If you are a royal watcher like me, and if you were up at 5 am, ALSO LIKE ME, then you know by now:

The Duchess formerly known as Kate Middleton is totally pregs again!

“OMGYAYZ” – George

Sadly, according to Clarence House, K.Mids is being treated for hyperemesis gravidarum again. Which sounds like the worst thing EVER. 😦

But looking forward to happier times…

This means we will soon have the pleasure of viewing Kate Middleton’s maternity wear.

(Click here for the Fug Girls’ retrospective on Kate’s duds from last time around. Who wants to bet she’ll recycle some of these pieces?)

Royal Door Watch Fever will descend upon our respective nations.

And most importantly: MOAR CHUBBY CHEEKS TO SIGH OVER.

I mean.

Just look at the cute.

Guesses on gender? I’m hoping for a girl. It’s high time we had a princess up in here.

In any case, congratulations to the Cambridges, and get well soon Kate!




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  1. I KNEW IT. (No, seriously, I’ve suspected for awhile. She’s looked very happy but kind of worn out at recent events.) I hope it’s a girl!

    George is nonplussed by this news:

  2. flanny says:

    One Direction also announced something this morning: a new album and song. COINCIDENCE? Yes, but equally exciting. Britannia is certainly ruling right now.

  3. old man fatima says:

    I’m still holding out hope for a boy they can name James in homage to Harry’s real father, James Hewitt. Or twins named James and Hewitt. A girl would be nice, though. We haven’t had one of those in ages, and can you even IMAGINE her outfits? I literally can’t. It’s too much for my poor Monday morning brain to even handle.

  4. summerestherson says:

    Oh, and in other favorite British people news:
    Benedict wore a dumb hat and those white sneakers again. I think he is actively trolling us at this point. How can he show up looking so dapper sometimes and then pull this kind of shit?

    • There’s going to be a post about TIFF coming up, and, yeah, I saw that. It’s certainly a look.

      • summerestherson says:

        *sighs* He just needs…someone (me) to lovingly tell him that he shouldn’t wear hats. Like, ever.

        • Sota says:

          For someone with such wonderful hair he should never want to cover it up anyways!

          This is like when Kit Harrington wore a man-pony to the Emmys. Ummmm what?! You have these gorgeous curls everyone is jealous of, why downplay it?!

        • artdorkgirl says:

          Summer, I am for sure able to help him (by burning his hats)! And, as a grad student, I really have the free time…

          Also, not even going to lie, even with him dressed like that I’m down. Absolutely.

  5. I hope it’s a girl because I always hope for parents to get the other gender with the second kid. Also because of the pretty pretty outfits and because it would be a serious crime against humanity for Kate to not pass on that hair.

  6. catweazle says:

    A baby! Hope it’s a girl, but then I always hope it’s a girl. And speaking of babies my sister may have hers this week and I’m kind of freaking out. I don’t know if I’m ready to be Aunt Catweazle!

  7. Casey says:

    I wonder if they ever teased that guy that tweeted these tweets in school and called him
    Publisher’s Clarence House,” because that’s the sort of terrible nickname I would have given him.

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