Jon Hamm revealed to be susceptible to vice like rest of us, is but mortal human man

 photo Jon_Hamm_at_PaleyFest_2014.jpgIn news that probably shouldn’t be as shocking as it nevertheless still is, objectively handsome and impossibly charming male person Jon “sometimes God does give with both hands” Hamm has just completed rehab for his heretofore secret alcohol addiction. As a concerned American slash warm-blooded woman, I have some questions and more than a passing urge to turn up at his mansion with a basket of muffins.

Questions like:

Was Jon’s condition caused/exacerbated by the systematic 8-year portrayal of a complicated, brilliant alcoholic, or Is this all Matthew Weiner’s fault?

Does evidence of Jon’s fallibility make him more or less likable to American audiences, or Did Trix really just go there right now, this is a man’s life we’re talking about for fuck’s sake?

Can you even believe the timing of this story, or How excited are we for Mad Men’s return in less than two weeks and how much will we miss the gang in less than nine?

We heart you, Jon! Get well! And put a ring on that nice Jennifer Westfeldt already!

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17 Responses to Jon Hamm revealed to be susceptible to vice like rest of us, is but mortal human man

  1. Aw, I hope he’s doing well. In interviews, he comes across as such a genuinely nice, chill guy (and–SPOILERS KINDA–he was so great on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt).

    • I can’t find it quickly, but he did a video for Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and it was the greatest thing ever. He seemed super awesome.

    • mikaelajm says:

      Agreed. Also, the fact that he was a high-school drama teacher for awhile just kills me. Can you IMAGINE having Jon Hamm as your drama teacher?! (Ellie Kemper did!)

  2. artdorkgirl says:

    Good for you, Jon Hamm. You seem lovely!

    BREAKING NEWS ALERT!! Please drop by FB and give your condolences to Cass, Gnidrah, and Flanny. They lost a boy band member today to the treacheries of fame. It’s so, so sad.

  3. summerestherson says:

    Oh man, Jon Hamm. I love that guy and I don’t even watch Mad Men! I’m legit concerned about him and I’m glad he got help. GET WELL SOON YOU GORGEOUS AND CHARMING MAN.

  4. msmessica says:

    He was on Never Not Funny at the very end of January and he seemed the same very happy and in a good mood and fun. He ate a ham sandwich while there. It was amazing. That must have been, like, a week or two before he went? It’s very weird to think about how much even on a low key thing like a friend’s podcast having a personality is a job for a famous person.

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