knew I could do it. It was kind of a fun project for me and some friends.”

Good for you, Elton! I’m glad you didn’t die! Building a tunnel mostly by yourself seems pretty dangerous! But really, he seems like a cool dude and I applaud him for accomplishing something that we all totally thought about doing the first time we read any book that featured a secret passage when we were kids.

Still: haunted.

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Nowhere To Run

You thought you’d be safe by going into the wilderness, far away from the ocean, to escape the robot apocalypse.  You thought wrong.

Via Neatorama

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Unnecessary Movie Assignment #16

How entertaining is it that I promised to review a movie in October, and then didn’t do it until March?  Good one!   I actually even watched the movie the day it won the voting, or the next day.  Then I wrote a couple paragraphs…


Next thing you know, I had to make a Halloween costume, help cook Thanksgiving, reply to an email — time flew.  There was simply no way to write a couple more paragraphs and do several screen grabs.

Ugh.  Who am I kidding.  It would have been so easy.  I could have tried.  You guys trusted me, and I kicked you in the teeth.  The trust teeth.

HOW ABOUT  A SECOND CHANCE??  Right?  America is the land of second chances!  (If you are reading this from a foreign land that doubles down on first chances, IRRELEVANT, because I’m in America.)  So here’s what we’ll do:

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The Octopus Uprising Has Begun

All this time you all have been worried about robots and zombies, but I knew our doom would come from the sea!

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Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

These origami birds demonstrate way more synchronized, magnetized magic on the dance floor in just over a minute than I have in my entire life. Challenge accepted, paper cranes. Challenge accepted.

(Via Colossal)

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So, How Was Your Day?

My day was good! I got a new laptop this weekend, and it’s been really nice being able to use real programs and download real software (my previous one was a Chromebook, which are fine for what they are, but I needed MOAR POWER. Plus it died on me). Any other writer folk out there use Scrivener? It’s expensive but so worth it. Best $45 I ever spent, no exaggeration.

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Some Of Us Still Like This Show, Right?

I’m willing to look past the Age of Ultron shtick and watch (once I figure out what the hell Yahoo! Screen is and how it works).

Via Cinema Blend

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