High Stakes For Super Bowl XLIX

This upcoming Sunday, the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks will do battle in Glendale, AZ for the title of greatest NFL football champion in the history of the entire universe (for a year).  Obviously, citizens of Boston and Seattle will be at odds for the next week, but none are more famous than Beantown-born Chris Evans and Washington native Chris Pratt.  As you can see above, both gentlemen are proud supporters of their respective teams, which led to the proverbial throwing of the gauntlet on the manliest battle field there is: Twitter.

Mr. Evans was the first to strike:

Things only escalated from there:

Well, we know at least two people will be watching the Super Bowl.  How about you guys?  I know this isn’t a sports-friendly site, but will anyone be partaking in the time honored traditions of throwing parties, getting drunk, eating garbage food, and watching commercials that will never live up to this one?

I will probably be sitting this one out, as I do not care for either team (that last tweet makes me want to barf forever), the halftime entertainment, or being hungover for my meeting the next morning.

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16 Responses to High Stakes For Super Bowl XLIX

  1. Their general adorableness and support of charity makes up for the fact that they both have terrible taste in football teams.

    I’ve been invited to a party on Sunday, so I’ll be watching–or, more accurately, hovering shark-like around the snacks.

    • FRQ says:

      If you ever start a campaign on indiegogo you should consider using “snack shark” as your description.

      (Also, thank you for finding that tweet with Pratt’s end of the bargain. I still don’t know how to use “the Twitter”.)

  2. Kate says:

    I’ll be watching for the commercials and the half time show, and I guess I’m for Seattle since that’s where Packy lives. Though I had to inform him that the Seahawks were in the superbowl. He’s more of an e-sports kind of guy.

  3. facetaco says:

    Chris Pratt needs to do some sort of Kickstarter so I can have a slumber party with him.

  4. flanny says:

    This is my first Super Bowl Sunday in three year where I’ve had Animal Planet so that means PUPPY BOWL! PUPPY BOWL! PUPPY BOWL!

  5. artdorkgirl says:

    We’re having our annual Super Bowl party (and this is your invite, Monsters! Just come to Boston. I swear the roads will be clear-ish by then!) We’re making chili with all the fixings as well as Rotel dip. Everyone else is responsible for other snacks/beer.

    Despite the fact that we live in Boston, Mr. Dork and I find the wall-to-wall Patriots worship to be insufferable, so while we’ll bite our tongue in company, I think we’re both pulling for a Seahawks win.

  6. Sota says:

    I was invited to a friend’s party, I will attend for food and football. In 2009 I quietly divorced the home town team after years of pain and suffering. Their signing of our greatest enemy (cough*Favre*cough) was the last straw for me. I no longer support any particular team, I just enjoy the game as a whole. My life is 100% better for it.

  7. Good for them for making the benefactors of this bet kids at hospitals! (I know it’s probably a very calculated publicity stunt, but let’s all try not to cry imagining the kids freaking out at either one showing up for real!)

  8. I will not be watching the game. I will probably be at a bar without a TV. Actually, I’m hoping this means the hip new bar near me is empty, but I don’t think hipsters watch sports.

  9. catweazle says:

    I will probably get drunk but it will not be Super Bowl related.

  10. summerestherson says:

    These two are killing me! I love them so much. I will not be watching the Super Bowl because of my work schedule, and also because I have no vested interest in either team.

  11. hotspur says:

    I would watch the Super Bowl — making it the third football game I’d have seen this season — but I accidentally agreed to a road trip. Elements of which might qualify as a Tourism for Weirdos, so there’s that. But otherwise I will be slightly (28%) bummed I am not supporting the Seahawks in person at a TV. They are the team I like because I like Portland, which is nearby in my imagination; the one game I saw this year featured them and they were kind of amazing; they have much better helmets; and I still hold it against the Patriots for going ultra classy (not classy at all) with their “We’re undefeated NYAH-NYAH” year (which ended hilariously in a defeat delivered by my homestate (NJ) team, the Giants; so choke on your hubris, losers). But all these valid reasons and I am still only 28% upset to miss it.

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