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Hey everyone. How are you?


Six years ago I found this site called Videogum and it was terrific. Unfortunately I was not so terrific at that time. Have you ever heard of a Scrinch? It is a Scrooge +  a Grinch all rolled up into one and that was me, a year-round Scrinch. I was kind of a rotten commenter, and not even in an interesting troll way. Just mean. Luckily I wasn’t banned and over the years I “matured”, imagine that! Which is cool because you guys are really nice and recent polls show that nice people are the best kind of people. Recent polls also show that I am 100% excited to be in this community and I hope that I can provide entertaining things for you to look at.

So, here is a bit about me. I am from a frozen™ land called Canada. I do media stuff. I enjoy many of the things you would expect a slightly educated mid-twenties millennial man would enjoy (Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Band, strawberry Quik, other things).

I feel it would be apropos that my first contribution feature something from my home and native land. For those unfamiliar, we have an activity up here called hockey where these guys hit this black rubber thing into nets. Oh and there is ice too. As with other sport activities there are commentators, and the king of hockey commentators is a man named Don Cherry. He is about 100 years old, loud and outspoken, a national treasure, and one time in the past he made this:

If you don’t understand Canadian, he’s rapping about hockey and also is being very cool as he does it.


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18 Responses to This Is Just An Incoming Transmission

  1. flanny says:

    All this talk of Canada really makes me want some Timbits.

  2. djfreshie says:

    God, this rhyme makes me cringe: “Who’s the best I often Ponder/right now it’s Stevie Wonder”. Ugh ugh ugh what is that rhyme

    I’d like to further point out that Don Cherry is a national treasure in the kind of way that he’s a known homophobe and racist and is really bad at talking about the thing he’s a supposed expert in. And there are people who like him ironically and lots more people who like him genuinely. He’s also Rob Ford’s most outspoken supporter if that’s a solid reference point for anyone.

    I would also like to show my support for more/any/all retro-Canada pop-culture videos. More more more more.

    • the dusty says:

      Oh gosh I wish I could just dump the entire RetrOntario archive here but I don’t think our northern enthusiasm for it would translate well. I’ll try and find stuff that isn’t solely nostalgic (Camp Cariboo, YTV’s The Zone) and more mildly embarrassing/hilarious like our uncle Don.

  3. pickpocket says:

    I really doubt the children wished for this.

  4. FRQ says:

    “#blessed” – the Children’s Wish Foundation

  5. old man fatima says:

    The only thing you need to know about Don Cherry is that he wears the most ridiculous suits known to man. I saw him on TV (that’s Canadian for “television”) once wearing a hot pink satin suit with Mickey Mouse ears all over it. The man is for sure a national treasure, elevating the Canadian Tuxedo beyond the constraints of denim. A true bad taste icon that we can really be proud of.

    • Sota says:

      That sounds spectacular! BRB have to google immediately!

      • Sota says:

        OH FOR THE LOVE OF CANADA!!! Please everyone, do yourself a favor and google image search “Don Cherry’s suits” and just look at the MANY MANY MANY suits that man has worn on television! He should win an award for color-blindness and bad suit fashion icon status.

    • the dusty says:

      I know who makes his suits, he lives in my town! We were going to visit his workplace one time in high school but then we ran out of time. That is the end of my very engaging story.

  6. Simon Spidermonk says:

    When Don Cherry remembers this video, he probably isn’t even embarrassed by it. He probably thinks, “Yeah, I was pretty cool in that.” The guy’s indestructible. When the world has burned down, he’ll be knee-deep in the ashes singing “Let’s Go!” and trying to teach the cockroaches how to dance like the girls in this video. I don’t know why Don Cherry always makes me worry about the future.

  7. kathleenkr says:

    Can someone please confirm that that is not in fact Sarah Polley dancing in a hockey jersey intermittently?

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