TV Talk: The Royals


We have got to talk about this as a family.

I know many, many of us here are avid supporters of Britain’s reigning royal family!

(<3 u Wills/Kate/Kate’s hair/George/Unborn Baby Cambridge/Lupo!)

And we know that we’re not alone in our admiration of the Windsors.

E! knows this too. They’ve decided to capitalize on the Anglophilia sweeping our nation with THIS:


This looks like total hot garbage and I cannot even wait to watch it.

Let’s break down this cast:

  • Elizabeth Hurley as THE QUEEN
  • Joan Collins (!) as The Queen Mum
  • Peter Pevensie from Narnia as Bad Boy Prince Harrywill
  • Rando Unknown Actresses as Some Kind of Variation on Beatrice & Eugenie


It’s been far too long since I watched a show for pure, campy trash value.

I hope E! can pull this off. It’s actually harder than it looks to create a perfectly campy, self-aware soap opera without it veering into tongue-in-cheek disaster territory or “V. SERIOUS BSNS” territory.



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15 Responses to TV Talk: The Royals

  1. All I know is that the Fug Girls better recap it. (Has anyone else read the preview for their new book, The Royal We? It was good!)

    • Sota says:

      I haven’t read the preview, but I love everything the Fug Girls do!

      • I should have held out, because now I have to wait until April to read the rest, but it was really funny, and the way they handled the alternate-universe version of the royal family (and the main character, who’s obviously a Kate substitute) was clever.

    • summerestherson says:

      I’ve been holding off so that I won’t be left in anticipation until April!!! And during one of the Red Carpets (Golden Globes maybe?) when E! showed the special preview for this, I tweeted at the Fug Girls telling them they should recap it!

  2. gnidrah says:

    Sadly this is going to be on a channel that you have to pay a fortune to actually get here! So most of us who live under these people won’t even be able to watch! I wish I could because the trails I’ve seen genuinely look hilarious and I’d love to be able to enjoy the whole thing.

    (Fun royal fact: we’re seven-eight weeks into the year, and Princess Beatrice has already been on six holidays)

  3. flanny says:

    You had me at Peter Pevensie. High King Peter 4 lyfe!

  4. artdorkgirl says:

    I remained unconvinced until I heard the words, “royal beaver”. So, bravo, Liz Hurley, for selling that line.

  5. hotspur says:

    This might be the role Liz Hurley was born to play.

    I can already tell: I won’t watch this show, but I will look forward to recaps and screen grabs. I would also support any effort to smuggle DVDs of it to gnidrah. Should we video it with our iPhones and then burn the terrible results to disc and mail them? Or better yet I will carry them directly to her as a “mule.” (Given my understanding of muledom as an all-expenses-paid trip to England.)

  6. I am not generally a fan of the royals (other than the perfect unicorn Kate) but I am a fan of hot garbage television, so I’m going to watch the SHIT out of this!

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