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April Sincerity Day

Well well, it’s time again for my least favorite holiday of them all. April Fools Day. While I welcome our new springtime overlords (birds) and am excited to switch over my wall calendars, I dread April Fools Day. Sorry I’m … Continue reading

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Uptown Funk Remix Style

Yesterday I was listening to the radio, and the DJ called Taylor Swift’s song Shake it Off, the most important song of the year. I know she won an award for it recently, but I am an old lady and … Continue reading

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What Other Disney Movies Should Get The Live-Action Treatment?

Cinderella, Beauty And The Beast, The Jungle Book, and now Mulan*–Disney has figured out that they can make craploads of money by making the same movies over and over again, this time in live-action instead of animation. As a comment … Continue reading

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Your Boyfriend Has Been Spending a Lot of Time With His Slinky

What’s a girl to do? You can’t compete with that, alone or in pairs.

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Search Terms Of March

This month was a real doozy, search terms-wise. Brace yourselves: one direction names and pictures of them  –I hope you’re happy, Flanny. (I’m sorry. I know you’re not.) celebrity marriages that didn’t last  sota tv pornosu –A new variation!

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Sherlock Series Four News: Nothing We Don’t Already Know

Last week was hard for a lot of us.  But let’s regroup and talk about something positive!

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These two fuckheads

Guys, I apologize. I know we here in the Homeless Monster community don’t typically like to delve too deeply into metaphorical excrement, but prepare to positively WADE IN IT today. You guys remember this human skid mark? Of course you … Continue reading

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