It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

What are you up to on this, the spookiest of weekends? I’m not doing anything for Halloween, unless going grocery shopping and probably buying myself candy counts. Which it should.

And don’t forget about the SCARE-venger hunt! There’s only days left!

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Flanospooks for Your Weekend

Wondering what’s in the stars for you in the afterlife? Wonder no more, because here I am with this weekend’s Flanospooks. They’re like horoscopes, but they tell you what you’ll find in the next pile of leaves you leap into!

Aries: March 21-April 19
A skull. Is it human? Is it animal? Who knows.

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Take My Husband, Please!

Hey look, it’s a political ad that doesn’t make me want to waterboard myself.

Via Geekologie

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The Homeless Monsters Winter Survival Guide

Project Club will return next week (although you can certainly still report on any progress you’ve made here). I thought we could shake things up a little, because my friends, winter is coming.

I never look forward to it, and I’m dreading it even more than usual this year–the cold, holiday madness, driving in the snow, pitch darkness at 5 PM. Yuck. I thought it might be nice to help give each other ideas for beating the winter doldrums. I’ll start:

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EW PopFest to Give Us a Happy Ending(s Reunion)

Hey do you guys remember this song? I’m going to date myself by saying this was a big song when I was in college. I lived with my friend Pjetur (pronounced Peter) who was obsessed with *NYSNC so he waited until this video came on TRL (Total Request Live with host Carson Daly on MTV), popped a VHS tape into the VCR, and recorded it so we could watch it whenever we wanted. That was what passed for “on demand.” My god, I feel so old at this moment, like I’m telling my grandkids a story about rationing pantyhose during the war.

Anyhow, Pjetur and I watched this video over and over and memorized the dance moves to the part after JT says “man, I’m tired of singing.” And today I have this song playing on repeat in my head because… I’m going to EW PopFest on Saturday!

There are some very exciting panels, but the biggest one is a Happy Endings reunion and table read of a brand new episode. There’s also a panel with “first footage” of the Gilmore Girls. Since I’m going not just as a fan who’s watched Happy Endings all the way through five to eight times this year but as an intrepid reporter, please let me know what on the Saturday schedule looks interesting to you and I’ll try to report back with inside details.

Any LA folks can find ticket info here:

Please let me know if you plan to attend and we can make plans to meet up for drinks!

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Tournament of Hotties: Month of Scares Edition — Round Three

We’re working double-time now because Halloween is next Monday and this tournament will cease to be interesting/relevant at 12:01AM on Tuesday, November 1st. So I hope you’re satisfied with your Round Two votes because polls are closed and we’re pushing forward!

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So, How Was Your Day?

Mine was FRAUGHT WITH ANNOYANCES. First, my downstairs neighbor, who’s normally very quiet and un-bothersome, decided to bang stuff around at 4 AM. Then work was busy and stressful, with way too many phone calls (too many phone calls = more than zero phone calls) and when I got home I opened up a package that had come in the mail only to realize that the leggings I’d ordered weren’t the ones I wanted, and were instead the exact ones I’d tried on previously and hated, because they’re super uncomfortable. I even checked the manufacturer’s number, to avoid this very scenario! And I’m out of wine. Everything is terrible.

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