Today Is A Great Day

Nothing can go wrong.  NOTHING!

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Monster Community Pool – 11/24/2015

It isn’t even Thanksgiving and I’m already in a food coma.


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Breakfast In Bed

Good job on that meeting yesterday.  Take the morning off.

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How Was Your Weekend?

I got a ton of chores/errands done on Saturday morning, and then I spent the rest of the weekend eating too much, trying to stay warm, and binge-watching Jessica Jones on Netflix (it’s very good but VERY, VERY DARK, just fyi).

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Who Knows Why Some People Think Of Things

The open source hardware project known as Arduino has inspired a number of great DIY creations.  This may or may not be one.

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My Cat & I Watch A Movie About A Lady and Her Cat

On a recent Saturday night, I had the opportunity to waste some time in front of the TV with some German food and my cat. I had been watching a lot of drama on Netflix, sad stuff that made me despair for the world. (This was two weeks ago so my despair was about to grow much worse.) I wanted to feel joy again, to laugh and possibly also feel at awe of the beauty of the world and the multitude of people who live in it. I have very specific moods when it comes to my movie-watching needs. Continue reading

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The Consummate Professional

If he can get through this, you can get through your goddamn presentation.


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