The Mysteries of History

As educated adults, we are all aware of the Titanic’s voyage and roughly what happened. James Cameron tried his best to give us a deeper insight in his blockbuster version of the tale, however even he missed out on several key events that occurred on that boat. Many of those events can be read about here. 

Here are some of the more pertinent details:

– There were many mice on the ship; some were Yiddish while others were Mexican

– There was a failing banker named Jeremy McFlannel

– This definitely 100% for sure happened:

However experts debate about how exactly this occurrence came to pass, some believe this is a more accurate rendition:

Historians are also in contention regarding the true fate of the ship; some accounts include a giant octopus with a dog’s face named Tentacles which rescued everyone.

I hope everyone feels more learned after this brief historical refresher.

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4 Responses to The Mysteries of History

  1. artdorkgirl says:

    Are we sure that this giant octopus was not, indeed, the eldritch horror Cthulu? Because if that’s the case, those poor, poor Yiddish/Mexican mice…

  2. “Hmm, this event was a terrible tragedy caused by corporate greed and dangerous cost-cutting. How can we make it appeal to children, as we apparently must?”

    “I dunno, stick some talking mice in there or something.”


  3. taoreader says:

    WTF is GOING ON? These clips confuse me! Did someone make an animated rap Titanic movie?!? Is this a thing? And there’s this whole racist thing going on a la George Lucas’ Phantom Menace, right? Using non-human stand-ins for stereotypes?

  4. flanny says:

    I just want to know what the Mexican mice are doing. The Titanic was sailing TO North America, so were the mice returning home from a European vacation? Or are the English/Irish mice who are just so into Mexican culture they’re emigrating there? (Am I using emigrating correctly? I’m so confused in general!)

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