So, How Was Your Day?

We’re wrapping up a little early because, for the first time this week, I have stuff to do this afternoon that doesn’t involve obsessively playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood. (That game is amazing, guys. I’m on the cusp of the B List! I can taste the fame!)

My day has been pretty good, mostly because it’s gone by very fast, and because Allison Williams is apparently going to play Peter Pan in NBC’s next live musical disaster extravaganza. That is going to be something to see. Or, in my case, something to wait for recaps and GIFs of because my aversion to secondhand embarrassment is too strong to brave a live viewing.

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51 Responses to So, How Was Your Day?

  1. Commentatrix says:

    Hahaha! That Peter Pan is going to suuuuuuck!

    Today I was asked to “say a few words” at my cousin’s wedding reception in September, and I was so flattered that I immediately agreed, without giving a single thought to my stage fright (or strage fight, as I initially typed; it’s happening already!) and whaaaat? It’s bad enough that I have to wear the orangiest orange dress that ever oranged, but now I have to also come up with some pithy yet heartfelt stuff to say to 100+ people of diverse value systems? Being “the funny one” in the family is such a burden, you guys.

    • I’ve only had to speak at a wedding once, and while I think my speech was actually okay despite my nervousness, it helped that the best man didn’t prepare for his own at all and just rambled on incoherently for fifteen minutes (the groom was actually pissed off about it; that’s how bad it was). Thanks for making me look good, dude!

      • Commentatrix says:

        It’s both me and the maid of honor (the bride’s sister) speaking for the bride’s side, and hopefully a couple of inarticulate doofi for the groom’s. Oops, it’s probably bad karma to wish ill on a wedding you’re also in. I bet I won’t even catch the bouquet now.

  2. I’ve had a pretty good day. My best friends and I are putting together a trip for this fall (we all live in different states) and I got started looking at hotels and I think it’s gonna be great! Work went pretty well and I get to leave early because I’m going to a concert tonight! On a school night!!! I’m trying not to think about how tired I’ll be tomorrow but also 3 of the bosses will be out of the office in the morning and so if i’m not EXACTLY on time, I think it’ll be fine. (Don’t worry, I’m still here before 90% of the other employees most days). My lunch was pretty bad and I’m thinking I need a new lunch plan cause I don’t think I want our cafeteria anymore.

    • Commentatrix says:

      How fun! I’m also someone cursed with lack of best friend geographic proximity, but it’s awesome that YOUR best friends are all part of one group! I didn’t think that existed outside of SATC. Which one of you is the glue?

      • Good question! I do the organizing/arranging so in a sense, I make the plans happen (both the other two girls will tell you that too!). One of the other ones is the glue in that she is the best friend of both of us (both the other two of us would say we’re closer to the this friend than the other, and no hard feelings on any of that because we’re all very good friends). The third one is the glue because she’s the sweetest person on the planet and she brightens everyone’s life. So we’re all the glue!!! The best part? We found a location that is almost the exact same car drive-length away from all three of us! And they sell beer there!!!

      • I should also add that I have 3 other best friends (not counting family) that all are separate best friends from separate times in my life and they all live in different states too. These are just my two super best friends (not counting mr truck duh).

    • artdorkgirl says:

      I’m so jealous! Now that my best friend lives on the opposite coast, getting together is super hard. She’s also the BEST person to travel with. UGH. Now I need to call Malinda.

  3. old man fatima says:

    My day has been really good! I love the new job and things are going really well with the new man (but, if we’re honest with ourselves, I really miss bean chip dude and new guy isn’t nearly as much fun…). Also, I have two people coming to look at my house on Monday! I was really stressing because the renters are being pains in the tushes, but how nice to be out from under them!! They have asked me to change the dishwasher, bathtub, hot water tank, and said the roof is leaking (it’s less than 5 years old and did not leak up to 2 weeks ago when I moved out), and they don’t even officially move in until Aug 1!! I think they are just trying to get me to upgrade as much as possible before they buy it at the end of their lease. They’re doing this “oh, who knows if we will buy it or not” thing, so fuck them. Plus, they want to buy it for like 15k under asking price, and these people looking at it on Monday will pay asking if they like it. Or more if they both like it and bid against each other. I am going to use the money to buy a kayak!! Weeee I’m so excited!!

  4. whatisabadger says:

    I’m flying over to the west coast to visit friends+family for a week so today I went and got a circular barbell ring for my septum piercing so I can flip it up inside my nose when I go see the parents (current plan is pretend it never happened for as long as possible with them). I knew you had to screw the little bead on the end on and off to get it in, but holy crap that was an exercise in manual dexterity. Those things are tiiiiiny. I dropped it once and heard it skitter across the floor and thought that was the end of it but against all odds I’ve triumphed and it’s comfortably installed and I really hope it doesn’t set off the airport security detector things.

  5. catweazle says:

    Soooooooooooooooooo busy probably going to work late have to go to the grocery store and buy a fuckload of lemons later have to plan and attend two baby showers for the same preggo and may die in the process nice knowing you byeeeeeeeeeeee!

    • artdorkgirl says:

      Two??? That seems like she’s asking too much.

      • is it for some super hilariously awesome reason that you can gossip about, like half her family hates each other or is she just greedy?

        • catweazle says:

          Sadly no, she is just awesome and everybody wants to buy her shit. She’s having three total, actually: a work shower, a family shower and a friend shower. Since I am both her sister and her friend I get to be involved in two of those.

  6. superiorglue says:

    I had heartburn for most of today, but then I wised up and took a Pepto tablet and it’s smooth sailing now.

  7. artdorkgirl says:

    Packing, packing, and more packing. I’ve boxes up 9 boxes of books and I still have maybe 4 more to go? And I’m purging books! That’s what’s crazy! Also, I am so, so stressed out. I just want all of this to be over and I’m moved and I’m studying for orals and things are fine.

    I did, however, by tickets for me, Mr. Dork, and manners to see the Doctor Who premiere at the movie theater. YAY!

  8. Mintie says:

    Instead of doing social things, I went home and drank some bourbon and watched You’re the Worst, which I am feeling quite fond of so far? I feel like I’m getting a reasonable quality rom-com in every 20 minute episode. I also went to a meeting with a client at work, that was to discuss work I had been doing that I thought was quite mediocre (and so did my bosses!), but the client loved it so that’s… good? It was a little confusing, but a good thing I suppose.

    I’ve also been doing this new thing where I get up at 6am and instead of going to the gym, I drink a coffee and watch TV before going to the gym? It’s making my life so much nicer. I feel like I’ve solved mornings forever.

  9. gnidrah says:

    Just been ordered to take the next week off work (seriously, when in real life does that actually happen? TODAY. IN MY LIFE) I am off on a small trip and I will be telling you all about it when I get back…

    • gnidrah says:

      (I should say, ordered because I am close to collapse. Not ordered because of fun reasons. Ordered so that I don’t die of exhaustion)

      • artdorkgirl says:

        It’s like when you go into work sick and everyone says “ooo, you don’t look good.” Thanks, everyone. I’ll just be over here, dying.

  10. msmessica says:

    My day’s been pretty good. I’ve spent most of the afternoon tweeting Chris Evans facts with pals (these are basically “facts” about Chris Evans which insinuate he is a 90’s dirtbag teen boy. “Facts” include ownership of Sean John track suits, suspension from school for having Newports, owns a caboodle to hide his weed, Jump Around is his ring tone. You know, cool guy stuff.) I’m also deeply entrench in this Kim Kardashian game, which is absurd and makes me a 90’s teen dirtbag in my own way.

    • Okay, I tried the Kim Kardashian game and as someone with an obsessive personality and a strong affinity for mindless stupidity, I thought I would be hooked, but I feel like I can only play for like 5 minutes before I run out of energy and have to wait for it to replenish. Am I doing it wrong?

      • You can leave whatever activity you’re doing and wander around and get more lightning bolts by clicking on stuff like the fire hydrants and signs (yeah, I don’t know). Not that I should enable you. Save yourself while you still can!

    • Wallflower says:

      And now I have Teenage Dirtbag stuck in my head.

      • Tokyo Police Club just covered it for AV Undercover. It’s not terrible, but I can’t judge because I love that song. I tried to play it at a bar once and the bartender promptly changed it. whoops.

  11. Today is actually going pretty well. My roommate has been out of town for the last few weeks and I told her that if I didn’t have my writing project done before she got home, I owed her $100 because the only thing that makes me actually do things is deadlines and financial punishments. So of course I put that off until Sunday and I’ve been cranking shit out so that it’s done when I see her tomorrow, but I’m actually really enjoying it so far. I never enjoy the stuff I write! My work has been completely dead this week because a solid 70% of the employees are on vacation, which is nice and my parents are coming to town this weekend which means I will get to eat food they buy for me!

  12. FRQ says:

    Today’s been pretty boring, which is fine as it’s the only day where I have nothing to do after work. However, I did find out that Sharknado 2 airs tonight, and with an empty schedule, I am feel obligated to watch it, even though I couldn’t stand the first one.

  13. Wallflower says:

    I know the question is “How was your day?” but I want to let you all know that after the fave drink poll yesterday I went to a place called Louie’s and had the Louie’s Ultimate Rita and it was very yummy. Today it has rained and rained and rained. Mr. Wallflower is out of town on business which means I won’t sleep well tonight because I watch too many ghost shows which aren’t scary at the time but which pop into my mind while trying to fall asleep (did that chair just move?).

  14. smacky says:

    Work is getting a little absurd due to a gossipy woman down the hall making comments about the amount of vacation time I’ve been taking (why is it her business? I still have almost 30 days saved up!). Trying not to get sucked into high school drama with a woman a decade older than me.

  15. I’m almost done with wednesday and I’ve already worked 30 hours. Hurray for client meetings and late nights at the office (not really). I’m just looking forward to going home for the weekend.

  16. Sota says:

    Today is pretty good, lots of client meetings and whatnot, but all good results. I can barely feel my thighs from the pain of Monday evening’s workout, and I have another class tonight. Tomorrow I may not be walking. Ugh. Trying to get in shape is the worst. I miss my couch and oreos. I did eat some pretty great waffles last weekend in Chicago, so that memory makes me super happy. At least it’s something.

    Also…is anyone else starting to get end of summer anxiety? The school stuff has been out at Target for a while now and I am just sitting here thinking that I haven’t done enough outside things or been to the beach nearly as much as I want to!!! Its stressing me out.

  17. flanny says:

    PRETTY GREAT, BOB! Here’s a baller recap of my week.
    I drove for about a zillion hours on Monday, from Boston to my mother’s house north of Detroit, and before I was even out of MA, the tire pressure light went on. Naturally I ignored it. I circled the car (a rental) a couple of times during the trip and things looked fine. But then when I returned the car Tuesday morning the rear drivers-side tire was flat as a pancake. So I guess I drove, like, 600 miles on a punctured tire? Okay!
    Tuesday I took a nap and still felt gooey from all the driving, but I went to the car dealership anyway because I need a car. And the salesperson who greeted me, Joe, was awesome and had been to the little college I’m going to work at just a couple of weekends before for a conference. And he went to my brother high school. AND HE HAS THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME. We are basically BFFs. I’m planning on going back there tomorrow and signing my lease!
    And today I drove halfway across the state to look at two apartments. The first was in an old chair factory and was very neat and had outdoor space, but the apartment itself was fairly small and the floors were really noisy and the town wasn’t amazing. So I drove to see another apartment, which is in a littler, cuter town in a loft above a coffee shop. There’s one wall that’s all brick and I’m right by the laundry and it’s got TWO bedrooms! My old Boston studio was literally the size of the new living room. I’m so excited! My landlord kept saying things like, “I’ve showed this to a few other people, but it just wasn’t right. I’ve been waiting for you.” Which seems just the right kind of ominous. Is he a ghost? Is he a fundamental Christian? Who knows, but come Friday I’ll owe him hundreds of dollars every month!
    It’s been a pretty great week, and I’m nervous something crazy will happen and ruin it, so I’m trying not to be too excited, but, oh boy guys, am I ever excited!!!

  18. mikaelajm says:

    pretty long and tiring with more bummer spots than bright spots, but I did get the chance to read catweazle’s latest OC recap! Which has confirmed my growing suspicion that contrary to my prior belief, I did not see “most of season 1” of the OC but rather “a few episodes” for which I am very excited to read the recaps. A bunch of stuff happened on that show and I only knew about some of it!

  19. mordonez says:

    Yesterday was fine, nothing really that I’d write home about, but this morning has gotten off to a rollicking start with the email “Hi everybody, please meet in the conference room at 9:30, your boss’s boss is here to deliver some news about some things.”.

    Is it a good thing that simultaneous meetings are scheduled in two different conference rooms with different groups of attendees? Oh, it isn’t?

    • Sota says:

      Oh no. That doesn’t usually bode well, but maybe they just want to give everyone ice cream cake for fun. Keep us posted.

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