So, How Was Your Day?

I remembered to stop at the store and buy eggs after work, so mine was a success even though the roads are pure slush right now. When will winter end? I miss complaining about the humidity.

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Tuesday TV Talk

On Wednesday, the second season of American Crime Story will air, covering the events surrounding Gianni Versace’s murder.  While it does look pretty ridiculous, his assassination has a connection to my life.  Not only did it happen in my hometown, but I also happened to catch it in the news cycle full force.  I was in Italy (of all places) vacationing with my family, and ended up catching a cold half a few days in.  I spent the entire first day of illness in my hotel room watching TV, and the only thing on in English was Sky TV.  I must have watched 10+ hours of coverage on the murder.  It’ll be interesting to see what I missed during those initial 24-48 hours.

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How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was good, despite being snowed in again (as if I mind).

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It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

What are you doing this weekend? We’re in for another nasty storm here, so I plan on spending some quality time with my couch and TV.

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It’s Project Club Time!

I did my laundry! We’ve got another storm due to blow in this weekend, so my new project is to go grocery shopping and run all my other errands either tonight or tomorrow after work to avoid it.

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So, How Was Your Day?

Mine was good! I got a lot done at work, and then a lot done at home. Plus it was above 20 degrees AND my Amazon decided I was due for another free Prime trial, so I have 30 days to catch up on movies and check out The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Please recommend good movies that are free on Prime right now (Moonlight and The Big Sick are already on my list).

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Tuesday TV Talk

Our first TV Talk of the year!  I actually have TV watching to report on this time, since the break has given me some time to grab some viewing time here and there.

First is Jean Claude Van Johnson, which is a (presumably) fictitious look into the real life of Jean Claude Van Damme.  The premise is that his movie career is just a cover for a life of espionage.  It’s completely ridiculous from beginning to end, but if you appreciate the shittiness of 80s and 90s action movies, you will enjoy this.  It also does a surprisingly decent job with callbacks.  On a side note, I love how short these new Amazon series are being kept.  JCVJ is only 6 episodes, as is the other new Amazon show, The Tick.  I Love Dick is slightly longer at 8, but it’s still only half an hour.  Perfect if you want to squeeze in a new series.

I also started watching the latest season of The Great British Bake Off, which features two new hosts (Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding) and a new judge (Prue Leith).  While it took some getting used to, I feel like the new show is just as good with the cast change.  Sandi and Noel needed a few episodes to straighten things out, but 6 episodes in they seemed to have gotten the hang of it.  Noel’s shirt game is on point.

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