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A Ballsy Approach to Music

The connection between food and music has been explored through food festivals and music blogs, but a group of students from the Hyper Island school in Stockholm, Sweden have taken a different approach to the pairing.  Beatballs is an online service … Continue reading

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Search Terms Of September

Sure, we still have another day left, but wacky search terms are a nice way to start the week. I’ll make sure to include any good ones we get tomorrow in the October edition. As usual, some of these may … Continue reading

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AHHHHHH YOU GUYS WE MADE IT! This is my favorite episode of The OC, even though it has a lot of Oliver. I have been impatiently waiting for the day I could recap it in all its glory and now … Continue reading

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New Bad Lip Reading Video: The Walking Dead

I love the Bad Lip Reading videos so much. It doesn’t even matter that I stopped watching this show after the first three episodes and have no idea who any of these people even are anymore; this is great.

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It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

BUT, before we dance, make sure you check out the Self-Promotion post (what a great post! We’ll have to do that again once enough time has passed, so we’ll have new things to talk about) if you’re going to the … Continue reading

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A Phone Most Fowl

Okay, internet, you win. I will submit to this crap. If Gabe/Kelly could have their trampoline accidents, then I shall have my odd selfie accessories. The latest entry comes from KFC, who have a special promotion to celebrate “Colonel’s Day” … Continue reading

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Does Benedict Cumberbatch Have Flaws?

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