Grantland’s “Saturday Night Live at 40” is Worth Your Time

In case anyone didn’t notice, Grantland has been running a weeklong retrospective on Saturday Night Live turning 40 all week, and it’s very good stuff! I recommend at least reading “The Glue” by Bryan Curtis, about my all-time favorite human Phil Hartman, but there are tons of other fantastic and in-depth glimpses behind the scenes about just about every angle of the show that you could think of. Of particular interest are the spotlights they shine on the unseen filmmakers and writers that contributed so much to the show’s cultural stamp.

Seriously, it’s very extensive–like 20 meaty essays chock full of quotes, interviews and firsthand accounts, plus podcasts. In other words, plenty of grist to get you through this pre-holiday-weekend charade of a workday.

BONUS DISCUSSION: part of the feature was a weeklong bracket-style vote to determine the best cast member of all time. I won’t spoil who won (hint: his name rhymes with Phil Warrell), but surely you have a strong opinion on the matter that you want to share with the rest of the class, yes?

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17 Responses to Grantland’s “Saturday Night Live at 40” is Worth Your Time

  1. I second this! The Phil Hartman piece was fantastic.

  2. flanny says:

    Favorite cast member? As a 90s teen brunette with an Irish last name, Molly Shannon is an inspiration, but I also lol at everything Cheri Oteri and Tim Meadows.

  3. taoreader says:

    Phil Hartman FTW. Best all-around, talented, always super-great alone or in ensemble. It’s kind of a tie with Jan Hooks.

    But Eddie Murphy–that sketch where he does an ad as Buckwheat selling an album of cover songs*–that puts me on the floor every time.

    *”Fee Times a Mady”

    • Mintie says:

      I read it this morning and enjoyed it quite a bit – but I’ve loved him a little bit extra since I saw him in the Skeleton Twins.

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