Let’s Chat!

My personal life is going well (fingers crossed) and work is a nightmare (cried every day last week). What’s going on with you?

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Sooooo, Love Island then?

Hey kids! (spelling is fun!) (sorry)

So I just thought I should get you right up to speed with a l’il British show you’ll no doubt have seen/heard a lot about if you’re on Twitter/the internet.

It’s called Love Island.


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Open Chat

Sorry everyone, I got nothing this week. Let’s open chat! I’m getting my butt kicked at work in the worst possible way. But I am really enjoying Dead to Me on Netflix. Is anyone watching? You gotta watch, it’s so good. Don’t even look up anything about it, just turn on the first episode. Continue reading

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What are you reading?

It’s cold and grey outside, but according to the calendar, summer is here! Any beach reads on your list? Any stay-inside-reads on your list? I personally am in a rut when it comes to picking reading material. The last couple of years I found some crime/detective novel authors I liked and read through all their series. Now I need something new! So if you have any hot tips on new or old books you love, please share. Continue reading

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Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?

Our beloved Gabe and Kelly over at Videogum (RIP) used to keep us updated on the happenings of America’s sweetheart Topher Grace. In the absence of that classic column, I have no idea what is up with Topher Grace. So imagine my surprise to see him when I sat down for the first episode of The Hot Zone, the National Geographic miniseries about Ebola!

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How was your weekend?

How did you spend your precious time on this planet over the long weekend? I went out to lunch with friends twice and had a first date last night but otherwise I can’t really account for my actions. I know I did laundry. I swiped through 4,000 men on dating apps. Probably stared at the television. I hope you all fared better.

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Eurovision Song Contest 2019: better late than never?


It breaks my heart that I wasn’t able to provide you with the now-customary semi-finals and final blogs for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. OF COURSE I was watching, but my current project is a bit all-consuming, plus I’m living away from home which is emotionally all-consuming, plus plus plus – enough of the excuses.

Here’s ya post.

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