It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

Well, the end of this week sure got weird. But what are you doing over the weekend? I’m doing nothing tomorrow (YAY!) and then going out to a fancy pizza place on Sunday (also yay!), so all in all, it should be a pretty good time.

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  1. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a bunch of people who are coming to town for my baby shower tomorrow!!! It’s going to be so great, you guys!! Bummer is that the two people flying in are both delayed about 2 1/2 hours (but that they’re delayed the same amount makes it much easier for the pickup!)(also one of them has a 2 mo old so I hope she’s not pulling her hair out…)

  2. catweazle says:

    Tomorrow is my class performance and I’m pumped for that because I got way more good parts than usual this session. A couple of very keyboard heavy songs, I only have to play guitar for two songs, I got a lot of backing vocals AND I get to play cowbell for one song. Hitting things with a stick is very enjoyable.

    I’m also going to be scrambling to finish the RPM Challenge and I think I might actually make it. I still need to write two more songs and finish two that are partially complete but I feel like I’m close enough to done that I can power through. Hopefully. (Also (and not to once again make promises that I can’t keep) once this stupid project is over I can revisit the notion of actually finishing the GD half-done OC recap I started in like November)

    And finally, my weekend extends all the way through Tuesday so I must also mention that Monday is the Drag Race premiere and I’m so excited! One promise I can keep is that I will be recapping it again and hopefully that will involve at least 80% less complaining than last season.

  3. nastyemu says:

    My parents are coming up this weekend to see our new place, so I am cleaning and hanging pictures and generally just trying to make everything look as nice as possible, but really I just want to play videogames

  4. FRQ says:

    I have 2 brunch outings over the weekend, plus a concert tomorrow night. It’ll be nice to get out after being couped up in my apartment for 2 days for “snow”.

  5. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    I need to buy a new laptop this weekend. I had just mentioned on here that I loved my Samsung laptop, but it has corrupted one file (that I know of), and since I am terrible about backing things up, I had to start the project over – not entirely from scratch, but still. It might be a fluke, but I don’t want to wait and see if more files are going to get destroyed, and I’ve had this laptop for a while, so it’s time. Not looking forward to spending the money, but the upgrade will be nice.

  6. Sota says:

    I am heading to San Fran for the weekend! I cannot wait.

  7. artdorkgirl says:

    I’m going to the casino with friends this weekend!! If I win all the money, I will get it to gnidrah and we’ll buy that castle, guys!

  8. flanny says:

    Thanks to you jerks, I decided I needed to buy a new purse. Please see it artily propped up against my exposed brick wall below.

    And then I was like, “ooh, I need new shoes for California!” So i bought two pairs of flats. And then I was like, “Oooh, I need new CLOTHES for California!” So I bought two new shirts and two new dresses and now I’m poor! No problem though, because I’m gonna have bitches lining up to buy me drinks in CA because I will look so put-together and beautiful!

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