So, how was your day?

First of all, I’ve gotten nothing done over the past few days because I’ve been listening to How Did This Get Made? episodes, which is all your fault(s) for recommending it. (So great. I listened to the Toys and Sleepaway Camp ones, and now I’m going to work my way backwards.)

My day was good! The sun was out today, which was strange and confusing, but very nice. I watched the new Godzilla trailer, which I’m getting excited about (Japanese monster movies were a major part of my childhood). I’m also excited about Hannibal being back on Friday. Anyone else watch Hannibal? I like it. It’s over-the-top, definitely, but I admire a show that commits to its premise.

Tonight I’m going to try to start what will hopefully be a regular exercise routine, for like the fifth time in the past few weeks, because this winter has turned me into a hibernating bear and I’m starting to feel like I should just roll everywhere instead of walk.


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  1. flanny says:

    Agreed! I listened to, I think, 3 episodes yesterday. And I have ten minutes left on Timothy Green and now maybe I am thinking about seeing that movie?
    Pretty excited. Work yesterday was crazy, but it calmed down today. However, today my social life has exploded, as I’m about to go to happy hour with coworkers and then a friend of a friend is having a marathon fundraiser so I’m going to that. On a Wednesday! Are you kidding me?
    Also, no day can be bad when someone will talk to me about 1D at 9:30 in the morning. Thanks Ms Messica!!

  2. Sota says:

    Yay Theresa! Join me in the new exercise routine! I just joined a gym last week and i have been working so hard so far! Mostly elliptical and biking, I need to branch out to some weights for my arms. I don’t want old lady flab as I age. (These are the things I think as I approach 30). One of my friends wants me to run a 5K with her in two weeks. I am not a good runner and I am not in good shape but its a St Patricks Day themed run and I want to wear costumes and get a tshirt…plus there is free beer at the end. I mean, if I am going to run towards anything it would definitely be that! Trying to decide if I am going to do it…

    Other than that…my day is good. I had a kick ass lunch and there were free cookies at work. (This is the reason i had to join the gym!)

  3. facetaco says:

    My day was terrible! My neighbor woke me up WAY too early because she had a flat tire and needed a ride to work, I spent most of the day on the phone with lawyers, Mrs. Taco is quite ill, and my alfredo sauce turned into alfredo gravy. I give today 0 thumbs up!

  4. My day is going fine, thank you. It was crazy slow this morning, like 3 calls before 1:00, which is rare (it was probably because it was cloudy this morning in LA) so I’ve mostly just been talking to people on the internet and watching old episodes of Hollyoaks. I also went to the store and bought Kettle Corn since it was so rudely taken away from me at the Farmer’s Market and I also bought the book Divergent because I’ve been meaning to read it for a while. I’ll be on a plane this weekend and it seems like a good choice for that.

    Also, add me to the list of people needing to get back on the exercise train. I was going to be so good this week and then I got sick, so now I guess I’ll just have to keep getting fat for a few more days 🙂 However, I think I’m going to sign up to do the San Diego marathon again this year so if I do that, apparently I will have to actually train or something. Bleh

  5. Commentatrix says:

    My day was great! I had a massage yesterday and went to bed early last night, thus felt very refreshed and alert all day, which is rare for me. A few minus points for a too-real nightmare that had me crying in my sleep, but… usually I don’t even dream anything, so. Chalking it up as a win overall.

    I, too, like Hannibal and am excited for its return this week. It’s basically “The Following” but with actual character development and a much more terrifying villain. (Actually, I don’t watch “The Following,” so I don’t know about that last one.)

  6. mordonez says:

    My day was fine, although it was bisected by a seriously insane buzzword bingo conference call about clouds and silos and God Knows What ™. I also had an pretty good twitter exchange with a Mr. Frank Lloyd Wrong involving Elvis Costello song title…puns? I think they were puns. It was a limited audience BNPG, i think. So that was nice.

    I have to leave work shortly, to go to work (ugh), and figured I might just ask this here: what do youze think about an irregular series of posts/roundups about the dumb books (and great but surprising books) that make their way into the inventory of America’s Surviving Chain Bookstore? Just as one example, we seriously carry some sort of new-ish hardcover nutrition book that is going through life with the title “Gutbliss”. I mean come on, now.

  7. My day has been pretty neutral so far. But I’m helping my lab mate with a presentation in exchange for pizza and beer, so I’m looking forward to that.

    I sort of half-watched Hannibal when it was on but liked what I saw. Maybe this time around I’ll make an effort to actually pay more attention. So I’m mildly excited? Nah, I’m gonna go ahead and be full-on excited. It’s fun to be excited sometimes.

  8. hotspur says:

    My day is okay. I had a nice sandwich and work has been low-key. Tonight is laundry night, and I hate laundry night but at least I can bring a book to read. I hope to make progress through this one that has me bogged way down — Stranger in a Strange Land, which is billed as a science fiction classic but which is overly talky; the author is clearly just entertaining himself for pages and pages and only occasionally remembering that he’s got a plot to address. I see that you think you are endlessly funny and smart, Robert Heinlein! But you must learn your limits! (I hope you are learning your limits in heaven, since you died 25 years ago.) Tonight I plan to do some of my own writing and also clean my room. And also finally watch “Crazy Eights,” which I have to do for next week’s unnecessary movie review. If I pull all this off, today might get 4 stars, but right now it has 2 1/2.

    • Uggggh, Stranger In A Strange Land. My stoner, ex-hippie high school math teacher gave it to me, along with the “This book will ~*change your life*~” talk, and I never had the heart to tell him that I thought it was the biggest load of crap I’d ever read (at that point).

      • hotspur says:

        Zounds, I wonder what he thought your life was like and what it should become! Did he want you to join a circus? RIGHT NOW THE MAIN CHARACTER HAS JOINED A CIRCUS FOR NO REASON.

        • He was very, shall we say, free-spirited for a high school teacher. I also think there’s a pretty good chance he didn’t remember the book all that well–just that it was, like, totally deep, man. (He was a nice guy and a good teacher, but he was one of those teachers who really wanted to be seen as cool by the students–classic Dead Poet’s Society Syndrome–and sometimes it got weird.)

    • mordonez says:

      I sort of hope you didn’t wind up with the “Now, with all of the editor’s cuts that were totally a great idea restored” edition. It is difficult to read that book as a non twelve y/o. I would not fault you for giving up and reading The Moon is a Harsh Mistress instead, although I certainly read ALL the Heinlein before realizing that he was a creepy old man.

      • hotspur says:

        Hmm, it doesn’t say “Deluxe Nonsense Edition” on the cover, but maybe that’s what it is because it could use a lot of cutting. I can’t really imagine there being more of this book, anyway.

        This makes two Heinleins I’ve read, and didn’t love either one. The other was Starship Troopers, which made an okay movie. I might be done with Heinlein forever! But I’ll slide Moon Is A Harsh Mistress into the next-up slot, in case I ever change my mind.

        • artdorkgirl says:

          Somewhere in my dissertation, I’m going to work in the idea that this version is my “deluxe nonsense edition.” I will thank you in the acknowledgments.

        • Simon Spidermonk says:

          The only Heinlein I’ve read was Job: A Comedy of Justice because it had a cool cover. Even as an angry teenager rebelling against my Catholic upbringing, I could tell that it was taking some pretty cheap, superficial shots at religion. Isn’t satire supposed to be funny? Or witty? Or insightful? At least one of those things. No more Heinlein for me.

        • mordonez says:

          Editions published since 1991 have 220,000 words instead of the originally published 161,000 words. Very many words. When the “restored version” (now with more descriptions of Martian sex) came out, Kurt Vonnegut apparently called it “icing on a cake which for people who like that kind of cake was already quite satisfactory.”

          I did have to look this stuff up. Thankfully, I am not really all that up on Heinlein minutiae.

    • Wait what was on the sandwich?

  9. FRQ says:

    I too plan on starting a new exercise routine, but because of the limited amount of time I have this afternoon/evening, I had to resort to my old one today. Why do I have a limited amount of time, you ask? Because despite the hotspur’s warning, my housemate and I are going to see Robocop. I figure that if I could sit through a movie about a gorilla that plays professional baseball in Korea, I can sit through anything.

    • hotspur says:

      I will be curious to hear your take on RoboCop. Maybe I was wrong! Maybe you will love it!

      (Hahaha, it is unloveable. You will wish you stayed home and did crunches.)

      RELATED: One reason that I’m cleaning my room tonight is so that I have space to do minor exercises because I have really gone to seed this winter.

  10. collin0truckasaurus says:

    My day was pretty good. I had a free lunch cookie which was mediocre. Also got a free lunch even though I’ve heard there’s no such thing as that. Feeling very impatient about certain life/work things and I know I should just enjoy everything as it is now, so I will be working on that while I can. Gonna call my parents tonight which should be good because I didn’t tell them I’d be calling and whenever I call unexpectedly, they always sound much more happy to talk to me and it’s fun to make their day just by existing.

  11. artdorkgirl says:

    Good luck Theresa ! Every time I think about working out again, life conspires against me.

    So my week has been hella crazy, but I think it’s finally going to slow down. I got to usher the potential candidates to replace my advisor around campus and I think I’ve found one I really like. My directed studies professor just suddenly got really invested in my project, which is cool, AND I’m going to watch Ru Pual’s Drag Race with my bestie on Friday night. I am so tired, you guys. Oh so tired. I just want to sit on the couch with wine and a cat and do nothing for a while.

  12. Simon Spidermonk says:

    Haven’t been sleeping well for a week and I saw my mom today and she said, “you look really tired,” and I realized, “you know what? I’m fucking exhausted!” It all crashed into me at once. Denial is a wonderful thing. I’m so tired that every time my heart beats it feels like it’s saying “oh well” or “ho hum.” Finished watching True Detective yesterday so that’s left me feeling kind of floaty too. If you haven’t started watching yet, you should probably wait until the first season ends because not being able to find out what’s gonna happen next is maddening.

    I’ve now been sitting here for about ten minutes looking out the window, wondering how to end this comment, in the brief moments when my perforated brain remembers how to think. “Fffwwoooo,” says my brain (that’s the sound of air gently blowing through it). Or is it a ghost? A cliffhanger! The end.

  13. I just got off working 11 hours, im try to clock some OT. My dad is watching survivor and boy is it boring. I watch hannibel, ill have to try and dvr it bc i have a happy hour on friday, but not really were meeting at 9pm and then i have to work at 9a on sat. I am looking forward to sleeping on sunday though.

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