So, How Was Your Day?/Tourism For Weirdos, NYC: Hamilton Edition

Instead of telling you about my day, which was boring but fine, I’m going to tell you about my vacation, which was obviously a lot more interesting (still tell me about your day in the comments!). I went to NYC with some friends because we snagged Hamilton tickets nine months ago, and were patiently waiting until August 19th, when our Hamilton baby would be born.

First of all, I have to say that if you don’t have friends who will make you novelty shirts and trip itineraries so beautiful they should be framed, well, my condolences.

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Thoroughly Testing The Results Of Making A Shopping Cart Go 73MPH

No cantaloupe is safe at such speeds.

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Tuesday TV Talk

I made good on my promise this weekend to watch a bunch of stuff.  I finally saw Keanu, which I enjoyed, and the new-ish Hong Kong action movie The Bodyguard, which I did not.  On the TV front, Halt and Catch Fire is back tonight.  Like its computer-friendly counterpart Mr. Robot, AMC aired the first part of the season premiere online.  Despite the fact that it’s kind of anachronistic, it remains to be a solid show.

If you aren’t aware, it’s currently Amazon Pilot Season, where Amazon releases a bunch of shows for customers to sample, and they in turn vote for the programs they’d like to see more of.  The three shows featured this time are a second attempt at a live action version of The Tick (which was okay), an adaptation of the 1997 novel I Love Dick (which I have yet to watch), and my personal favorite, Jean Claude Van Johnson.  In this show, JCVD is merely a cover identity, so he can travel to exotic location and perform his real job as a covert operative.  It’s pretty cheesy, but the humor is pretty well done (including a solid Timecop joke).  Some have criticized that its plot is a one trick pony that may not be sustainable over a series.  It’s a valid point, but it’s not like I’m going to watch this show for its intricate storytelling, so as long as they can keep up the action movie spoofs, I’m game.

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Maybe I’m Better Off Just Smelling Like Beach Garbage

That doggone KFC is at it again.

Via Eater

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How Was Your Weekend?

HI GUYS I’M BACK. I spent pretty much all of Saturday on a train, but I did get to stroll down 5th Avenue on my way to the station, feeling very fancy, and sit for a while outside Madison Square Garden with a nice view of the Empire State building, drinking coffee from…Panera, that venerable New York City institution (nothing else was open, ahem, “city that never sleeps“). I’ll do a full-blown Tourism For Weirdos post soon, but just know that Hamilton was AMAZEBALLS and I saw three Toynbee Tiles, but did not take pictures of any of them because I didn’t want to get run over by a cab.

Sunday was all couch, all the time. I’m still tired.

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New Ways To Play A 36 Year Old Game

I know some of you have pets.  Get on it.

Via EW

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It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

Happy Friday!  This is the first weekend in almost a month where I don’t have a GD thing planned.  Well, I’m supposed to meet friends for brunch on Sunday, but those aren’t actual PLANS, right? (no offense, friends).  I’ll probably spend a good chunk of my weekend watching stuff, because I haven’t done a ton of that lately.  How about you guys?

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