What is Jeff Goldblum Doing?

It seems like we’ve had a quiet little spate* since Jeff Goldblum last blew our minds by announcing the birth of his first child on the David Letterman show. That was January 2015. Ancient history, people!

So what has he been doing besides a) looking really handsome (a given), b) practicing strange yoga moves with his highly elastic pregnant wife (I mean, most likely) or c) forgetting his mantra (great, totally unforced reference, Casey)?

As it turns out, the answer is that he’s been shilling for apartments.com of all things! Yes, apparently apartments.com is spending millions of dollars to remake its image as, I don’t know, I guess the funny rental search engine? As part of this effort, they’ve hired our boy to portray a Brad Bellflower, a Silicon Valley-ish “game changer” to remind us of how funny parodies of Steve Jobs were for five minutes in 2008 (and if that reads a little grumpy, well, I’m sorry, but it’s Monday morning as I write this).

As hackneyed as the idea kind of is, we can at least count on Jeff to give us 100% with it, which you can see for yourself in this 60-second clip (sorry, can’t figure out how to embed).

This coming somewhat hot on the heels of his excellent turn as a spokesman for good lighting might make us wonder if he’s taking on a second life as corporate huckster, to which I say, go get it Jeff! Gotta feather that nest for the tot!

*Note: it has not be a “quiet little spate” for me, however. As someone with a “Jeff Goldblum” Google Alert, I am constantly being emailed whenever something even barely tangentially related to Jeff Goldblum occurs, which, as it turns out, is practically every two minutes in a world running up to the release of a new Jurassic Park movie (which he’s not even in. Damn you, principles of SEO!). I try my best to be a good filter for the discerning readers of this fine blog.

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8 Responses to What is Jeff Goldblum Doing?

  1. I kinda hope he has a cameo in the new one. I don’t know how it would work without being campy, but still, it could be great!

    • Casey says:

      I wonder if it will be more like something he did or said in the first one will be echoed as a knowing joke to the audience. For instance, someone telling Chris Pratt that they’ve cloned dinosaurs and he, not believing, says “That is one big pile of shit.”

  2. martinmegz says:

    Have you guys seen Space the Infinite Universe? It’s my favorite JG moment. Please watch it so we can have inside jokes from it.


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