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Guys! I totally forgot it was a holiday weekend, and then I remembered and ascended to a higher plane of consciousness out of sheer joy. THREE-DAY WEEKEND. LET’S DANCE. (Sorry for gloating if you don’t have a three-day weekend. Also … Continue reading

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Grantland’s “Saturday Night Live at 40” is Worth Your Time

In case anyone didn’t notice, Grantland has been running a weeklong retrospective on Saturday Night Live turning 40 all week, and it’s very good stuff! I recommend at least reading “The Glue” by Bryan Curtis, about my all-time favorite human … Continue reading

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This Week in Real Estate

This has been a season of moving for a lot of monsters around here, so let me offer up two really great housing options in two ridiculously expensive cities. Do you remember when you were young and you backpacked through … Continue reading

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What Was THE Album Of Your Adolescence?

I don’t mean to alarm you, but as soon as we break free from the shackles of our cubicles today it’s going to be Labor Day Weekend (We all work in cubicles, right? It’s not just me?). The pools are closing … Continue reading

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If Only We Were All As Carefree As This Elephant

Trunk hugs! Rolling on the ground! Playing with your giant ribbon! What more could anyone want in life?

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Flanoscopes for Your Weekend

Wondering what’s in the stars for you this weekend? Wonder no more, because here I am with this weekend’s Flanoscopes. They’re like horoscopes, but they are not members of the newspaper column union. Aries: March 21-April 19 Hello, you sweet … Continue reading

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“How a Bean Becomes a Fart” Clarifies Things Pretty Well

If there is a more effective step-by-step illustration of the bean-to-fart process, I’d like to see it. (Via Laughing Squid)

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Hello Kitty: International Woman (?) Of Mystery

Today in Weird News From Around The World: Hello Kitty is not a cat. Or…she is, but only, uh, symbolically? And she has a pet cat that is a cat. And she’s English, as heavy as three apples despite being … Continue reading

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Pretty pictures of a dangerous creature

National Geographic has an article and photos of Portuguese Man-of-War. Just take 5 minutes and appreciate all the gorgeous photography. Sometimes it is mind-blowing how amazing nature is.

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Something We Can Learn From New Sitcoms

Now that we’re in the midst of a full blown Friends revival, Fox took steps to create the next ensemble comedy by greenlighting a new show called All Together Now.  Produced by Alec Sulkin and Julian Sharpe, it features six friends that … Continue reading

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