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***Breaking News About Beautiful Faces***

Zac Efron’s beautiful face got punched this weekend. According to TMZ, Zac was in a “rough” neighborhood in LA, and he ran out of gas and threw a bottle out of his window (???) at some “transients.” And then there … Continue reading

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Commentary Commentary: A Voice For Men

So I took last week off because of surgery and house-selling and also I still work full-time and go to school full-time and have a family I have to not neglect sometimes. Things happen. But I’m back now! Back to … Continue reading

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Man Escapes Certain Fiery Death [Commentary Track]

First of all, HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE ALL OF THAT? But second of all, to the office workers across the street watching this terrifying human drama unfold before their very eyes: don’t you think you were being a little, … Continue reading

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Donuts! Doughnuts! Donuts! Doughnuts!

I have a very complicated relationship with donuts (Or doughnuts. Ugg, let’s not even get started on that, okay?), in that I love them so very very much, and I want to always be eating them, but they are not … Continue reading

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Joni Ernst Approves This Message

If I ever go to one of her campaign rallies, remind me to wear a cup. Source: 22 Words

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So, how was your day?

I knew I’d pay for saying that last week went by so fast, because this week is taking FOREVER. When will I learn? My day has been fine, though. I’ve been sticking with my fitness plan, and am starting to … Continue reading

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Cute Toy Kitty Will Swallow Your Soul

Is it just me or has the internet been hitting us with an unusually large amount of nightmare-based toys and/or nightmare-toy-based art installations lately? (via Daily What)

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House of Cards 2.06: Mercury Rising, Samarium Not so Much

Here we are. Episode 6. And look there’s Rachel, hey how are ya beenawhile! She has a mouthful of ice cubes and her face in the A/C unit. It is hot hot hot, you see. It’s hot everywhere. Rachel’s neck … Continue reading

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The Gentleman’s Accessory

A wise man once said that bow ties are cool.  However, it can be difficult trying to stand out from the crowd of college professors and TV personalities.  The solution: use materials beyond mere fabrics and buy these wood ties. They … Continue reading

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If We Have Faith in the Universe, Miracles Might Happen

CHILDREN OF THE ’90s!!! It’s time to double up on your Depends because y’all are about to shit your shorts. You may have thought you’d reached the pinnacle of human happiness after the NKOTBSB tour, but it’s about to get … Continue reading

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