Reasonable Man Does Reasonable Thing

Yep, nothing to see here, just a man being reasonable at a place of business that is not currently open. He’s clearly got it all together and everything, in case you were wondering, and so videotaping him isn’t amusing. Also, nothing surreal happens at :44. Move along now.

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14 Responses to Reasonable Man Does Reasonable Thing

  1. gnidrah says:

    Yeah, but, why ARE they closed?

    • Michael G says:

      This was filmed during a mall lockdown during the G20 conference in 2010.

      After a day dealing with all the inconvenience and ridiculous crap around the city, I can understand his frustration if not his reaction.

  2. taoreader says:

    There is no way in any circumstance that I would get upset over the inability to “shop.” What does he need so badly? A pair of jeans? A big pretzel? One of those Rosetta Stone kits?

  3. taoreader says:

    Valid point. And just imagine if it’s a Cinnabon!

    • Sota says:

      Cinnabon story: This past weekend I did a walk for juvenile diabetes with one of my friends at the mall. When she asked if I wanted to participate with her this was the convo:
      Me: How far do I have to walk? I don’t want to do one of those 15 milers…
      Her: Its however far you want to go in two hours. Last year our team spent most of the time in line at Cinnabon.
      Me: So what you’re saying is that you want me to eat Cinnabon to help the children with juvenile diabetes? I CAN DO THAT.

  4. djfreshie says:

    This man is not representative of Torontonians. NONE of us want to enter the Eaton Centre, I promise you.

    • the dusty says:

      Oh man worst place. It’s too bad the path runs through it or I’d never go in there.

      Also this guy sounds like Shawn Wallace. “Why are you closed??! It’s INCONCEIVABLE!”

      • djfreshie says:

        Oh man he totally does!

        Yeah, sadly the only thing worse than the Eaton Centre is the Yonge strip between Gerrard and Queen street, unless you love religious zealots, street performers, teenagers, hooligans, strippers/hookers, and the slowest walking tourists in the world. Damned if you walk inside, damned if you walk outside. Thanks, Eaton Centre.

        • starmanda says:

          Ahh the screaming religious guys. As long as I live here, I will never ever get used to them. Especially that one guy- his timing is so unpredictable!!

  5. Casey says:

    That guy has had ENOUGH already!

  6. how did you get this video of my boyfriend? well, whatever, now everyone can see just what i love about him: his conviction. sure, others may call him stubborn, bullheaded, or even crazy. but, when my boyfriend sets out to do something, he rarely lets outdated notions such as “human decency” or “property law” get in his way. and when other guys&gals bemoan how their boyfriends never take them shopping? haha. too bad for them i’ve already snapped this one up!

  7. hotspur says:

    He felt inspired to lead. That’s admirable. If he’d attracted followers — if other shoppers had just half his guts — right now we’d be calling him a modern-day Ukraine.

  8. Commentatrix says:

    This may be controversial coming from a “professional” “teacher,” but youths are just the worst, aren’t they?

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