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Scrunchies & Remotes: Sweet Valley High, Episode 1

Hello Homeless Monsters! As introduced by my buddy, Flanny, last week, we are going to take turns recapping the epic television gems of the 90’s for your enjoyment. Today I tackle the initial episode of Sweet Valley High. My recap … Continue reading

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Heaven Just Got a Little More Harold Ramis

Writer, director and actor Harold Ramis passed away today. Although perhaps best known as the deadpan Dr. Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters, he leaves behind a pretty impressive comedic legacy as a writer or co-writer of Animal House, Meatballs, Caddyshack, Stripes and … Continue reading

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“It’s as if Star Wars Farted on Planet of the Apes”

Heaven knows I looove a good-bad movie, but I could not make it through Battlefield Earth. It was way too bad-bad. Fortunately, the folks at The Jimmy Pardo Podcast watched it so we don’t have to! Or if you were … Continue reading

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Alec Baldwin’s life is very hard, says Alec Baldwin

Yet another celebrity is totally, really, for real retiring from public life, forever! Soon there won’t be any left! Obviously, he announced this in a 5,300-word Vulture essay, because that’s how you let people know you don’t want attention. I’m … Continue reading

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Reasonable Man Does Reasonable Thing

Yep, nothing to see here, just a man being reasonable at a place of business that is not currently open. He’s clearly got it all together and everything, in case you were wondering, and so videotaping him isn’t amusing. Also, … Continue reading

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First, the comment of the week, from Let’s all plan our dream vacations: Chosen NOT, of course, because I’m happy Carmen fell (and I’m very glad he’s all right), but because it so perfectly sums up this nightmarish winter and … Continue reading

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Wait, Have We Really Not Talked About the Wedding of the Century Yet?

Oh em gee everybody! Dave Rygalski from Gilmore Girls and Carrie Bishop from Veronica Mars are TOTES MARRIED! Wait… that’s not right. I meant to say Berkley from New Girl and Justine Chapin from Entourage got hitched! Hmm, no. That’s … Continue reading

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Here’s a Big Ol’ Cat

“He doesn’t really know his size at all. He thinks he’s a little kitten, still.” We basically said this about my seven-year-old niece over Christmas because she likes to climb all over us and push and punch us. It’s not … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Movie Reviews: A Long-Range Plan

RoboCop ’14 was not enjoyable.  Writing about it was damaging.  And the result was, at best, a paltry dash of redemptive comedy tossed into a burbling cauldron of weak sauce, some punctuation I wish I could fix but now it’s … Continue reading

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This Dot Matrix Printer is Better than Most Local Bands

My printer at home  totally sucks. It is wireless and has a built-in scanner on top, but it can’t even handle the first few bars of “Smoke on the Water” before flubbing an easy chord and having to start over. … Continue reading

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