Monster Mash


Hey monsters have you heard the news? Scott Lapatine, founder and EIC of Stereogum, announced on Twitter that he bought the site back. Many of us responded something to the effect of “bring back Videogum, you cowards!” and he liked my tweet, so I can only assume this is in the works! Scott told Billboard that later this year “a robust new user experience will be sure to delight and infuriate Stereogum’s dedicated commentariat in equal measure.” So what else is happening? How are the New Year’s resolutions holding up?

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Oscar Season

The 2020 Academy Award nominations are out and I haven’t actually looked at them but apparently there are some big snubs! If you were in charge of the Oscars, what movies would you award? I would give Best Actor to Keanu and Best Picture to John Wick (the original, retroactively). I think this is a notably blah time of the year, with the holiday hangover and self-imposed austerity measures (spending and calories-wise), so let’s share any good news in the comments! Or feel free to complain about stuff so we can commiserate.

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Happy New Year!

Wow wow wow. I don’t want to jinx things, especially because I’m home sick today, but we’ve almost made it through the insanity of 2019. What are your plans for tonight? Do you make New Year’s resolutions? On one hand, the new year (and new decade) are a good opportunity to evaluate our lives and think about what we want to do with our precious time on earth. On the other hand, thinking about stuff seems like a lot of work. Share your thoughts and resolutions if you so choose! If not share something mundane like what are you watching right now. I’m almost done with the new season of Lost in Space. That Robinson family is a walking problem factory, those people are always in mortal danger.

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Here we go!

Last year around this time, my friends and I saw Die Hard on the big screen, which was amazing and it totally holds up. I will not be engaging in a debate on the issue of whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie (because it obviously is), but I’d love to hear about your favorite yuletide classics! Also Sergeant Tibbs’ comment about Wonderful Christmastime has put some Christmas carols in my head – how is it possible that I haven’t heard any in the wild so far this year? So let’s talk holiday movies/songs/plans!

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Hahaha Whoops

Let it snow! Walmart had to apologize for selling a Christmas sweater featuring Santa and some lines of cocaine. Honestly they should have just shrugged and kept selling it, because it’s pretty much the perfect Christmas sweater. This weekend I finished most of my holiday shopping – I just have to find the right gift for the most elusive recipient, my dad. Please share any of your gift ideas in case I can steal them. I’ll post some of mine in the comments. How was your weekend?

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Surprise holiday movie review: Last Christmas!


You know I love Christmas movies – the crappier the better! Normally, though, I don’t get to see them on a big screen, because I am catching them on television, stuffing mince pies into my mouth and crying/laughing/bit of both.

So what a treat for me, that this year we have a genre-definer out IN THE CINEMA. And that it features my dearly departed George Michael, who I still miss. His songs are woven through the film. It has also garnered some of the worst reviews this side of Glitter. Of course I gathered up the Euro crew and went on opening night.


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I have a heart full of love

I am madly in love with baby Yoda to the point that I’m ruining my poor boyfriend’s viewing experience because I keep losing my shit when this adorable creature comes on screen. I’m really enjoying The Mandalorian and I’m totally obsessed with the Reese Witherspoon/Jennifer Aniston Apple TV offering, The Morning Show. Furthermore, Terminator Dark Fate is INCREDIBLE and I’m mad that more people aren’t talking about it! It’s a fun action flick with bad ass women kicking ass, and Linda Hamilton is perfection. Continue reading

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