End Times Playlist #3


Well we’re a week into lockdown here.

It’s unbearable, and two weeks minimum to go.

To add to this, today I’ve lost a close family member.

It’s really crazy to think that at the start of February, I was so excited about all the promise that 2020 held. Let’s think of one another as much as we can and try to keep each other’s spirits up when we can.

To that end, here’s some music.

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End Times Playlist #2

Welcome to the second End Times Playlist!

Hopefully you enjoyed the first one.

Here are five more tunes to get you through these strange, unprecedented days. Obviously a lot more has been cancelled, Eurovision amongst other things, and then as of today, the UK government has ordered all cafes, bars, restaurants, theatres, clubs and gyms to close. That’s to go along with schools and a lot of the public transport network. I’m working, two-thirds from home, but it’s not possible to escape the feeling that the worst may be yet to come.

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End Times Playlist #1


Thought we could all do with some music to get us through.

I’ll be doing one of these as and when I can! We’ll be having a mix of old and new and in between. Any suggestions, pop them in the comments!

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What’s your safe place?

We’ve tended to use this little blog as a place to escape the bad news in the world, and I really value that about this community. I love keeping up with people’s lives here and I hope that those of us still coming here will continue to do so! Since so many things are being canceled or postponed (like the Pearl Jam tour this spring), what kind of non-crowd activities will you use to fill your time?

I’m glad that Pearl Jam canceled because I didn’t want to make the tough decision of putting myself at risk or giving up $400 in tickets. I’m really looking forward to the new album being released on March 27, Gigaton. Feel free to complain about disappointments or share victories in the comments! Also, please please share any funny gifs or memes you come across.

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Let’s get the Eurovision 2020 show on the road!


As mentioned by others on here, we’re in need of a bit of joy!

(I am for SURE, because I’m freelance, so if I have to isolate, I don’t get any protection/pay, and if the events I’m meant to be working on – which feature large crowds – get cancelled, I still don’t get any protection/pay)

So what’s the one thing that can usually put a smile on my weary face?


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Everything is fine!

Hmm it’s pretty scary out there. So let’s talk about something totally frivolous: the new bachelorette will be 39 years old when filming of her season starts! The women in this lead role are usually 24-27 years old, and the previous oldest woman to be Bachelorette was 32 years old. So this is a big departure from the norm. This is especially welcome news to distract us from the current train wreck of a season where the poor Bachelor has had his life force sucked out of him by the mean girls in his cast (and his own poor decisions, tbh). What are you up to this week?

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What is the world coming to?

War erupted across the world wide web last week when a woman posted a video of the guy behind her on an airplane punching her seat in anger. The debate over reclining your seat on an airplane continues to rage, and every celebrity/influencer that I’ve seen express an opinion has been shouted down by people with the opposite view. What do you guys think? Is it acceptable to put your seat back? And how was your long weekend?

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