Scare Yourself Silly

Reddit is good for three things: asking celebrities dumb questions, keeping an eye on the creep population, and scaring the pants off yourself anytime you want.  One good place to indulge the third activity is in the subreddit /r/nosleep: a subreddit for first-person horror writing where all commenters must pretend the story is 100% true as part of the game.

Yesterday, a young girl made a post asking for first time dating advice, accidentally posting to nosleep while they address the subreddit /r/realtionships.  Their first post is available here and today they posted an update on how things went after taking the commenters’ advice.  I could give you some more details about this young woman’s specific dating query, but it would probably be best read in full yourself.

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11 Responses to Scare Yourself Silly

  1. Creepy stories are pretty much the only thing I use Reddit for. Especially , for true (“true”) stories about paranormal stuff, and for stories about encounters with creepy people. Actually, I think I first saw those links here, and I think you might have been the one who linked them. If so, thank you for the consistent supply of distraction from work.

  2. That story was pretty creepy but also not real, right? Probably not real.

  3. Wallflower says:

    I don’t know anything about reddit. Ever since I met someone at my first Monster meet-up and followed him to his apartment with the promise of meeting Gabe, I’ve been locked in a room and only allowed to read Videogum and now Homeless Monsters. It’s really not a bad life actually.

  4. hotspur says:

    Heaven just got a little more real.

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