Merry Christmas to Me!

Oh man, you guys!  It’s happening!  I really can’t contain myself!  You know…you wait, and you pray, and you imagine, but you never know what it’s going to be like until it happens.

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Gender-Swapped Twilight Coming Your Way

News broke recently that in honor (?) of the tenth anniversary of the publication of teen paranormal romance juggernaut Twilight, authress Stephenie Meyer will be releasing basically a director’s cut of the book where plot holes are corrected and where the genders of the characters are swapped. Yes! Antiquated gender roles and expectations be damned, here comes Edyth and Beau! And if you Twi-haters are worried this means that there’s an unending parade of new movies coming along, Meyer assures us that her fantasy casting means that you can rest easy:

I don’t really see that happening and a lot of the people I’d put in it would be like Grace Kelly so it’s a little too late for some of my first choices.

Ugg, does this mean that my gender-swapped version of the Baby-Sitters Club staring Kermit Roosevelt as Stanley McGill and Cary Grant as Don Schafer won’t be coming to a big screen? What was the point of that commerical where Gene Kelly danced with a vacuum cleaner if we can’t shove Grace Kelly in any old movie we want??!?  Technology is such a tease.

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Dude Where’s My Tire?

“Hey guys, I’ve got one more payment and the car is mine!”

Via ViralViralVideos

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So, How Was Your Day?

Mine was productive! I got a lot done at work and did two loads of laundry when I got home, which also counts as exercise since I had to walk up and down three flights of stairs what felt like a million times.

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The Great Month Of Scares Scavenger Hunt: PART TWO!

It’s that time again! That time when I post a totally new scavenger hunt that definitely isn’t almost the exact same scavenger hunt from last year because guys, I’m sorry, I’m very tired, and honestly that was a good list and I don’t think I could improve upon it much anyway. MOVING ON.

The Rules: Below you will find a list of 31 things. Seek out as many these things as you can find from now until October 31st, and photograph them with the personal photography device of your choice. They must be pictures you’ve taken yourself, of things you’ve actually seen–no linking to stuff you’ve found online. On the 31st, I’ll make a post where everyone will post a link to a gallery of their pictures in the comments. The winner gets a PRIZE! A candy prize.

And now, THE LIST! Some of these will be very easy, while others? Less easy:

1. A black cat (tuxedo cats are acceptable, but they can’t be any more not-black than that)

2. A pile of leaves

3. A gravestone with a pre-1800 date (birth or death, or both, doesn’t matter)

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This is the kid I’m grooming to take my place as Homeless Monster Ball Correspondent one day.

Via Mashable

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Monster Community Pool – 10/6/2015

I don’t know what “app slicing” is, but it sounds painful.

  • In case you needed to be reminded that you’re eating a burger with a black bun
  • I like these movies as much as the next guy, but geez.
  • Though I guess if you’re gonna blow a lot of money on something, it might as well be this.
  • AOTY 2016

Also, my birthday is this week.  I didn’t really feel like making a separate post about it, but if you’d like, feel free to regale me with GIFs of things I enjoy, such as video games, consumer electronics, rad music videos, any of these movies (especially the top 7), and ladies I find quite fetching.

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