I don’t know what you did this summer

It just occurred to me that it’s summer. Since I like to vacation in off seasons and don’t have kids, nothing really distinguishes the summer months for me. Are you having any summer fun? I haven’t been to any parties or a pool or anything. I hope you have! What else is going on with everyone?

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What’s Good?

I’m just throwing up an open chat here for the week unless someone else has anything to post! What did you do for the long weekend? What are you excited about these days? Netflix recommendations? Complaints? Requests for advice? We can handle it all!

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How was your weekend/what are you doing this weekend?

God bless a holiday that falls on a Thursday, thereby getting us Friday off as well! I will be spending the upcoming long weekend with my family — which is great during the day, but not great at night when I have to share a room with my parents. I do not like having my bedtime forced upon me!

What are your plans? What did you do this past weekend? I actually did quite a bit! On Friday I saw Aladdin, which was pretty good actually. On Saturday I went to the museum founded by the Guess guys (the Marciano brothers), grabbed honeycomb ice cream in Koreatown, then visited the bar from The New Girl. They shot there for the first season then made a replica set going forward. It feels very much like walking into The Griffin! On Sunday I got Thai food and donuts with the guy I’m dating then we watched Star Trek.

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UFOs Are Definitely Real: Open Chat

You guys, I saw a UFO once. In New Jersey, in the ’90s. I was hanging out on the roof of the house I lived in, as you do when you are 21, because at 21 a roof seems as legit as any given couch. One time we were up there and police ran into the house (how is that legal?) and all the way up to the windows we climbed out of, and made us come inside. Then they made us sit and listen to their big drama-queen speech about how, if we fell off, we’d be dead. We sat there like: These police are idiots! None of us fell! But now, as an adult, with a fully formed brain, hypothetically? We should not have been on the roof. We’d be dead.

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Let’s Chat!

My personal life is going well (fingers crossed) and work is a nightmare (cried every day last week). What’s going on with you?

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Sooooo, Love Island then?

Hey kids! (spelling is fun!) (sorry)

So I just thought I should get you right up to speed with a l’il British show you’ll no doubt have seen/heard a lot about if you’re on Twitter/the internet.

It’s called Love Island.


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Open Chat

Sorry everyone, I got nothing this week. Let’s open chat! I’m getting my butt kicked at work in the worst possible way. But I am really enjoying Dead to Me on Netflix. Is anyone watching? You gotta watch, it’s so good. Don’t even look up anything about it, just turn on the first episode. Continue reading

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