Lord Knows I Don’t Ask for Much, Just Mr. Knocky

I know I would suck horribly at this and definitely annoy everyone around me with it, eventually estranging all loved ones from my side forever and most likely dying alone in the street somewhere, but god damn it, it will be worth it. Look how much fun that darn thing is! And it has a mustache!

Mr. Knocky, I choose you!

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Sassiness mistaken for horribleness.
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7 Responses to Lord Knows I Don’t Ask for Much, Just Mr. Knocky

  1. nastyemu says:

    Wow. Everyone go home, it’s not going to get any better today.
    Also, I like to imagine the guy in the Mr. Knocky video is related to this awesome guy:

  2. summerestherson says:

    UHHHHH I am in love with this guy. If I could make gifs I would make one of the moment he starts playing with the empty cans and one of the little hip motion he does in the video at the end.

  3. artdorkgirl says:

    Well my christmas shoping is done. Thanks, Mr. Knocky!

  4. Casey says:

    UPDATE: if you liked Mr. Knocky, you’re going to LOVE the Deluxe Otamatone!

    Seriously, all of this guy’s videos are so good.

  5. Commentatrix says:

    If I was going to paraphrase my racially inappropriate mother, I’d say that this is just further proof that the Japanese are such a very inventive people. But I won’t because I am not her NOR WILL I EVER BECOME HER AS GOD IS MY WITNESS

  6. I finally got to watch this with sound, and IT’S SO GREAT. Also I want that guy’s glasses.

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