Tell Me About Your Most Memorable Halloweens!

Halloween is TOMORROW, everyone! Let’s tell stories about our best, worst, or otherwise notable Halloween experiences. What were your trick-or-treating traditions as a kid? How much did you throw up after that one Halloween party in college? What are some of the best costumes you’ve seen on your neighborhood’s trick-or-treaters? What are you doing THIS year? It’s chattin’ time.

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24 Responses to Tell Me About Your Most Memorable Halloweens!

  1. old man fatima says:

    My Halloween party is really blowing up, you guys! I joined some groups, but have only gone to events from one hiking group. I posted the party there, and a few people from some other groups have sent me a message asking if they can post it to their groups as well because they are new to town and don’t have anywhere to go… So, although I know about 10 people in this entire town I have about 30 RSVPs to this thing. I’m excited! I hope nobody steals or breaks anything, because I don’t know most of these people! I kind of do hope that my house gets TP’d because I think that is hilarious. I also hope that I have enough candy… I live in the ghetto so every family has like 8 kids. There are so many kids in my neighbourhood, and they’re all much tougher than I am. I don’t want to cross any of them.

    • old man fatima says:

      I trick or treated until I was like 17, because I love Halloween so much. I would still do it now if I thought that it was in any way even remotely acceptable to do so. After about 13, we realized that we needed something extra because we were getting too old. One year we all wrote Halloween carols and sang them to people at their doors. Another year we asked them for their favourite movie and then acted out scenes from it for them (this is how I learned about the Pacino Scarface, because I had only seen the one from the 30s which made that one house very confusing for me). If I were to have kids it would 100% be so that I could go trick or treating again.

      • Kate says:

        You are my favorite kind of trick-or-treater. I always ask the little ones if their teacher taught them a special Halloween song, and they usually will sing it for me. On the Halloween right after 9/11, I had 3 10 year olds sing the National Anthem. :’)

    • FRQ says:

      Hide everything you don’t want penises drawn on under the kitchen sink.

    • facetaco says:

      Be careful with I tried that once, and I didn’t like any of the people in the group, so I never went back, and since the owner of the group also didn’t seem to like any of the people in the group, they stopped creating events. Eventually someone took over the group and turned it into a middle-aged singles group. And since I don’t remember my password to log in and unsubscribe, I still get invites to all of the middle-aged single mixers. I’ll never unsubscribe, in case Mrs. Taco ever leaves me.

  2. facetaco says:

    One time I went trick-or-treating and then watched an episode of Lois & Clark about some genius babies while I was home sorting out my candy.

    You guys, my brain is chock full of completely irrelevant memories like this. Right down to the tiniest details. It’s quite the burden.

    • facetaco says:

      I just checked Wikipedia to verify this memory. The episode was called “Smart Kids” and it aired Oct 31, 1993. And I still remember that 21 years later. But I can’t remember to call my grandmother on her birthday. My brain is a fucking asshole.

  3. Kate says:

    One year we took little Kelly and littler Packy (no Thomas yet) to Disney World over Halloween. Kelly was a cat from Cats. I learned to do the makeup, and she had a furry hood with ears. She loved that costume so much she wore it for two Halloweens. Packy was Thomas the Tank Engine. (He thought we named Thomas after that cartoon.) The shops in the Magic Kingdom handed out treats. Cute.

    • flanny says:

      My favorite costume was also a cat when I was in, like, second grade? Because our school chairs had holes in the seat and for some reason I loved the idea of my tail hanging through that hole.

    • This is only sort of related, but your mention of face-painting reminded me: when I used to work for a volunteer organization, we did this Halloween event at a community center for kids with games and movies and other activities. I was on face-painting duty with one other woman, and it quickly became apparent that I was, uh, a whole lot better at it than she was, and the kids started waiting in line for me instead of going to her. I felt SO BAD.

  4. flanny says:

    I always liked/hated when the radio station in Detroit would replay War of the Worlds on Halloween or just before. And even though I knew it was 50+ years old and fake, it creeped me out so much. So that was tradition.
    I dunno, I’ve never done much for Halloween. This year, like I said, I’m going to a party at my sister’s friend’s house. I thought it was going to be me and a bunch of 45-yo moms, but my sister just told me her kids are coming, including my niece who is a freshman in college, so I’m really excited! (My sister is being a crime scene chalk outline. We are related.)

  5. FRQ says:

    One year I dressed as Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, and did every one of my Halloween activities in that costume. This included a volunteer trip to a children’s hospital to visit terminally ill kids. I’m smart.

  6. artdorkgirl says:

    I’ve been a witch for so many halloween’s it’s not even funny. And this year I’m going as a witch again! Whatever! So I don’t have any particularly memorable halloweens. I was really just focused on the candy and then watching whatever spooky thing I could find. One year after trick or treating, when I was probably 8 or 9 my mom was watching Larry King and he was interviewing a real witch! I was so scared that I slept with my head under the covers all night. Then there was the year I watched some sort of show where they talked to people who thought they’d been abducted by aliens. No sleep for little dork that night!

  7. Sota says:

    I feel like I have told all my good halloween stories on this blog already. To sum up my halloweens:
    – Little kid me ate all the candy and puked
    – I survived the 1991 Minneapolis halloween blizzard (a rite of passage in this state)
    – 24 year old me shared a precious puking moment with a walk of shame Buzz Lightyear in NYC.

    This year I have lots of parties! I am very excited. Maybe I will have another new noteworthy story to add to the list.

  8. summerestherson says:

    Most interesting Halloween? LESBIAN CHARTER CRUISE HALLOWEEN PARTY 2010

    I was working on a cruise ship and a lesbian group chartered the entire ship the week of Halloween. It was super great because they converted all the bathrooms in the passenger sections to women’s restrooms, they brought their own activities staff so my workload was super light, they bought a bunch of stuff on board and were super into bingo (which meant sweet, sweet bingo commission $$$ for my team), and they were just nice and kind and lovely all around.

    And their Halloween party was OFF. THE. HOOK. My team all got to go and my boss bought us drinks, and he even bought me a second drink when mine got knocked out of my hand by an overzealous dancer. A big group of ladies had been learning Thriller throughout the cruise and then busted it out at the party. That party was great.

  9. I can’t think of an especially good Halloween and I definitely can’t think of a bad Halloween. They’re all so great! I was sick freshman year of college so I didn’t get to do anything and that was pretty lame. Then when I lived in Miami, Hurricane Rita or Wilma (not sure which one) hit right around Halloween and so I sat in my apartment by myself in a costume I had worn before. Also, when I first moved to Atlanta, I didn’t know anyone so I stayed home. I guess I’ve had some bad ones, but I tend to forget them because of how great all the other Halloweens have been and how much I love them.

    My favorite costume memory from when I was a kid was when I was in 2nd grade I went as Paula Abdul: I wore my bathing suit with a jean skirt. Perfect costume.

  10. nastyemu says:

    Hmmm, all the Halloweens I had as a kid were pretty traditional and great. I ate too many Skittles once and puked them all over the white carpet in our house, but I’ve told that story here already.
    My favorite as an adult was in 2004, when I found out at a party that the future Femu had broken up with her long term boyfriend. I decided to play it cool, which I guess turned out to be too cool, and it took another five years before we started dating.

  11. hotspur says:

    When I was a little kid I was dedicated to the idea that a costume didn’t mean anything unless you made it yourself. As a result I had pretty uneven results I am sure, but I usually went all in. My favorite was 5th grade (age 10); my friend Steve and I decided to be knights. My dad helped us shape chicken wire into plates per our specifications, then we covered those in paper mache and painted them silver. We spent a month building those costumes and I walked around proud of it every minute of that night. I never wanted that Halloween to end.

    It was difficult to age out of trick-or-treating. The last year I wore a costume I was… 16? Too old, and I felt it. I was a goblin and molded all these prosthetic pieces for my face to have a crazy nose and so on, and was all painted green, but it didn’t look remotely as Hollywood Pro as I’d imagined it and I felt embarrassed. We just did a few blocks, not the whole route of olde. One of us kept singing the “Back in Time” song from Back to the Future between houses, but it wasn’t meant as a commentary on being too old, it was just stuck in his head (and all of ours soon).

    Almost as tragic as that was the year I was 24 and living in an area where we thought it was very likely we’d get egged for not having candy, so the roommates and I put the lights out and lugged the TV to a back room and laid down on the floor to watch. At 10:30 we decided we’d cleared the hurdle and we put the lights back on. In a minute, the doorbell rang. Older, hooligan kids. I told them we didn’t have candy but I’d find something, hang on. I ran to my room and grabbed all the change on my dresser plus a tiny rubber shark. I said I’m not counting it, I hope it’s about even, and I threw handfuls of change in every bag. Then I gave one kid shit for not having a costume and said to another, “Your costume made me laugh, you get the shark! Now don’t tell anyone we’re home because that was all my money.” It was probably 60 cents each but they were all giddy and psyched about it for some reason, and for 3 minutes, it was a good Halloween.

    • Kate says:

      I love this. We sometimes have to resort to the change jar when the candy runs out. We turned our lights out one year when we were out of everything, and a few minutes later there was a knock on the door which we ignored, the more knocking, then it became a frantic pounding which frightened us. Turned out it was our teenaged nephew, trick or treating in our neighborhood, who needed to use the bathroom. Poor kid. He’s a lawyer now. Tempus fugit.

  12. msmessica says:

    I don’t know about memorable, but last year I bought a Thor wig and pink robe and went as Fat Betty Draper and got to carry cheez-its and whipped cream around all night.

    Pretty choice.

  13. catweazle says:

    I had pretty standard kid Halloweens so not too interesting. Here are a couple of notable adult Halloweens though:

    1. First Halloween after graduating college and moving into the city, incidentally also the first Halloween after I started drinking. I dressed as Link from Zelda and got drunker than I had ever been in my life and semi-blacked out in a chair toward the end of the night, during which time both of the boys I had crushes on gave me lap dances that I have only vague memories of. That night I puked in my bed while sleeping and was aware that it was happening but thought it was a dream so continued sleeping with my face in the vomit and then woke up the next morning, threw away all my bedding and went to work.

    2. Three years ago I dressed as Jacob (the werewolf) from Twilight by wearing a short black wig, one of those fake muscle tops, cutoffs and hiking boots. I drank Andre cold duck out of a paper bag and brought three black t-shirts with me to dramatically rip off in a werewolf rage throughout the party. It was great until I was leaving and on my way out I saw one of the two lap dance guys from the above story but who I was not all that fond of anymore. He was dressed as a wolf and as I passed by him on my way out I drunkenly yelled something at him like “THERE’S ONLY ROOM FOR ONE WOLF AT THIS PARTY” and then he started yelling at me and I thought we were joking around so I very obviously fakely kicked my leg out at him (pretend-fighting was something we formerly did a lot) but apparently he was actually very angry (and also a worse person than I thought) because he grabbed my leg and shoved me through the door and onto the floor in the next room. I very loudly and dramatically screamed at him and stormed out and he never apologized to me so I have not spoken to him since unless absolutely necessary even though we’re still in the same social circle and I honestly don’t think he has any idea why I don’t like him anymore.

    tl;dr getting drunk at Halloween parties has mixed results and also men are good for lap dances and nothing else

  14. gnidrah says:

    This is the best Hallowe’en story I can manage. As I think I have said, I don’t really do Hallowe’en (although I have just been invited last-minute to a party on Saturday, so I spent a whole pound on a witch hat)

    Hallowe’en was NOT a big deal in the town where I used to live in France. But me & a bunch of friends found that there was one club in the centre throwing a spooky party. So we got all dressed up (I had a wonderful dark-red-mixed-with-silver-flecks lipstick that I miss to this day), got mildly drunk, and got the bus – rarely if ever have I been stared at as much as on that bus trip.

    There was so much dry ice in that club that we spent the whole night tripping over and walking into things. I spent the next week with bruises from my thigh to my ankles on both legs.


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