Russian Hovercraft Technology

First responders really are our greatest heroes.

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  1. old man fatima says:

    Bookgum for a second here, Gabriel Garcia Marquez just died! He’s been my favourite author for over a decade, I’ve read all of his books in multiple languages and I get jump-up-and-down-screaming excited for weeks when he has a new one out. I am way sadder than I have any right to be that I’ll never read another new book by him…

  2. hotspur says:

    The water-propelled flying trampoline might not be the most practical of alternate modes of travel, but I think it is going to be the one that catches on.

  3. artdorkgirl says:

    It’s truly a wonderful time to be alive!

  4. They should’ve put these guys in charge of the Sochi games. Everything would’ve worked and they would’ve been under budget!

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