Violence Never Solved Anything

I love breakfast foods as much as the next guy, but come on, kid…

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4 Responses to Violence Never Solved Anything

  1. Casey says:

    That was worth hanging in there until the very last second when the lesson sank in.

    But Dad? By the same token, someone should be lecturing you about filming yourself while driving a car filled with your children for YouTube points.

  2. hotspur says:

    I want to be a 1970s-1980s parent, like my parents were before me. You shoot exactly 3 minutes of footage per year (that is how long one roll of 8mm film is), and you regularly leave your kids in the car while you dash into the liquor store (not part of the 3 minutes you film). But I think both of these things (not videotaping your children “enough,” leaving them unattended for 2-5 minutes) would get you sent to parenting jail now. Or even actual jail?

    I bet jail has pancakes. Keep punching, kid. It will work out.

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