I have a heart full of love

I am madly in love with baby Yoda to the point that I’m ruining my poor boyfriend’s viewing experience because I keep losing my shit when this adorable creature comes on screen. I’m really enjoying The Mandalorian and I’m totally obsessed with the Reese Witherspoon/Jennifer Aniston Apple TV offering, The Morning Show. Furthermore, Terminator Dark Fate is INCREDIBLE and I’m mad that more people aren’t talking about it! It’s a fun action flick with bad ass women kicking ass, and Linda Hamilton is perfection. Continue reading

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Sorry Hotspur

A sweet moment from Final Jeopardy! made the internet rounds yesterday when a contestant used his answer to send a message of love to Alex Trebek, who choked up a bit when reading it. Apparently Alex had just told the players that he was reentering treatment for pancreatic cancer. I used to watch Jeopardy! every night but then I canceled my cable and I can’t find it anywhere on demand, and I’m not home to watch live. When I was a kid I memorized all the answers in the Nintendo Jeopardy! game then pretended to be a child genius. What else is going on this week?


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What’s happening this week?

I racked my brain for something to care about this week but I can’t think of any fun stories! The whole Deadspin scandal made me think about our dearly departed Videogum but to be honest I don’t fully grasp what happened with Deadspin. Last night I saw Parasite based solely on glowing Twitter reviews that urged people to go see it without reading anything about it first. So I did, and oh boy… Continue reading

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Spooky Happenings

It’s almost here, All Hallows’ Eve. Are you dressing up? Will you take any youngsters trick-or-treating? For me, the answer to both of the questions is a resounding “No!” I will in fact be home on my couch catching up on all the Wednesday shows.

In honor of Halloween, I thought we could all share our spooky or supernatural experiences. Have you ever seen a ghost? My boy Keanu has. I always think about the great article our favorite writer Kelly once composed on the subject. Anyhow share your stories please!

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Yeah more TV & open chat

I was gonna talk about some highbrow stuff this week (I typed that with a straight face) but there’s yet more TV to discuss. Did you watch Modern Love on Amazon? It’s based on the New York Times column. I was very much looking forward to making fun of it, but the first installment starring Cristin Millioti (the Mother in How I Met Your Mother whoops spoiler alert sorry) was perfection. I sobbed my face off. The second episode with Dev Patel was also great. I didn’t love the Anne Hathway one, the Tina Fey one was okay, and then I ran out of steam during the awkward fifth episode. Continue reading

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Fall TV + Other Happenings

I was so excited for Nancy Drew but the first episode threw a bucket of cold water on my expectations. The CW version of Nancy Drew is basically Veronica Mars with supernatural elements. I like Veronica Mars, but we don’t need two of her! I’m not super happy with this moody, loner, snarky Nancy. I’ve got some other thoughts on fall shows after the break, and let’s chat about our weekends! Continue reading

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Spooktober Is Here!

Welcome to Spooktober! I don’t actually care about Halloween costumes or scary stuff but I do love this dancing pumpkin man and the strange story behind his existence. I also like hearing about your plans for costumes and scary happenings! Do you dress up for Halloween? What will you be this year?

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