Best Chuckie In The Tri State Area

“He would have been up for Nationals if he hadn’t removed his mask. First rule of Nationals is you gotta be Chuck for the whole routine. Kids see you with that mask off, liable to traumatize ’em, ya know? So yeah, he’s still got the belt for the Tri State Area regionals. They loved him there. Big hit. Anyway, yeah, you think you could spot me for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese? I’m a quart low, as they say.”

–Derek Turlingston, Manager, Chuck E. Cheese, Yonkers, NY

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3 Responses to Best Chuckie In The Tri State Area

  1. artdorkgirl says:

    You know, considering the spate of gross “behind the scenes at X restaurant” videos lately, this is refreshing. Also, the mouse has moves, but I need to see him go head to head with Mickey.

  2. They should’ve had this guy at the Sochi Olympic ceremonies instead of that terrifying bear.

  3. Casey says:

    That tile floor has probably been through some shit.

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