Cutting Edge Electronics of 2015

Yesterday marked the beginning of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, or CES as it’s known to most people.  It’s probably the most well known gadgets convention in the country, and every year hundreds of companies display their latest tech, whether it be smart pacifiers, self adjusting beltsbluetooth speaker fridges, and phones that could fund a semester of college.  Of all the devices I’ve seen so far, my favorite has been the one pictured above: a shoe with Simon built into it, which FOR SOME REASON only comes in child sizes.  I’ll keep an eye out for more crazy shit, but in the time meantime, what kind of electronics do you want to see come to life this year?  I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for anything you guys are looking for, after I write a stern letter to Sketchers.

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24 Responses to Cutting Edge Electronics of 2015

  1. facetaco says:

    This is kind of the opposite of cutting edge, but The Internet Archive has just made 2400 MS-DOS games playable in-browser:

    Now I need help explaining to my boss why Maniac Mansion is more important than my actual job.

  2. old man fatima says:

    FRQ, if you had a kid you could play on its shoe all day! It would be much easier to play on someone else’s shoe than on your own. You just need to have a kid, now. Crisis averted. Name it Simon.

  3. catweazle says:

    Can you imagine trying to play Simon on those things after a kid has been wearing them though? Germapalooza.

    • Sota says:

      Right?? Foot smells and germy shoe bottoms? BLECH. This makes me feel OCD.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      My first thought when seeing that picture was “STOP TOUCHING THE SHOE!” So many germs.

      A girl at my office is always grabbing her foot when she is sitting at her desk. Like, her foot is always on her chair, and it makes me wonder what it is like to NOT have OCD/anxiety and be perfectly ok with touching the bottom of your shoe, then eating M&Ms.

      I love the shoe phone from Get Smart, but I would never be able to use it.

  4. I’d like to see some more conveniently-designed fitness trackers. I want one, but I hate wearing anything around my wrists, and the clip-on ones don’t have as many features. I’m not sure what the actual solution would be, though–rings, maybe?

  5. artdorkgirl says:

    I need a scanning highlighter. I want it to scan the important parts of what I’m reading and then let me dump the info into a word doc for notes. Oh, and it records the page number too so I never lose that info again. And I would like it to be cheap. Pls thx.

    • Kate says:

      I want a scanner that uploads the info directly into my brain where it remains forever and is always available for recall immediately. We’d all be PhDs in everything, and drone on and on about it annoyingly. Ok maybe not.

  6. flanny says:

    My little niece got a Simon for Christmas but it’s all new-fangled and all of us adults bombed at it. The niece didn’t care about it one way or the other because she was busy building a Lego juice stand.

  7. FRQ says:

    “…after I RIGHT a stern letter”?! IDIOT.

  8. Simon Spidermonk says:

    Considered changing my name to Simon-shoe Spidermonk to take advantage of the spillover popularity generated by this consumer product’s eventual market dominance, but then gave my head a shake.

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