Just Some Good Shopping Advice

None of you strike me as Black Friday aficionados, but in case you’re considering the consumer madness that will grace us in a few days, here are some helpful tips on getting the best deals.

Via Tastefully Offensive

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18 Responses to Just Some Good Shopping Advice

  1. This is all just good advice in general. You don’t even have to be shopping.

  2. old man fatima says:

    I never want to stop watching this man’s videos. Who is he?? He is perfect.

  3. facetaco says:

    I might actually have to get down with some Black Friday this year. Facetaquito and I were supposed to go shopping for Mrs. Taco’s birthday over the weekend, but our plans were waylaid by an emergency all-day trip to pick up some toilet paper, and now I either have to go alone after work today or else he and I have to venture out of the house on Friday.

    • facetaco says:

      Actually, I need some opinions: Will it be safe to go grocery shopping on Black Friday? I need stuff for the cake. I’m thinking yes, because nobody needs food and Black Friday sales are all in places that sell things other than groceries. Thoughts?

      • I’ve never gone out on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving is for sleeping in and then watching movies and eating leftovers in your pajamas), but I’d guess that grocery stores wouldn’t be too crazy.

      • I would think Black Friday is the best day to go to the grocery store because it’s the one day of the year that everyone has plenty of food already and none of the sales are applicable. This is all based on speculation, though, so don’t get mad if it turns out it’s crazy.

      • FRQ says:

        I’ve done Black Friday a few times, and I’ve never seen lines or crowds outside of the supermarkets nearby. To be fair, I’ve never been inside one of these grocery stores, so there could be Satanic rituals happening for all I know.

  4. Unrelated Gilmore Girls spoiler:
    What. the. Fuck. Rory. and. Dean.

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