Solving the Case of Did Everyone See the Veronica Mars Movie?

Did everyone see the Veronica Mars movie? Gee, that was easy! Open and shut case, thanks for your answers. (If you did not, you can rent it on Amazon for six bucks and not leave the house at all.) (If you want to.) (You could do that and then come back here, that would be neat.)

So what did you think? Did you see enough of your favorite character? Did you like or dislike what everyone supposedly did for the last ten years? Do you think it was worth forgoing sense to see [spoiler] in a [spoiler] uniform because [spoiler] is good looking? Did you also think this felt more like a pilot for a new bunch of episodes you are dying to watch now than a movie? (Me too!)  Did you like Mac’s haircut? Are you sad that it seems like Veronica and Weevil will never get to be together? (That last one might just be me…) Leave all your spoilery thoughts in the comments below.

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12 Responses to Solving the Case of Did Everyone See the Veronica Mars Movie?

  1. catweazle says:

    Despite the fact that I contributed to the Kickstarter, I still have not seen it. It’s not playing anywhere near me, and the digital download didn’t work for me and it just didn’t seem worth it to contact customer service about it or demand a refund. I’ll catch it eventually and in the meantime I’ll enjoy living in a world where I can foolishly hope that the movie ends with Veronica throwing Logan into the ocean and riding off into the sunset with Deputy Leo.

  2. collin0truckasaurus says:

    I haven’t seen it. I’m still at the beginning of the 2nd season 😦

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      But you don’t have to wait years for the movie to come out once you finish the series! Turn that frown upside down!

  3. Despite only having watched the first season, I agreed to go see this with my friend last week. We got tee-shirts because she contributed to the Kickstarter.

    I thought it was a decent movie, I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing but it was about the same quality as the show. It really just felt like an extended episode. The only thing that really came out of left field was all the people getting shot or hit by cars. Very violent stuff.

    I love Logan, but dude cannot pull off a Navy Uniform. That was probably the most disappointing part. That and the extreme lack of Wallace.

  4. The movie was great, but it felt more like a long episode. A movie cannot possibly capture the richness of all the stories. I want a new series!

  5. mordonez says:

    Well, this was not without flaws, but it spent more time hitting right notes than sneezing into trombones, to torture a metaphor.

    The nits I’d pick, yes–bad tailoring, poor relocation of WBEZ to New York (or poorly explaining that everyone was going to New York to meet Piz’s parents), a bit of a heavy hand with the “Keith is disappointed that Veronica is throwing her life away” stuff, the Weevil plotline seems a little random, etc.

    BUT I enjoyed myself the whole way through, loved that the characters were mostly “right”, and am very happy this got made and didn’t suck.

    For those who didn’t watch the show, I can only imagine what a trainwreck this would have been, though. To me it felt a lot like the weirdest pilot ever. I walked out saying “why wouldn’t ABC Family take this”, and was rightly asked “why would Kristin Bell agree to do it”?. So I agree it’s partly set up to push hard for its own sequel. Which, yes I would pay to go see, so good job everyone.

    Next, somebody make the Rob Lowe and Bradley Whitford walking quickly down a hallway and bantering movie. Make that only if you can resurrect Jon Spencer and undo Emily Procter’s weird plastic surgery choices, though, thanks.

    In conclusion, vote Keith Mars for Sheriff!

  6. Mintie says:

    That film was 90% + fan service, but being a fan of the show, I didn’t mind that at all.

  7. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    You guys, Mr. Costco and I contributed to the Kickstarter, and got to go to the Los Angeles premiere and after party! It was such a fantastic experience. I was thinking about doing a little write up about it to submit here, but I haven’t had a chance yet.

    I loved the movie, and while it had its flaws (the texts on the screen?) it brought all our old favorites back, gave some closure to the series, and left it open enough for sequels. I know there are a couple of books coming out soon that pick up where the movie left off, and I will definitely read those.

    I am pleasantly surprised that it was in the top ten at the box office last weekend, and hope that we will get more episodes or movies.

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