Saturday Night MASSACRE

Okay, so the headline might be a bit hyperbolic, but when roughly half of the new cast members from last season’s Saturday Night Live are let go, it won’t go unnoticed.  Brooks Wheelan, Noël Wells, and John Milhiser have been let go from the long running series, ending their run after only one season.   The three players, along with Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, and Mike O’Brien, were part of a controversial new SNL group, seeing as how only one of them was a woman, and, oh yeah, all of them were white.  Sasheer Zamata was later added to address the issue, but even then she was relegated to background roles.    Hopefully this will either 1) reduce the size of the entire cast and give everyone more opportunities to perform or 2) bring in other minority talent.

As for the departed, they’re screwed.  Let’s face it, if you’ve only been on SNL for a single season, your life has ended.  Those three can join the ranks of these talent-less sacks of monkey crap.

Welcome to the turd pile, guys.  CAREER OVER.

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9 Responses to Saturday Night MASSACRE

  1. I don’t recognize any of these guys, and I’ve watched SNL more in the past year than I have in a long time. Seems like they hired way more people than they actually needed.

    • mydumbopiniongoeshere says:

      Noel Wells and John Milhiser are definitely the most generic-looking members of the cast, so even when they were on screen it seems hard to remember it. I wish they’d axe Mike O’Brien instead because I find him so disturbing to look at. And that Jost guy.

  2. Wallflower says:

    I only remember them from a Family Feud sketch where John played Jon Cryer, Noel played Alyson Hannigan, and Brooks played Brooks. I don’t know why I felt the Ned to say that but internet.

  3. Commentatrix says:

    Nooo! But Noel’s Lena Dunham impression! I swear if I see even one single new white guy in the dang title cards next year, I’ll… be very upset and… probably write a scathing blog post about it!

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