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Hello Kitty: International Woman (?) Of Mystery

Today in Weird News From Around The World: Hello Kitty is not a cat. Or…she is, but only, uh, symbolically? And she has a pet cat that is a cat. And she’s English, as heavy as three apples despite being … Continue reading

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Pretty pictures of a dangerous creature

National Geographic has an article and photos of Portuguese Man-of-War. Just take 5 minutes and appreciate all the gorgeous photography. Sometimes it is mind-blowing how amazing nature is.

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Something We Can Learn From New Sitcoms

Now that we’re in the midst of a full blown Friends revival, Fox took steps to create the next ensemble comedy by greenlighting a new show called All Together Now.  Produced by Alec Sulkin and Julian Sharpe, it features six friends that … Continue reading

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Friends Revival!!

Oh thank heavens, it was just on Jimmy Kimmel, and it was not very funny. But when I read that headline I had a terrible vision of our future, where all we’re doing is watching revamps of the shows we … Continue reading

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So, How Was Your Day?

Ugh, my day. It was fine, honestly, but I’m just not in a good mood for some reason. Me right now: But I hope your day was better! Tell me all about it.

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Finally, a Printer that Gets What We’re About

When I learned that a Japanese tech company called Nikkei Technology was developing a robotic printer that moves around and delivers your prints to you, my knee-jerk reaction was “geez, how much lazier can we get?” Like most Americans, my … Continue reading

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These Are Neat

Artist Eisen Bernard Bernardo incorporates celebrity magazine covers into famous paintings, and the results are pretty cool. You can see them all here (this is my favorite) but I included one that will be of special interest to certain Monsters … Continue reading

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