Doctor Who Christmas Special OR Tell Us About Your Worst New Year’s Eve Open Thread

I originally intended to do a full recap of the Doctor Who Christmas special but then I didn’t get around to watching it until last night and as it was a “dreams within dreams within dreams” story that I didn’t entirely follow for reasons that are probably equally to do with the complexity of the story and the deliciousness of the wine I was drinking at the time, I thought I’d just do a quick summary instead so we can talk about it. Or for those of you who are not DW inclined, we can talk about our all time worst New Year’s Eve celebrations.

So the Doctor Who special basically amounted to the ceiling spider hands from Ocarina of Time somehow affixing themselves to Clara and the Doctor’s faces (along with a bunch of randos) and putting them in a dream state to distract them from the fact that their brains are being eaten. They dream that they’re on a Super Secret Science Base at the North Pole and Santa Claus rescues them from some psychic alien monsters. But Clara has a dream within a dream within a dream about Danny being alive again and spending a lovely Christmas with her when a dream spider hand attaches itself to her dream face, and the Doctor has to save her by convincing her to finally let Danny go. And then they all realize that they’re dreaming the science base and have to dream themselves out of it by having Santa rescue them on his sleigh. And this makes the spiders fall off their faces and disintegrate and they go back to their normal lives. The Doctor immediately goes to find Clara who for time travel reasons is now a lonely old lady who spent the last 60 years pining for her lost love and her lost BFF. Except that was a dream too apparently and the Doctor gets back to Clara when she’s still young and hot (thank god!) and she decides to rejoin him in the TARDIS for next season despite all the rumors that this was going to be her last episode. The end!

Doctor Who Christmas specials are usually sort of crappy and this one was actually fun if a little overly Inceptiony and dumb. I enjoyed it and I am happy to get Clara for another season, although a little skeptical of the way they got her back on the TARDIS. But whatevs! Looking forward to season 9!

Nerd Talk Over! Let’s Move On To New Year’s Eve Stories!

Let’s face it: New Year’s Eve is usually terrible. In recent years I have refused to do anything more exciting than go to a nearby restaurant to have a beer with a few friends after several consecutive years of terrible nights. Here is the worst of them:

About four years ago I went to a local bar with a group of friends for what was supposed to be a lovely evening of drinking and dancing and general conviviality but instead turned out to be an awkward and infuriating evening because one of our friends was hugely offended that her ex-boyfriend, with whom we were also friends, was there. She retaliated by throwing popcorn in his face and trying to hit on all of our male friends before giving up and making out with a stranger. To give you an idea of the mood, here is a picture that was taken during the midnight countdown:

Later that night a bunch of us went back to my house for an afterparty. I immediately put on a giant bathrobe because I was freezing in my sleeveless dress and my sister, who mistakenly thought I was interested in a guy who was there, drunkenly yelled at me for wearing a bathrobe instead of trying to seduce him like a proper lady. I responded by drunkenly yelling that if I wanted to wear a bathrobe in my own home then I was damn well going to wear a bathrobe in my own home. This would be the last time I attempted any sort of party on New Year’s.

Please share your own horror stories so that I don’t feel like the only New Year’s loser!

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21 Responses to Doctor Who Christmas Special OR Tell Us About Your Worst New Year’s Eve Open Thread

  1. I’ve never had a bad New Year’s Eve, usually because I very rarely go out and celebrate it, but I’ve also never had a really fun one. Every time I have gone out, it’s always ended up being pretty underwhelming, and I usually end up wishing I’d stayed home and hadn’t spent the money.

    One year I was very smart, though, and wore flat shoes instead of heels when my friends and I went to a fancy party at a hotel:

    I was the only one who didn’t want to saw my own feet off by the end of the night. (I’m in the middle. My hair looked better than this picture would imply.)

    • flanny says:

      Ooh, I love fancy hotels!

      • It was nice! The overall experience ended up being kind of blah, as usual, but that was mostly because of tensions within the group I was with (and the fact that I was the only single person in said group). But the actual event was pretty swanky. Fancy food and dancing and watching fireworks over the river from the hotel balcony.

    • mikaelajm says:

      omg, twins. I’ve never had a really bad New Year’s, but I can’t remember a really good one, either. Actually, I don’t remember any particular years in any detail at all.

  2. martinmegz says:

    A couple of years ago I had plans with a friend to hang out on New Year’s, but just as I was leaving the house he called to say he was too depressed about breaking up with his girlfriend and didn’t feel like doing anything. As I sat on my couch in full make up watching TV, my phone rang: it was a butt dial from the friend who had canceled, clearly having sex with someone and not aware he was calling me.

  3. old man fatima says:

    I LOVED this Christmas special! I was going to recap, but I didn’t want to step on your toes! Instead maybe I’ll rank the specials. I think you need to watch it again without the wine, or maybe with more wine, because it was seriously so great. Best special by leaps and bounds, best ep of the season by ten thousand miles, maybe top 10 of all Nu-Who episodes! It was super delightful, and Nick Frost should always be Santa and should always be arguing with a grouchy time travel alien. It was perfect. I would have preferred it if we got the last fake-out ending, because I expect DW to make me cry lots and lots and Clara finally getting a last Christmas with the doctor after waiting for 60 years was the perfect amount of bittersweet. Especially when the doctor can’t tell she’s old because she always looks the same to him ❤ ❤

    Most of my NYEs have been pretty ok. Last year the guy I was seeing freaked out on me because his phone glitched and did that thing where the contact names don't show up for a minute, and he took that as a sign that I had been snooping through his phone and deleting things? And he yelled at me and then drove away, and then came back a couple of hours later after his phone sorted itself out, with no apology, to tell me he didn't want me to take the new job (where I work now) because he didn't like the idea of me working with men (I had all female coworkers at my previous job) unless he moved in with me because that was the only way he'd know I wasn't fooling around on him. We had been seeing each other for 3 months. That ended in a fucking hurry, I can tell you. I have much higher hopes for this year.

  4. FRQ says:

    1) It’s beyond me why no one had gaping holes on their temples at the end of the episode.

    2) You are 100% correct about NYE. I always have such high hopes for it, but it always fails to meet expectations, ranging from mildly disappointing to complete disaster. I can’t think of a specific terrible evening, but here’s a short list of crap I have encountered:

    – Spending NYE with a boring family dinner while my friends have an epic party they later bragged about
    – Show up to an event dressed informally, only to find out 90% of the people there were formal (twice)
    – Hung out with friends who’s other friends are obnoxious assholes
    – Drank too much too early and passed out drunk at 12:02am
    – Sat through a NYE dinner while simultaneously dealing with 3 different dramas at the table

    Yet, like a loyal TV viewer desperately clinging to his favorite show even though it’s 9 seasons deep and should know it won’t get any better, I still look to make grand plans for the occasion every year.

    • flanny says:

      What are your grand plans this year?

      • FRQ says:

        I had considered going to the city’s big NYE bash, with performances by the legendary 90’s band Sugar Ray, but I’m gonna take it down a notch and just attend a friend’s house party.

    • old man fatima says:

      No gaping holes, and also no brain damage. Something was dissolving their brains for most of the night, they should at the very least have a droopy eye or trouble remembering simple math.

  5. flanny says:

    I also hate NYE, and when I lived in Boston I would purposely fly back on NYE so that I could use the fact that I’d just gotten off a plane and was tired from the traveling as a reason for not doing anything. It’s also cheaper to fly on December 31st. There’s a pro-tip for you.

    It was the NYE after I graduated college,and I drove out to Ann Arbor to my friend Julie’s, who was in grad school at UofM. I don’t remember exactly what happened in that apartment, because it was NYE, but I do remember there was a lot of hard liquor, and then me puking a lot before the night was over, maybe even on Julie’s white carpeting. I feel like maybe the boyfriend and his sisters got into an argument or something, but I was oblivious, and that also meant that people were focused on this argument and not on me lying on the bathroom floor. What I remember the most is waking up January 1st, and being unable to sit up for, like, an hour or more. And then I had to drive my hungover self home, back to my mother the teetotaler’s house. I mean, it’s not that outrageous of a story, but it was an outrageous hangover and I’m still embarrassed about it.

  6. summerestherson says:

    I’ve never had a super terrible NYE. Best one was when I worked on the cruise ship and didn’t have to work the next morning! I actually got to dress up all fancy and dance all night. I’ve had some boring ones for sure. One time I went to one of my HS friends’ houses WAYYYYY in the boonies and her dad shot the shotgun off at midnight. Fun stuff. (Celebratory gunfire is illegal, y’all.) Most of the time it’s just been hanging out with a small group of friends at someone’s house and lighting sparklers.

  7. I’m not really a fan of NYE. Never do much, never put much pressure on it, don’t make resolutions, just not really into the holiday. My parents always used to make a joke about how NYE is a night where all the amateurs go out drinking and the pros stay home, so I guess I’m the pro drinker who doesn’t go out. Our friends used to throw a house party every year and that was always a good time, but then they had a baby and started hating fun, I guess. Last year Mr. Truck had to work til pretty late and so we didn’t do anything. This year, we had plans to go to a friend’s house but she’s sick and canceled and I’m very okay with it because staying up past midnight is pretty tough these days.

  8. Commentatrix says:

    Here’s just a sad NYE truth about me: never had a new year’s kiss. Not from a loving boyfriend nor a drunk friend nor a gross stranger. It’s almost become like one of those “lot in life” things along with being single on Valentine’s Day.

  9. hotspur says:

    I usually have a good NYE but only by refusing to take it seriously. The worst one I can think of in my post-21 life was when I was 24, and still serious. It was the 2nd year out of college and I was still living with the college friends and the household had developed tension. I was invited up to an old high school friend’s house for NYE and as the only single dude among the college friends, I hadn’t even been invited on the Couples Booze Cruise they did (like they paid $150 or whatever to circle Manhattan on a ferry with an open bar). Like I said, weird tensions — but I was also broke so it was also a relief to be excluded. Anyway, I acted like I had this awesome other thing to do — but the HS friends ended up being super ill from drinking the night before, so they just sat on the couch sipping cokes all night. Except the host; he had to work the next day because his boss was Hasidic and apparently they dont consider Jan 1 a holiday? They wanted him in at 7, iirc, so at 12:05 he ended the party and I drove back to the college-friends house, feeling defeated. It was dark so I thought I’d sneak in and no one would know I was home at 12:45, but I walked in on some very serious sex going on on the living room couch. My friend Jen (not her real name) was very naked and getting boned and just squinted at me and made a startled sound like “Mung!” I think I yelled sorry and ran to my room.

    I was only pleased the next day when everyone said the booze cruise was super lame and it docked at like 11 and they were all annoyed and home (to have lotsa sex) by 11:30.

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