Purin the Super Beagle to wear the red and white

After yesterday’s disappointing loss to Brazil, Croatia has shocked the globe by replacing under-performing goalie Stipe Pletikosa with Purin the Super Beagle. It’s a bold move, but will it truly make a difference with the unbeatable German team looming inevitably on the horizon?

(The answer is, of course, no.)

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4 Responses to Purin the Super Beagle to wear the red and white

  1. old man fatima says:

    For the first few mins of that video, I was like “this is not what a goalie is supposed to do”

  2. Ahhh, what a cutie! I love beagles.

    • artdorkgirl says:

      Beagles are great! My furry brother is a beagle, and he’s the best (he actually gets treated better than I do). He’s so snuggly and protective, and he’s always super happy to see me.

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