Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

He is his own round of applause.

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9 Responses to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

  1. flanny says:

    This makes me crave a massage for some reason.

  2. Sota says:

    Back in the day, one of my college roommates was always trying to make up games. (moment for an eyeroll) One of her games was to clap the tune of a song and try to get the rest of us to guess it. It was not a very fun game, every single song, when clapped, sounds like Jingle Bells. Although I do believe this guy could maybe make the game more exciting.

    • artdorkgirl says:

      That sounds like things my cousin and I would do when we were stuck at my grandmas. There was also playing card toss, where we’d try to toss playing cards into a cool whip bowl, rolling the ball down the hall (self-explanitory), and laying around and randomly hitting each other once in a while. Ah, youth!

      • hotspur says:

        I sat here for a solid minute picturing the card toss game’s goal as being to spike a card so it stood up vertically. A solid minute before I realized there was probably no cool whip in the bowl.

  3. That was very stressful. I am a very bad clapper. There’s a Sufjan song, “Tallest Man, Broadest Shoulders,” that has a pretty basic clap. It took me months to actually get it. I am not lying about that. There’s an Anathallo song that I still can’t get correct.

    Anyway, here is a song that isn’t stressful and has handclaps, so kind of relates to this? Really, I’ve just listened to this about 7 times already and just want everyone to be as happy as I am.

  4. Too bad he can’t hold up that sheet of paper. I guess his hands only work as flat objects. He looks really confused when it falls.

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