A Phone Most Fowl

Okay, internet, you win. I will submit to this crap. If Gabe/Kelly could have their trampoline accidents, then I shall have my odd selfie accessories. The latest entry comes from KFC, who have a special promotion to celebrate “Colonel’s Day” in Japan. Contestants who tweet with a special hashtag are entered into a contest where they can win special chicken-themed prizes. This includes the one pictured above: an iPhone drumstick case. If you think a hair brush is too unwieldy for selfie stabilization, maybe looking at a piece of fried chicken will do the trick.

“But FRQ, you said that contestants could win chicken-themed prizeS!” Yes, I did mean to pluralize that word! Here are the rest of the things one can attain:

 photo xMbaUxX.jpg

Accessorize that outfit with a pair of earrings.

 photo 3o7o5SZ.jpg

Increase your productivity with a chicken keyboard

 photo B8pyV8o.jpg

Of course, you aren’t gonna get any work done without the accompanying mouse…

 photo yz8W6Xg.jpg

…and USB flash drive.

 photo V6QiV80.jpg

After all that work, you’re going to need to take a nap.


Via Engadget

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15 Responses to A Phone Most Fowl

  1. Sota says:


  2. Casey says:

    I don’t know why exactly, but I want all of that stuff so much.

  3. nastyemu says:

    Ok, I want all of those except the iphone case and the earrings. Anyone else think the keyboard said “fuck” at first glance?

  4. On the plus side, it looks like that thing would make a pretty effective weapon.

  5. catweazle says:

    You know, strangely enough I think that the chicken iPhone case would look the least weird out of all the selfie devices we’ve seen recently. It is more plausible that you would hold chicken in front of your face than perfume, at least.

  6. artdorkgirl says:

    If I may be childish and super gross for a moment…that mouse looks like what happens AFTER you eat KFC, if you know what I mean. . . (what I mean is poop. That mouse looks like a horrible, huge poop).

    • FRQ says:

      I’m just going to put this out there for future posts: You never have to excuse yourself regarding poop jokes (at least around me).

  7. I don’t know which I want more: the keyboard or the earrings!!

  8. Casey says:

    The fried-chicken mouse is an open invitation to every hilarious jokester in your office to make the same joke about (“Is that your mouse? Looks more like a chicken, if you ask me!”) 10 times a day every day for the rest of your life.

  9. facetaco says:

    I remember when I was a wee taquito, Papa Facetaco had a pillow shaped like a chicken leg. My mother hated that pillow, and eventually made him throw it out. I should get him a new one.

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