This Is Just An Intro Post

Hi guys. Well. Our fears have come to pass, and Videogum, the best place on the internet, is no more (I’m posting this a day early because I don’t know what’s going on tomorrow, so, if a benevolent millionaire ends up saving VG at the last minute, disregard everything below). But we will carry on! It’s like an evil bank has foreclosed on our beautiful mansion, but we’ve moved into a cute studio apartment and got a job at a coffee shop, where we’ll struggle with hilariously simple tasks at first, but then hit our stride, become the best barista ever, and meet a handsome architect who wears button-down shirts with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

I’m Theresa, by the way, formerly known as ladyrainicorn. I’m 30 years old (so, 73 in internet years), have written some things you can read if you want, and here is a picture of me in a restaurant bathroom:


I overdid the eyebrow pencil that day. Anyway, I think the goal shouldn’t be to try and replicate Gabe and Kelly’s brilliance, because that’s impossible, but to create a place where we can all hang out and continue to be funny with each other. So, in this post, I’ll be going over how to comment here, what to do if you want to be a contributor, and what to expect from me while this place is still all shiny and new, like a baby deer (adorable, but a little unsteady on its feet).


If you want to use the same icon and username that you did on Videogum, you’ll need to make an account either on WordPress itself (you don’t have to create a blog to have an account) or Gravatar, and make sure you’re logged in while you’re commenting. If not, you can just put enter a name and email address (which won’t be shown publicly) and WordPress will assign you a random colorful icon thingy. You can also log in with Facebook or your Google account and all that jazz.

You CAN post photos and gifs in your comments, but you can’t just paste the URL like we did at VG. You have to enclose it in HTML tags, like this: <img src=”URLHERE.gif“/> I know, it’s annoying. Apparently this is only working for me right now because I’m an administrator, but it will eventually work for those of you who will become “authors.” Still, pretty annoying that it doesn’t just work for everyone.


Please contribute! Not just yet, though. I’m still learning my way around WordPress, so I’m going to hold off asking for contributions until sometime next week (probably Monday), when I’ll make a whole post about what to do and where to send stuff. Until then, please think about:

1. Whether you have the interest/time to become a regular contributor, say, a few times a week or once a day, and what you’d want to cover (ghosts are mine! I call ghosts!). You’ll need an actual WordPress account if you want to do this, because then I can make you an official author of the blog so you can edit and post things yourself.

2. Any ideas for one-off articles you’d like to write, about any topic, even if you can’t contribute regularly.

3. This is a free blog, at least for now, so we have limited storage available and can’t have too many photo, video, or gif-heavy posts. We can still do a weekly animal video roundup, for example, but we’ll probably have to just host one video ourselves and then link to the others, like they did in caveman times.

Unfortunately, until I win the lottery (like I deserve) or Chris Evans realizes that we’re meant to be and whisks me off to get married (like he deserves), I can’t pay anyone to write stuff here, so I certainly don’t expect anyone to dedicate their life to this blog. However, I do ask that you be realistic about how much time you have to spend before volunteering to become a regular contributor. Obviously shit happens, and if your circumstances prevent you from continuing to post, we’ll all understand, but I don’t want our blogger eyes to get bigger than our blogger stomachs, especially when it comes to things like TV recaps, which can quickly get overwhelming.

And finally: please bear with me.

I have a full-time job and other responsibilities to neglect, so it may take me some time to get everything together. In the meantime, there will probably only be a few posts per day, so we might fall behind on what all our friends on TV are doing. I appreciate your patience and your puns.

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91 Responses to This Is Just An Intro Post

  1. formerragequitter says:

    Thank you for doing this. It will be our bomb shelter for the upcoming apocalypse.

    • formerragequitter says:

      It feels good to upvote! As for articles, I’d love to contribute, but I don’t quite know what I could provide (I haven’t played video games in almost a week!). I’ll figure something out.

      Also I realized that your cute studio apartment analogy is far less morbid than mine.

  2. I’m pretty mad you already claimed ghosts. JK, I can’t be mad at you.

    • I spent quite a bit of time looking for an appropriate “spooked” 1D gif, but no luck.
      Also, I’ll commit myself for right now to once a week. I promise that it won’t always be about boybands, but it will sometimes be about boybands. Maybe now that Gabe is gone, we can embrace nostalgia and I can recap the Baby-Sitters Club tv show?

      • artdorkgirl says:

        OMG, tell her about what happened at the Lizzie Borden house when I scared you (unintentionally!)

      • I’ll have it for you Tuesday!

      • Sota says:

        If you are doing Baby Sitters Club…can I recap the Sweet Valley High tv show? It’s gonna be nostalgia central around here. I better get out my Trapper Keeper so I can doodle about how much I love JTT.

      • OOh, Sota, maybe we can do every other week?

      • Sota says:

        Yes Flanny! Maybe there is a once a week “Nostalgia 90s Beat.” We could alternate them and even branch into other gems such as Hey Dude and Breaker High. (I constantly feel the need to reference Breaker High only because it feels like the rest of the world has forgotten it ever happened.)

        • It was only in the past couple of years that I stopped calling Ryan Gosling. “the blonde kid from Breaker High.” Ooooh, I’m so excited! We’ll have to figure out scheduled. Can we DM on here?

  3. gnidrah says:

    I think I would be crazy to commit to anything regular, but I can do a view from the British Isles every now and again šŸ™‚

  4. They can take our Videogum, but they’ll never stop us

  5. lilbobbytables says:

    Yay for things and stuff! I will read and can try to contribute but I am bad at the ideas. Maybe “Minnesota’s Greatest Sandwiches that I am Currently Eating.”

    • Sota says:

      As a fellow Minnesotan I fully support this.

    • taoreader says:

      I also thing this is great. May I request gluten-free alternatives along with the recipes? šŸ™‚

      • facetaco says:

        I AM REALLY GOOD AT GLUTEN FREE STUFF! It’s like a secret talent. I made a kickass gluten free povitica last week. I didn’t even know what a povitica was! I just tried a sample of one and they guy was all “They’re half off today! Only $15.99!” And I was all “You can go straight to hell with your ridiculously priced thing that is basically just a really good cake! I’ma make my own!” And I did! And it was gluten free, so it would be like twice as expensive! Basically it was like a $64 cake!

        • taoreader says:

          That is awesome! I don’t know what povitica is but if it’s like cake I will love it. My specialties are gluten-free pancakes and cookies. I like carbs.

          Also allergic to soy and eggs. My body is complicated and inconvenient.

  6. summerestherson says:

    Oh man you guys, the feels! They are coming on strong now. But thank you so, so much ladyrainicorn. Like, for serious. Also, I definitely want to contribute something. I honestly think artdork and I can handle some kind of Cumbers/Hiddles/Hot British Dudes beat (along with anyone else who wants to join in.)

    As for what else I can contribute, I don’t know that I could do anything on a weekly basis, but I think I could handle something ever once in a while. Not quite sure what yet. I was seriously thinking about recapping that show about Mormon girls running away from their polygamy compounds but that might be too Seriousgum and also I think it’s over?

    Anyway, SOBSOB and also thanks Theresa!

  7. badideajeanz says:

    Someone also stole my name. Jerks.

  8. artdorkgirl says:

    Thank you so much Theresa! I feel better knowing we at least have a shelter in the storm. I’m down to help SummerE on the lovely Brit beat, provided I figure out how post and do stuff (I’m even older that you, so in internet years I’m almost 90ā€¦) I’d be happy to cover Doctor Who and general geekiness as well. I for sure could post a few days a week.

    Also, someone else is using the name artdork! Can you imagine my horror???

  9. hotspur says:

    Good job, Theresa/lady.

    Dunno if this is appropriate, but should we dive right into the apocalypse? I think RoboCop opens this weekend. We could all watch it AS A FAMILY and I’d be willing to write a paragraph about it for posting purposes on Monday. I can only promise that if I promise to see the movie, I probably will do so, and that the paragraph will have dozens, maybe hundreds of words in it.

    • Ashleigh Byrne says:

      Oh ILL TOTTALLY see robocop. I wish there were more (any ) monsters in the Albany area. We could go and drink booze during the movie and then make my teenager sister chouffer us to and from the theater.

    • hotspur says:

      Then I will! That is my plan! YOLO — or twice, in the case of videogum.

    • djfreshie says:

      Gary, I can not possibly contribute money to the insane notion that a modern update of Robocop was necessary, but I will happily read your review confirming my instinct that it will have been a disaster of a film.

    • themailmanc says:

      I can’t promise I’ll see RoboCop this weekend because of how I enjoy my eyeballs being unmelted inside my skull but I really look forward to some recaps on Monday.

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  11. catweazlol says:

    HIYA! The new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race starts on the 24th and I would be more than happy to recap it here!

  12. msmessica says:

    I don’t like that there is another Messica out there :(((((((

    But anyway, hi guys! Hi hi hi!

  13. Kate says:

    Hi everyone! I have to figure out how to make my avatar come over here.

  14. Frank Lloyd Wrong says:

    Just trying something out here. Hold on.

  15. Louis says:

    I can see about occasionally dropping something in.

  16. Hooray! I posted on Videogum as Del Preston, and I am happy this exists!

  17. nastyemu says:

    Woo apparently I signed up for a wordpress account a long time ago with this name so I don’t have to hunt down any imposter NastyEmus.

  18. Since my Vgum name was, well, my name, I’m just gonna use facebook. I was actually very proud of my Watership Down avatar, but you know, we’re in a growing space.

  19. djfreshie says:

    Is this where I sign up for More Sand?

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  21. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Thank you for making this! I would love to contribute at some point. My areas of expertise include Veronica Mars and various other tv shows, including telenovelas.

  22. summerestherson says:

    Just realized no one has volunteered to cover that most important of topics: trampoline accidents!

  23. pickpocket says:

    I think we should all plan to move into the same retirement home together when we get old tomorrow

  24. formerragequitter says:

    Actually, I do know how I could also contribute: moderating/site maintenance. I’ve been meaning to brush up on any webmaster skills, and I’d be happy to take unsexy assignments, from site layout updates to deleting posts about how I could make $6812 a month working from home if I sign up on k10sk.c0m

  25. Also, my area of expertise is pretty limited to all trashy television, but I would happily provide weekly recaps of my current (since 2007) British soap obsession Hollyoaks if anyone wants to read about that insanity

  26. Hooray, something to keep the sadness at bay!

  27. formerragequitter says:
    • formerragequitter says:

      Okay, that was supposed to be an image. Please don’t count this against me when considering an assistant webmaster.

  28. waitingforguffman says:

    Yay for this! I have been iced in at home for several days with no internet so I just found out the sad news when I got back to work today after my cousin’s funeral–worst day every maybe?? But this….this helps.

  29. mordonezz says:

    Well, I just discovered a former co-worker’s semi-public facebook album entitled “hairquest”, which you can only imagine, so that is maybe dulling the pain a little, Otherwise, I am looking forward to this particular internet continuing to exist forever!

  30. amywinsagain says:

    I’m excited about the possibilities of this site, and glad we won’t be scattering to the four winds of the internet.
    Also, I’ve been wanting to write a series of tv/film criticism going over the oeuvre of one particular actor – an actor whose 30-year career is about the same length as my 30-year life. So, reviews of films and tv good and bad, plus anecdotal nonsense/possibly pictures of a biographical nature. Is this a thing people would read? If you say yes, I’ll even tell you who the actor is!

  31. martinmegs says:

    Bookmarked, thanks.

  32. Mintie says:

    This is amazing. I’ve only lurked in the past, but I’m very glad this exists – perhaps this will push me to interact with all of you lovely people with your “jokes” and your “gifs”. I’ll keep an eye out for something I could contribute, if god-forbid, people don’t step up to cover essentials like Top Chef or Top Chef Masters or Top Chef Desserts or Top Chef Canada or Top Chef Azerbaijan.

  33. taoreader says:

    I am happy to contribute, and could do so regularly.

    One idea I have is to revive reviewing bad movies, which several people are interested in I think. We could have a regular column (which I would love to write for,) or we could do round robin with anyone who would like to contribute. Or we could have two people review one movie, one who hates it and one who loves it. Something like Gabe and Kelly might do with You Can Count On Me.

    I am experienced (trained, even!) to write literary reviews, so I could review books or poems. We could do a book club. Frankly, I’ll review/analyze just about anything. It’s a weird passion.

    Also, I was thinking of something along the lines of the most ridiculous celebrity/famous person’s quote of the week. Like this golden nugget of a tweet from Ryan Seacrest:

    “Peanut butter – refrigerate it or leave it out?”

    Wow! Insightful question, Ryan! I’ll have to think on that one.

  34. Matt says:

    This is cool. I would totally write some stuff. I need a new side project and cultivating alcoholism has not been working out. Pop culture observations include, but are not limited to: bad movies, couples therapy, pretentious movies, kids shows, HBO, good movies, video games, parenting, and almost going to the gym.

    Shameless plug for existing side project is my streaming movie club podcast: Stream On Show.

  35. Sergeant Tibbs says:

    Thanks for doing this, Ladyrainicorn. I’m mostly a lurker (or I should say a stalker, really) over at videogum and I’d miss all of you if this went away! Let me know if anyone’s in Iowa, I will happily meet up and throw things at the tv while watching Hart of Dixie with any of you.

  36. commentrix says:

    Aww! Hello again, you stone-cold pack of weirdos! This is like spending the holidays with family for the first time after your parents sold the ancestral home and moved into a condo in Boca Raton, where some of their neighbors have the same names as you and your cousins and they have to keep calling you things like ‘Little Joseph’ or ‘Other Jessica’ to keep people straight, and you’re all like, “Um, I am the first Joseph/Jessica, you bunch of dicks!” Ahem. Analogy fell apart a bit there. But yeah, very happy this place exists, you guys. Very happy. Thanks, Theresa!

    Regarding contributing, I am at once eager and terrified to volunteer. I don’t know if I could commit to posting ‘regularly’ right off the bat. But we should defs have a weekly roundup of trailers, yes? Like old times?

  37. werttrew says:

    At last, a place where I can gripe about how homeless people are such monsters!

  38. linsee says:

    Like a few others, I’ve mostly been a lurker/stalker over at VG, but i’m glad to see this site happening and to know I’ll still have a place to go and enjoy all of the wonderful people that are ‘Monsters’! And hey, Maybe I’ll remember to actually participate as opposed to lurking and laughing and making all of my co-workers wonder why I’ve not been committed yet.

  39. Hi all. I was known as dude (if I was known at all) on videogum, but that name has unbelievably been taken on wordpress already. What are the odds? Anywhoodles, thanks for creating this site Theresa!

  40. Is there going to be a house warming party?

  41. sethfinck says:

    This is almost already too much like Videogum. Someone else start a rival blog.

  42. simonspidermonk says:

    Here’s a list of all the variations of Simon Spidermonk I tried that were already taken: simon spidermonk (obviously), the real simon spidermonk, the artist formerly known as simon spidermonk, spidermonk, and 2 simon 2 spidermonk. Ridiculous.

  43. davywonder says:

    That was a close one, but I made it here with my username and avatar intact, whew…

  44. willemsmith2 says:

    prob going to start checking this constantly. already miss the old world so much.

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