Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?

Videogum mascot Topher Grace has a new sitcom at ABC called Home Economics, scheduled to premiere April 7. The show is about three siblings with varied levels of success in life: one super rich, one just getting by, and one in the middle class.

Per Varriety: “Grace will play Tom, the middle sibling both in age and economic status. The character is described as an intellectual, a novelist who’s had a couple books that sold decently, but his last one did not. He strives to be where his brother is financially, but fears he’ll slip down to his sister’s level. He’s in a creative field, so his income fluctuates. That wasn’t such a concern when he was starting out, but now he’s plagued by financial anxiety after having twins.”

Despite that not sounding very funny (that description sounds like an algorithm wrote it rather than a person), I’ll check it out for nostalgia if nothing else.

What’s up with everyone else these days? I hope everyone is recovering from the storms and has their electricity back.

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Walking into 2021 like…

Happy New Year! We made it! Obviously we’re starting the year with all of the bad stuff from last year, but there is cause for hope that we will soon emerge from this difficult time. And until then, we have cute animal videos.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? I’d like to eat less sugar and kick my jelly bean addiction, but it’s so hard to give up something I enjoy because… well, look around. I’m also trying to save as much as possible for potential unemployment looming around the corner, so I’m constantly talking myself out of buying things that I really don’t need. There are so many sales!

Does anyone have TV or movies to recommend? We got Apple TV just for a month or two to go through the shows, and I LOVE Ted Lasso. I think it’s worth the $5 just to watch this feel-good comedy with lots of heart. Tehran, reminiscent of Homeland, is also compelling even though the characters make dumb choices.

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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

Now he knows what a TV dinner feels like.

Well, here we are at the end of the year. Congratulations to everyone for enduring the last 10 months of 2020! Seriously, we’ve been through a lot, and every day is a victory. This is the first year I’ll be away from my family for Christmas, and that makes me cry even as I recognize that it’s a small struggle in comparison to the sacrifices so many people have made this year. But I think we can acknowledge that and still be allowed to feel sad and pissed off and whatever else we feel.

How are you doing right now? Does anyone have anything to celebrate or something we can all commiserate together?

I haven’t felt too into the holiday spirit and I’ll be working every day except Christmas and New Year’s days, but I’m going to start watching some holiday movies to get into the spirit. I have to watch Die Hard and A Christmas Story, and I’m considering the Khaleesi movie Last Christmas.

What movies do you watch this time of year? Bonus points for a Top 5 or 10 list!

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Christmas Movie Review 2020: Wrapped Up In Christmas

For my final review of the 2020 season, may I present to you an absolute belter:

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Christmas Movie Reviews 2020: The Christmas Ornament

So I saw that on my TV planner. You can imagine why I was tempted. A HANDSOME CHRISTMAS TREE SHOP OWNER? *bing!* YULETIDE FESTIVITIES? *bing!* ERM, SOMETHING ELSE? *bing bing bing!*

In we go!

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Autumn has arrived

Imagine being this carefree

So we made it to November! Crazy to think that 8 short months ago, I was Googling things like, “will vacuum cleaner filters stop coronavirus.” What a year. Today specifically has lasted at least 3 months. I actually hired a consciousness coach to help me deal with all my anger towards people who don’t wear masks; people in my building have gotten really bad about it and I am seething. So I’ll let you know how that goes.

While we wait for news on the fate of the world, let’s talk Fall traditions. Most of us in the states probably can’t head home for Thanksgiving this year but will you still eat a traditional meal or something else? I might drive to Carmel-by-the-Sea (about 1.5 hours) for a few nights, depending on how things look in a few weeks. We’re lucky that even though it’ll be chilly, we can still spend all day doing stuff outside. What are your plans?

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Return of the Christmas Movie Review: 2020 edition


OK so this film was watched on 22nd October, and I have to be honest, this was a bit early, even for me. I tried to psych myself up by going into the John Lewis Christmas department last week, but I got too overwhelmed and had to leave.

But in the interests of ART and CULTURE and your AMUSEMENT, we plough on.

And the first film we’re ploughing into is this: ANOTHER CHRISTMAS KISS

“expect the unexpected”
(you will get EXACTLY what you are expecting)

This is a good title, because you can say it lots of ways, you can put the emphasis on “another” and it sounds like you are sighing and saying “oh god, ANOTHER Christmas kiss?”, or you can say it all excitedly, “another Christmas KISS!”, or – that’s about it really, actually.

Now, as you know there are some strict rules we must adhere to in Christmas Movie World. Snow, if possible fake. Our hero in a stereotypical job. A plotline visible from outer space. You’re going to get all of these things.

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Spooky Season

Last night, John Oliver played a montage of news anchors welcoming the start of “spooky season.” Is that a thing? Are we moving on from pumpkin spice season?

Speaking of moving: I’m moving in two weeks. I’ve been away from my apartment since March, but now I’m officially giving up my rent-controlled apartment and I’ve hired movers. As a person who does not embrace change, I’m finding it tough to leave LA after 23 years. I also recently left my job of 13 years — or rather it left me without so much as a backwards glance — so the universe is really forcing me to figure my shit out.

How’s your shit going? What are you excited or worried about right now?

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SEPTEMBER?! I hardly knew her!

Geez, what happened to August? We’re going to blink and it will be Christmas. What’s everyone up to? I got tested for coronavirus so that I could drive to visit my parents for a couple of weeks. We’ve been watching the Zac Efron Netflix show (hence the Iceland image) – I already saw it but it merits a second viewing, I recommend it. All the show locations are amazing: France, Peru, Costa Rica, Sardinia. What places are you looking forward to visiting at some point in the future?

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Tips & Tricks

We’re like 5 months into this new world so I thought it would be interesting to hear what adjustments and tricks you’ve developed in this time. Some of my pandemic tips:

  • I’ve fully adopted the fanny pack lifestyle. They’re called belt bags or running belts now but it’s the same thing: hands-free storage for the few essential items I need when I venture out.
  • I put my phone in a Ziploc bag every single time I leave the house. My fingerprint ID and screen work fine through the plastic, and it allows me to use the phone without having to sanitize when I come home.
  • Parking lots and empty office building garages make excellent free gyms. They’re good for working out without encountering people (fucking runners without masks passing me on the sidewalk!), plus it’s cooler inside the garage on hot days. Most importantly, they’re actual destinations so I have places to hang out safely  outside my apartment.
  • Grocery stores are less crowded around 10 am.

What tips do you have? More importantly, how are you doing?

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