Revisiting Old Videogum Posts: Holiday Edition!

Hey everyone! So we’ve already done some informal reminiscing in the comments over some important/hilarious moments in Videogum history, and I think it would be fun to do it more often! I’d like to start with one of my random all-time favorites, this post from 2 years ago. FEATURING: Grumpy Gabe Gets Genuine, Jimmy Fallon & the Roots, the best Christmas song of all time*, some killer commenting work from catweazle and truckasaurus, a tangent about coworkers making truly heinous noises, a brief discussion of irony, and much enthusiasm for Jimmy Fallon. In other (Gabe’s) words, “Let’s all fall for this like a bunch of suckers.”

*at least three Monsters concur on this totally objective judgment.

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25 Responses to Revisiting Old Videogum Posts: Holiday Edition!

  1. flanny says:

    I think this post is riiiight around the time I started commenting, so I scrolled through a few more posts to see if I could find that first comment (confessing my attraction to Garret Dillahunt), and I got too emotional seeing all our old friends and petting zoos. Brb sobbing under my desk rn.

  2. facetaco says:

    Gabe is our ghost of internet commenting past. Theresa is our ghost of internet commenting present. Youtube is our ghost of internet commenting future.

  3. Sota says:

    Glad to see that the complaints about disgusting cubemates was alive and well in Dec 2012, same as today! Also it looks like Truck’s coworker’s cough hasn’t improved since then.

    • mikaelajm says:

      hahaha I didn’t even realize we had recently heard about the same coworker!!! sorry truck, you’ll be free of her soon!

        I SERIOUSLY no longer feel bad about counting down the days. Thursday evening can’t come fast enough… Good luck to her in all her future endeavors, though, srsly.

  4. facetaco says:

    Speaking of revisiting old things, ERIC MATTHEWS IS GOING TO BE ON GIRL MEETS WORLD! You guys! Will it be the cool ladies man/slacker Eric Matthews of high school? Or post-lobotomy college years Eric Matthews?!

    • flanny says:

      OH MY GOD. Maybe we should have a Pizza Party to watch together?

      • facetaco says:

        I don’t know if I can. I was SUPER excited about Girl Meets World basically as soon as it was announced, because Boy Meets World is my #1 favorite TGIF show. But then when it came on I watched like 2 minutes before I realized that I am a grown man and I should be doing literally anything else.

      • facetaco says:

        They also announced that another mystery original cast member would be returning, on top of the already announced Feeny, Shawn, and Eric. But the rest were kind of terrible, so I don’t care. Unless it’s Mr. Turner.

        • flanny says:

          I bet it’s the little sister that time forgot. BMW (cool) was actually my least favorite TGIF show because it became all about Corey’s stupid romance and I have a cold, unromantic heart. My favorite was Perfect Strangers because I think people with accents are lol.

        • Sota says:

          Which sister? Season 1 sister or the sister that reappeared as a new older actress in like season 2? Wouldn’t it be a surprise to everyone if both sisters showed up and there was storyline about how the Matthews family sent their first daughter off to live with some old aunt or something…

  5. FRQ says:

    This was great, but what I really fell for was the subsequent post.

    • Casey says:

      God bless you for reminding me of this.

    • hotspur says:

      Kelly’s description of that video is perfect. Oh man, this just led to me an hour of reading old videogum posts. A visit from the Ghost of Internet Christmas Past! The Present is pretty cool too, and I’m sure the last ghost is going to show me a future that TOTALLY rocks. #pretty sure that’s how christmas ghosts work. huzzah.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out!!! I will always love that song and I concur with everything I wrote (about how I love my family and getting to see them this time of year – double bonus side note: my brother and his wife (mostly his wife) are having their second kid today!!!!)
    Also, seriously, I apologize that I’ve apparently been complaining about this woman next to me for two years. “We get it, she’s gross!” -you guys, probably early 2013. More like “All I Want For Christmas Is You to Get Healthy and Shut the Fuck Up”!!!

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