Let’s talk about art

“We wanted to give people an opportunity to reconnect with their inner artist and have the chance for it to be shown the world—by the means of being projected from a huge inflatable cat head,” said a person called “Kill Cooper,” a name I had to reread through the clarifying lenses of my lorgnette.  Which brings up a fun question for the day: BUT IS IT ART?

Now I know one can always fall back on apathy or nihilism when attempting to define the undefinable.  “What is art, indeed?” mankind has asked itself for generations.  But I am going to boldly take a stance on my own question here with a solid NOPE.gif.

Here is one:

Another with a Beyonce Voter:

And the classic:

But what do you think?  Feel free to differ in the comments!

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Mrs. Beresford started out life as an accidental blackmailer (all in search of adventure and money) and can often be found hiding in cupboards or listening in on calls to the Home Office. She lives in San Francisco with several potted plants and Albert, her long-suffering valet.
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39 Responses to Let’s talk about art

  1. Laser Cat, Laser Cat, does whatever a Laser Cat does

  2. Commentatrix says:

    I for one think is definitely art. See, the cat head symbolizes our collective obsession with the internet, and this installation merely seeks to show us that we, as a people, have no more staying power on this floating blue marble than even the best cat video has the ability to survive past its seven minutes of YouTube fame. Boom. Explained!

  3. mrsberesford says:

    I realize now that I wrote undefinable, when I meant indefinable. EVEN AFTER I WATCHED WORD CRIMES and sent it to my friend like, “Lolz, some people.” I will immediately hand over my blogging license and relinquish my Victory Blingee. Today I am not a World Champ. 😦

  4. artdorkgirl says:

    So here’s my two since as someone who is sometimes paid to have an opinion about art: It’s not art if it doesn’t have some meaning other than cat meme, or spoof, or yes, even pretty. It’s got to really move you either to like it and want more, or not like it, but make you want to know why you don’t like it. And that’s an internal thing.

    Also, since you brought it up, can we talk about Jeff Koons and how I fucking hate Jeff Koons? Cause that guy is an ass and is why people dismiss contemporary art.

    • mrsberesford says:

      TOTALLY. Also his people once called my office and were total jerkfaces, and I kept wanting to say, “Why don’t you blow up a fucking balloon about it.” Which is not a good joke at all, but I was frustrated and it was the only joke I could think of to console myself.

      • artdorkgirl says:

        UGH. I can not imagine dealing with his people. He’s just so, so horrible. “Look at me, I’m taking pictures of me having sex with my porn star wife and selling it as art”! “Look at me, I make shit that people pay crazy amounts of money for, but I only actually like Monet’s!” “Look at me! I rope in poor MFA students and pay them crap to make my art for me!”

        I may have some inappropriate anger towards him. He’s one of the few “artists” I truly, truly hate. Yet I give Damien Hirst a pass. Go figure.

        Who do you work for, if you don’t mind me asking?

        • mrsberesford says:

          Hmm – I used to work in the museum world, although I left the field when I moved to the West Coast. I think this particular phone call was when I interned at MoMA though? Which was almost a decade ago (zoinks!)…

        • I give Hirst a pass because gluing diamonds on a skull is totally something I would do, were I an eccentric millionaire.

        • artdorkgirl says:

          Ah. I see. I’m trying to stay in the museum world…but I try to stay out of contemporary art so I don’t have to deal with these types.

        • mrsberesford says:

          artdorkgirl, are you curating at the mo’? I lived in Boston until last September and now I am wondering if I know you!

        • artdorkgirl says:

          Nah, since I’m still working on my PhD, I’m just interning at the MFA and working at the campus art gallery. I just want to curate! I know how to hang a painting!

        • mrsberesford says:

          I worked at the MFA until last July! Monster ships in the night!

        • artdorkgirl says:

          DANG!! I’m in AoA and I was interning last summer too! Where were you?

        • mrsberesford says:

          Oh shit, do you work with Elliott??? I was in Development (where perhaps surprisingly) there are some really awesome people…

        • artdorkgirl says:

          I work for Karen and Erica!! OMG! That’s crazy!

        • mrsberesford says:

          This is so wild – but I worked in AoA my first year in Boston as EBD’s assistant. Karen and Erica are the best! Wish I’d met you before I left!

        • artdorkgirl says:

          So this is what it sounds like when doves cry.

        • Kate says:

          Ahhh artdorkgirl pardon my clumsy fingers downvote. I was trying to upvote your skill at hanging pictures, a skill I wish I had!

      • “Wow, you just are just FILLED with air over there!”
        “Geez, don’t get your balloon panties in a twist!”

        …that’s all I’ve got.

    • old man fatima says:

      The reason I dismiss contemporary art is because of Barnett fucking Newman, which I realize is no longer contemporary, but still. Once Abstract Expressionism entered the scene, I was pretty much out.

      • old man fatima says:

        Look at these assholes. Yeah, I once painted my living room red, too. Ugh, it makes me so angry! http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-KQx971uPGg4/TyXD4P4kh0I/AAAAAAAACME/qwc6PGYLepc/s1600/Newman+painting+in+gallery.jpg

        • “Hmmm. Interesting. Very…red. Yes. And the stripes are there, also. It really makes a statement about, uh, colored rectangles, and how they’re…a thing.”

        • (I actually don’t mind the way a lot of Ab Ex looks, but it doesn’t pass the “I could do that myself, who are the idiots paying thousands of dollars for this stuff” test.)

      • artdorkgirl says:

        nooooooo!!!! Ab Ex is bebop, it’s Kerouac!

        JK. Everyone is completely entitled to their opinion about art!

        • old man fatima says:

          There are some artists who I would display in my dining room if they were gifted to me, like de Kooning and I GUESS Rothko. But mostly, not my bag.

        • artdorkgirl says:

          Jules Olitsky outdoes Rothko, in my opinion. The way he layers his colors is so much more delicate and engaging than Rothko.

          And I like Barnett Newman too. (and Clyfford Still and Cy Twombly and Robert Motherwell even though he was a jerk face.)

        • old man fatima says:

          Olitsky uses nicer colours, but it’s too randomized. At least Rothko’s is a bit regimented and I can pretend it was planned ahead of time. I don’t get that impression from Olitsky. And Rothko isn’t very interesting, I just like having blocks of nice colours. He’s basically the paint-samples-on-your-wall of the art world.

        • Went to the Rothko chapel in Houston and found out that I will never actually like Rothko. Painting colorscapes for a little while is cool but maybe branch out a little? It just gets so repetitive and meaningless.

        • mrsberesford says:

          I can’t let Rothko go undefended: I love him, and I love his vast swaths of color, and I would spend stupid money on all the Rothkos if I had any money at all, even a sensible amount that I could stretch to stupid. But I don’t which is great for actual Rothko buyers.

      • mrsberesford says:

        Aw, I actually like Barnett Newman – but also I am way more into art stripes than art polka dots. Which is totally valid criticism…

    • I kind of disagree?

      I generally define art as something is an act of creation made solely to invoke an emotional response. Basically anything that has a tangible function/purpose is design where anything that is “useless” is art. I say “useless” in quotes because it’s not useless, but generally just an intangible way to express emotions or the human condition. Generally there is deeper meaning, but it isn’t always up to the artist to create that deeper meaning. There 100% needs to be an act of creation in order to make art but the creator isn’t the one that has to make meaning out of that creation. Which gets to the whole relationship between audience and creator.

      Granted, I hate most contemporary art mostly because people pay a lot of money for a lot of bullshit. It’s less the art that pisses me off (even though it does) it’s more the fact that some rich asshole decided the bullshit is somehow high culture.

      • I should also say that I think art and design exist on a spectrum and not as a binary relationship.

        oof, words.

      • artdorkgirl says:

        No, that’s a completely fair argument. I just have had too much occasion to be around really bad art that supposedly has meaning for the artist and the rich jerks who buy it but is so empty and hollow that it’s just an inoffensive picture (see all those hacks that are still grinding out impressionist works or Charles Russell western crap) So I sort of stick by my idea that it’s got to make me invest some time with it.

      • mydumbopiniongoeshere says:

        Yes, neverabad this is all great. People somehow assume that art = greatness, value, profundity when it’s just a category of thing. It’s a little harder to make that mistake with other media, you wouldn’t point to 50 Shades of Grey and say “it is porn or is it a book?”

  5. My issue with modern art, particularly visual artists like Jeff Koons, is that foreknowledge about the artist has come to impact the “objective” value of the art object itself to a degree that seems untenable. And while I don’t wish for a world where all art was produce anonymously, I do wish for one where, say, a museum tour guide would introduce a piece of Chuck Close photography with an analysis of said photography instead of a biographical info dump about how Chuck Close paints using a flying wheelchair. The cat is art..

    • I took an awesome class in college where our professor made us go to museums and look at the art without reading the side panel first. It’s something I still do today. I do like knowing the background of the artist and maybe some of the meaning, but only after I form my own opinion. This is why museums should not have description cards.

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