So, How Was Your Day AND Month Of Cheers Scavenger Hunt Results Post!

Happy New Year, everyone! This will be a multi-purpose post, as I want to hear about your day, but also, see your pictures from the Month Of Cheers Scavengers Hunt–which, I’ll be honest, I kind of lost track of. December is so much busier than October! If you also forgot about it, don’t feel bad, and still post any fun holiday pictures you feel like sharing. If you’ve been dutifully scavenging, please post the links to you albums! And forgive me, because there isn’t going to be a prize for this one (besides the rosy glow of victory), because it took me an entire month to mail out the Month Of Scares prizes and I just can’t be trusted with these things right now.

I’m off work until Monday, which means there won’t be any posts tomorrow or Friday, so have a good rest of the week/weekend and I’LL SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!

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  1. old man fatima says:

    Chomper jumped up on my lap last night while I was reading in a chair and we had a little cuddle and photo shoot! My day today has been a bust. Meant to be done work at noon, but crises arose and woops I’m still here! Sneaking out soon though. Wish me luck!

  2. artdorkgirl says:

    We are going to see the Bruins play tonight so I am very excited! We’ll just be fighting hockey fans to get home instead of regular NYE drunks. We MIGHT also go out to the museum tomorrow to see the Goya show. So that’s pretty much my week.

    Happy New Year’s everyone!!! I hope we all have fabulous (or at least interesting, according to our Flanoscopes) 2015!!!

  3. catweazle says:

    I failed to even think about the scavenger hunt because I was too distracted by shit getting real this month. It is looking like tonight I am going to be drinking champagne and eating pizza rolls by myself which is fine but not exactly what I was hoping for. I’m trying to pull a Hail Mary but it’s not looking good.

  4. flanny says:

    I didn’t forget about the scavenger hunt, but when I went to my sister’s and she didn’t have a foot and a half of snow for me to photograph, I was like, “Forget it.”

    I have done medium okay today! I won’t be wearing real pants for the rest of 2014, so that’s a win. I went on a run in the snow and maybe broke my foot. And I put up some decor that’s been sitting around on the floor waiting for me to get going. Here’s a picture of it, with special guest star, my tree, which is sort of peeking around the corner like a pretty little creeper.

    I’m going to write a manifesto for writing this afternoon, and am hoping to ring in the New Year at midnight by writing! Guys, I like writing, did you know???

  5. FRQ says:

    Not too much, just worked from home today and tonight will attend that party I mentioned earlier. Tomorrow I’m gonna watch some bowl games with friends, then probably sleep the rest of the day.

    Oh, and I thought of a resolution for 2015 (other than be like flanny): finally build my own computer. I’ve been putting it off for financial and apartment space reasons, but both have been addressed, and it’s time I stop being lazy and become a proper nerd.

    Happy New Year’s, guys. May 2015 bring us more animated GIFs.

  6. I wonder how Facetaco and Mrs. Facetaco are doing. We’ll probably see him again in a few months, when the new arrival finally starts sleeping.

  7. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    The day has been pretty good. We aren’t doing anything for New Year’s Eve, but I bought a bottle of sparkling wine, so we will probably drink some of that and hopefully dine on take out from the burrito place near our house.

    We usually watch a countdown on TV, but that band Train always seems to be there. Are they still a thing? I prefer to watch the Telemundo countdown, but we usually just end up on whichever channel has the least annoying musical guests.

  8. Here’s my link for the scavenger hunt!!!
    Let me know if you can’t see it!! I didn’t get as many things as I would have liked, including some stuff I saw, just never got around to photographing. The favorite gift is a gift certificate for 2 massages from Mr. Truck, one of which I used today, so that should tell you how great my day has been. Also, the favorite gift I gave, which I didn’t expect it would be, was the Despicable Me t-shirt that made my niece immediately rip her shirt off to put on and blow up all of our brains with cuteness.
    Plus my New Years plans got canceled, which might be a bummer to most people, it will honestly be great to relax at home and not have to stay up past midnight and drive home amongst semi-/fully-drunk drivers.
    Also! Friday we’re driving down to Jacksonville to watch Iowa (my team) play Tennessee (mr truck’s team) in the gator bowl and that will be very very fun! The loser has to wear the winner’s team’s colors the next day!

  9. Casey says:

    Happy New Year, y’all!

  10. Sota says:

    Yay! My day has been hilarious. I am currently in the car with my parents driving to Orlando, so we can go to the Citrus Bowl game tomorrow. (Go Gophers!) Anyways, I made my dad drive out of the way so we could experience a perfect Tourism for Wierdos thing…and let’s just say by the end of our time in this small town we were fleeing the local historical society museum and it’s overbearing 80 year old tour guide lady. Stay tuned for a post. Cause yeah. What’s up Florida…you have weirdo tourism down.

    I took a few scavenger hunt pics, but I’ll have to post then later on cause I’m in the car. Anyways…i hope you have a wonderful new years friends!!! Drink champagne and go to bed before midnight like champions.

  11. martinmegz says:

    This day is draaaaaaaging by. I’ve got another 2 hours before my boss leaves (which is when I can leave) and it feels as if I’m going to be stuck here for the rest of my life.

    Today my boss said I have too much vacation time accrued so I have to figure out some vacations to take next year. Any suggestions for fun adventures that don’t cost a ton of money?

  12. Commentatrix says:

    Don’t even talk to me about the scav hunt, I was such a slacker about it. My day was sooo tiring so far because I came to work early (read: during normal human hours) in order to presumably leave early and thus enjoy NYE, but since I came home super late last night I got very little sleep so now I feel like garbage and I don’t even want to do my NYE thing anyway (board game party with 20+ people—why did I agree to that in the first place is it too late to back out?!) because I’ll be going straight from work with hardly any alone time in between. Irony! But Happy New Year all the same to all of you! (It’s also almost our anniversary!)

    • mikaelajm says:

      you can totally still back out.

      • Commentatrix says:

        You’re probably right, but I just feel so much pressure to do something “fun” or at least social on New Year’s, and I feel like I would regret it later if I stayed home and watched TV all alone tonight. Next year I’m throwing my own board game party and inviting only my favorite 10 people tops!

  13. mikaelajm says:

    I mostly ran errands today, because I’m travelling tomorrow for work. I also went for a run, so I feel moderately productive/successful. Odds of a NYE in bed are increasing rapidly.

  14. Hey everybody, happy new year!

  15. Erika says:

    My boyfriend and I hosted New Year’s Eve festivities for his best friend and the best friend’s girlfriend. It was pretty fun. We started off by making fun of a ’70s movie, Thank God It’s Friday, and then moved on to making fun of the Dick Clark (he’s been dead for a few years, WTF?) New Year’s Eve broadcast.

    I told my boyfriend that I wanted to be a completely lazy butt today, so that’s what we’re doing. I’ve done basically no adult responsibilities other than eating, and even still I had pumpkin cheesecake and a peppermint mocha for breakfast.

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