Beat the Can’t-Time-Travel Blues with These Sightseeing Americans

I don’t understand time travel that well, but it has always struck me as being good for one of three things: 1) killing Hitler (uh doy!) 2) buying and hoarding old comic books (double doy!) and 3) visiting the early ’80s to see if things really looked “that way” (you know what I mean).

Now, thanks to this amazing photo set by Roger Minick, I can at least scratch one of those temporal itches. Apparently, Minick had the wonderful idea of taking portraits of total strangers as they were taking in some of America’s great sights, and now we can see them in all of their unvarnished-weirdo splendor.

It makes me a little sad for a time that can no longer exist, though, back when old people loved each other enough to go out in matching silk printed shirts and gawky teenage boys rocked all of the midriff their patient but not-comprehending father figures could handle.

Take it away, Dr. Shephard.

(via This Isn’t Happiness)

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5 Responses to Beat the Can’t-Time-Travel Blues with These Sightseeing Americans

  1. flanny says:

    The Couple at Sunset Point is living the dream.

  2. Every time we see old people in matching outfits, I turn to mr truck and say, “That’s gonna be us someday!” He agrees.

  3. Commentatrix says:

    Amazing. I have some photos at a bunch of these landmarks, but the early ’00s aesthetic (and the layman’s photography) just doesn’t compare.

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