Butterfly Lands on Flautist’s Face, Almost Like It’s *SUPPOSED* to Be There

This is surely either a harbinger of world peace or the first salvo in some kind of awful insect invasion against our woodwinds, I’m not sure which.

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7 Responses to Butterfly Lands on Flautist’s Face, Almost Like It’s *SUPPOSED* to Be There

  1. Man, props to her for not missing a beat. I like butterflies, but if I feel a bug land on me, I instantly turn into this:

  2. Apparently at my parents’ wedding, there was a fly that landed on the preacher’s nose and crawled all over his face throughout the whole ceremony, except he was too uptight to swat it away even once.

  3. Commentatrix says:

    What a pro! The show must go on, indeed!

  4. flanny says:

    At a concert this summer a moth landed directly on my precious Louis’s boob.

    If you zoom in real close, you can see that it’s wearing a little I ❤ 1D shirt. One of us.

  5. hotspur says:

    “And that’s how I fulfilled the prophecy the boney old witchy-woman from the fen-downs made when I was but a child, the prophecy that if I sacrificed all vestiges of normal life to practice very, very hard, why then, I would one day become the most famous flautist in the whooole world.”
    “A bug crawled on your face while a camera was on you?”
    “Yeah, it’s not how I expected it to play out.”
    “Oh well. Play me some Aqualung?”

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