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Haunted House Of The Week: Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

This one isn’t actually a house–it’s a building complex that was originally used by a railroad company. But let’s lay it all out: -There are tunnels connecting the buildings -A battle was fought and many people died as a result … Continue reading

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“I will be MEOW! I mean KING!”

I don’t know about you guys, but I cannot truly enjoy a TV series until I can envision what the characters would look like if they were cats. Thank goodness someone at HiConsumption did the appropriate research and high-level analysis … Continue reading

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House of Cards S02E02: Democracy Is Overrated

Power plays! Betrayal! Hacking! So much to talk about in Episode 2. Let’s get started! We open on Frank and Claire getting ready to crush the day while watching The Rachel Maddow Show. Classic Democratic political household! Maddow’s commentary, however, … Continue reading

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Is this going to be Nicolas Cage’s The Wrestler?

Man about town and perennially ridiculed actor Nicolas Cage has a movie coming out in April! “Is it Ghost Rider 3: Even Ghostlier or perhaps National Treasure 3: The Secret Caves Behind Mount Rushmore?” you might be asking yourself, and … Continue reading

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Ostrich Pillow

Any company that uses cakes for pie graphs is okay in my book!

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Wahlburgers 2-4: Why?

Programming Note: As we were behind and these got progressively less action packed, I just wrote up the last three episodes together.  Do you like this?  I’m not sure anyone needs to read about the Wahlbergs weekly but we’re caught … Continue reading

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Scrunchies & Remotes: Sweet Valley High, Episode 1

Hello Homeless Monsters! As introduced by my buddy, Flanny, last week, we are going to take turns recapping the epic television gems of the 90’s for your enjoyment. Today I tackle the initial episode of Sweet Valley High. My recap … Continue reading

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