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Halloween Dance Party!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Alas, Month Of Scares draws to a close (don’t forget to post your Scavenger Hunt results!). There will still be some Halloween-related posts next week, though, because someone requested a Costume Pictures Post, and we are definitely … Continue reading

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You’re Lucky You’re Cute: The Covenant

Welcome to “You’re Lucky You’re Cute,” A new feature where I will review bad films I watched, probably after a few glasses of wine, because I think one of the actors is very cute. There is a short list of … Continue reading

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The Search Terms Of October

This was an excellent month for search terms. Let’s get to it: homeless boners  (perfect) googleturtles  (sounds adorable!) i am eating pizza love letters  (same)

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It’s The Great Month Of Scares Scavenger Hunt: RESULTS

This is it, everyone! Post your Month Of Scares Scavenger Hunt photos in the comments (again, please link to a public album if you have multiple images). I can’t wait to see everyone’s black cats and spoopy pumpkin spice anythings! … Continue reading

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Our Generation’s Ad Campaign (If We Were French)

It’s no secret that we here at Homeless Monsters love GIFs.  You could even extend that feeling to the rest of the internet.  Advertising firm Ogilvy Paris knows this, and took advantage of this knowledge for their new campaign to promote … Continue reading

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Our Nightmares Might Return to the Big Screen

I am not going to read this article very closely, because it’s already very close to Halloween and thus I’m feeling very fragile, but maybe there will be an announcement very soon about a new Pee-Wee Herman something. As discussed … Continue reading

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Tell Me About Your Most Memorable Halloweens!

Halloween is TOMORROW, everyone! Let’s tell stories about our best, worst, or otherwise notable Halloween experiences. What were your trick-or-treating traditions as a kid? How much did you throw up after that one Halloween party in college? What are some … Continue reading

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