Book Swap! (?)

A few years ago, a new Twitter friend sent me a used copy of Lonesome Dove, which sat on my bookshelf until this Christmas when I finally picked it up. About halfway though, I realized that I never would have read this book if someone hadn’t sent it to me. What else should I be reading that I don’t know about? Let’s find out!

I think it would be cool to set up a book exchange with a bunch of strangers kind of like a Secret Santa. You would be assigned a person to send a used book that you think everyone should read (nothing obvious that we all probably read in high school, like To Kill a Mockingbird). Then a different person would send you a book that he or she thinks should be read.

The exchange doesn’t have to be limited to this blog — let’s open it up to friends from Twitter, Facebook, or wherever. The more people who participate, the more books we get to discover when we share what we received.

Is anyone interested in doing this? If so, please let me know in the comments. If not, just fake it because how hard is it to send out a damn book!

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  1. Great idea, but I personally am terrible at keeping up with things like this, and especially now that I’ll be moving soon, it’s just not something I have room for on my already overloaded plate. But if I did have time and was less of a slacker, I’d be all for it.

    (Unrelated and cryptic: guys, it’s not even 9:30 and I’ve already had one rage stroke today. The next two weeks cannot pass quickly enough.)

  2. facetaco says:

    The Sisters Brothers. Our esteemed Monster author Steph recommended it, and I cannot stress how much I enjoyed this book.

    I actually thought about starting a layover book swap service once. Basically it was to meet up with people in the middle of long trips and get something fresh to read, so you don’t have to go to the book store and pay $25 for the newest Dan Brown novel.

    I started to plan this out, but the lady at the table next to me was saying some unbelievably stupid things, so I started writing down what she was saying instead, and never went back to my original task. I have no regrets.

    • facetaco says:

      P.S. I will not be sending any of you my copy of The Sisters Brothers, because my tube of Pringles came open in my bag and covered several pages with Pringle dust. But the only reason I opened the Pringles before my flight was because a bird was trapped in the airport and came to sit in the empty seat beside me, so I fed him Pringles and had a nice conversation with him. I have no regrets about that, either.

    • Sota says:

      What was she saying?

      • facetaco says:

        I don’t have my notes with me, but I remember her saying that Italians are rude, but it’s not their fault because they have a much newer culture than we do. She then informed her daughters that, although most people don’t know it, Muslims, Islams, and Hindus are all different things.

        • flanny says:

          I read that too fast and thought you were talking about your conversation with the bird.

        • facetaco says:

          No, the bird didn’t respond to me. It just sat on the chair beside me while I fed it Pringles, and then flew off when I told it that it could probably get some better crumbs from the bakery in a different part of the terminal.

        • Simon Stroppymonk says:

          Yet another unwitting pawn of the Muslamdu conspiracy.

        • hotspur says:

          Oh Jeez I love overhearing stupid parents misinform their children. (Love = Am So Angry About, but also Love.)

          I have a special place in my heart, however, for the dad who was reading aquarium plaques when his kid wasn’t looking and then describing the fish to his kid as if he just knew that stuff. Dumb dad, but also smart!

          “My dad knew everything about fish, but he only talked to me about fish on one day in my life” — opening line of eulogy in 2059.

        • facetaco says:

          My favorite was a couple I saw in Gamestop once with their kid who was 10 or so. The husband immediately went to talk to other children about who had more video games, and the mother was shopping. Their son kept saying he wanted to leave, until the mother finally told him “Quit dickin’ around, we’re looking at video games!”

          When your child doesn’t want to be in the video game store, it is time to leave the video game store.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      I’ve had Sisters Brothers on my Goodreads list for a really long time. While I am interested in the story, I mostly added it because I love the book cover so much…

  3. old man fatima says:

    I am going to an in-person book swap in two weeks! I am in for sure. I recently found that I had some doubles of things, but I unfortunately gave them away. I won’t lie, I will probably get a new used book to swap. I love my book-babies too much to part with them forever!

  4. Sota says:

    I would definitely participate.

  5. I’d do it! I just reorganized my bookshelf and realized I have no more room on it. A blessing and a curse.

  6. artdorkgirl says:

    I’d love to do this, but some of the best things I’ve read lately are trapped on my kindle. : (

  7. martinmegz says:

    OK I think we have enough people to make this work! Please email your mailing info to and I’ll do a randomized match up. Thank you all for helping this dream become a reality!

  8. hotspur says:

    I can vouch for martinmegz as a book-sender. She told me to read “Nothing Lasts Forever” by Roderick Thorp. It is the basis for Die Hard and I enjoyed it while flying on my Christmas aeroplanes last month. Then as my Secret Santa, she sent me “58 Minutes” by Walter Wager — the basis for Die Hard 2. John McClane is a character in neither of these books, btw, which only adds to the experience.

    I would love to participate in the swap, but the next 3 months are going to be absurdly busy for me, so I’d only drop the ball. The bookball. Next time!

  9. mordonez says:

    I will join right up, my house is packed to the gills with books, I tell you. To the gills!

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