The Perils of Multitasking

It has been said by some that multitasking is a terrible habit for humans.  Focusing on numerous activities simultaneously only diminishes the quality of the tasks’ outputs.  As a wise man once suggested, you should never half ass two things, but instead whole ass one.  Take rapper Action Bronson, for example.  Midway through his performance of “It Concerns Me”, Mr. Bronson heard nature calling, and decided to relieve himself in a nearby portable water closet, while continuing to rap.  Sure, his rhymes were unimpeded by the bathroom break, but in the height of his performance, the rapper forgot to wash his hands.  Now his filthy toilet hands are all over that microphone, as well as the fan who got a picture snapped with him.  I guess nothing demonstrates true fandom more than having the smell of your favorite artist’s urine all over your shirt.

Via Pitchfork

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5 Responses to The Perils of Multitasking

  1. flanny says:

    This isn’t too surprising since Action Bronson’s from Flushing. *high fives all around*

  2. My last year of high school, teachers had to start wearing microphones that were remotely connected to speakers in class even though our classrooms were tiny and there were no hearing-impaired students at the school (it was one of those “the state throwing money at problems that don’t exist while refusing to fix the actual problems” things), and one day my Physics teacher forgot and left his on while he went to the bathroom. Thank god he only peed. (And he washed his hands.)

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