Search Terms Of March

This month was a real doozy, search terms-wise. Brace yourselves:

one direction names and pictures of them  –I hope you’re happy, Flanny. (I’m sorry. I know you’re not.)

celebrity marriages that didn’t last 

sota tv pornosu –A new variation!

dress pants combo 

sexy catweazle –Again! catweazle, fess up, was this you?

ate too much pizza feel sick –We’ve all been there, friend. Stay strong.

@herdyshepard1 –?

freak junky/richard d harding –I both do and do not want to know the context for this.

meaty tuck –Uh.

tv show in the 90s about teens trying for a modeling contract –This does seem to be within our area of expertise.

wahlburgers fake –If only.

what type of monster are you –The homeless kind, duh.

feeling sick face

the challenge theresa –No challenges for me, thanks.

making fun of adhd –…Don’t..?

john oliver caillou –I pray to god this isn’t fanfic related.

teen boys evil eyes in boarding school film swim team –The sad thing is that I know exactly what this is referring to.

tlc pictures

what is ithe significance of the peach or the ticket to meta-butterfly in house of cards season two –Anybody know this one?

statues mr tussaud one direction –FLANNY.

great pranks for co workers that love the walking dead –That seems like it could go pretty wrong pretty easily.

i’ve got a cold –Bummer.

location of the lawson house that has mannequins? –If you go there, and live, please report back.

fix cut “bangs too wide” –Thin the sides out with a razor.

demonic garbage monsters in form of homeless –Take it easy, there.

rory and logan sleep together first time

robocop 2014 how does he shoot keaton –Hotspur, this one’s all yours guy looks like jeff goldblum –The resemblance is eerie.

the devil takes many forms –It’s fun to imagine this one as a follow-up to both the one before it and the one after:

pictures of paul stanley

as the world turns jj kidnapping

this is why i hate the ocean

when girlfriend pretends while fucking –Pretends what?

schlitterbahn swimsuits malfunction –Gross.

xander feng sex –So many perverts this month!

peach pit booth 90210

why are people offended by the manicam

happy birthday dog

ronaldo.crying –Fatima, this one’s for you!

old people parties

sotaporno tv 1 –A double hit!

just born african american babies –…???

video games trade fair

homeless woman ninjas –There’s a story here.

what car does tom hiddleston drive

famous people eating pancakes

wordpress lambs 2015 

what type of monster do you attract –Hmm. Hopefully not vampires. Sea monsters, maybe? That would be ok because I could just avoid the ocean.

favorite foods of the homeless 

greece kone 2014

pictures of frank underwoods residence –We get a LOT of House Of Cards hits.

stockholm, drag queens

wonder core is good or bad

matchmaker santa

weightlifting & vagina –Please don’t remind me of that woman and her Instagram.

boobs pressing guiness record –WHAT DID I JUST SAY

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22 Responses to Search Terms Of March

  1. Sota says:

    Thank god! Last month must have just been an anomaly for Porno Sota Tv. I hate being left out. I want everyone to love me! And my porn? Gah. Okkk. Nope. Too far. I will see myself out now.

  2. catweazle says:

    I resent the implication that my sexiness isn’t just naturally drawing traffic here.

    Also I must take credit for “meaty tuck” which was something Michelle Visage said about Joslyn Fox’s poorly-hidden genitalia in one of her runway outfits last season of Drag Race. And it was so gross I had to share it with you all.

  3. flanny says:

    Also the shepherd thing is a twitter account run by a shepherd that Kate told us about that I also follow now that is VERY good.

    • Kate says:

      I love that shepherd! It’s lambing time! Baby sheep people! This right after the sheep dog had her puppies and he live tweeted it. He also has a new book out with his beautiful photographs of the landscape where he does his shepherding. And if you tweet him a selfie with his book he lets you name one of the lambs!

  4. Sota says:

    John Oliver goes on a rant about how Caillou is THE WORST in one of this videos…the Net Neutrality one I think.

  5. FRQ says:

    I just realized that I should be using these as trivia team names.

    • hotspur says:

      Tied in third place, Matchmaker Santa and the Stockholm Drag Queens with 42 points… In second place, Great Pranks For Coworkers That Love the Walking Dead, 77 points… And in first place, with 263 points… Meaty Tuck!

      Yes. This works.

  6. old man fatima says:

  7. Commentatrix says:

    “Xander Feng sex” is another House of Cards thing. I personally can’t un-remember the asphyxiation three-way.

  8. hotspur says:

    How he shoots Keaton is not explained because the movie is terrible, so you have to make up your own answer. Mine is that his robo-reflexes are so fast, if he is allowed to shoot anyone who shoots him first (let’s assume), he pulls his trigger 0.000001 seconds after Keaton does ALSO THE POWER OF LOVE HELPED HIM SHOOT KEATON because remember he got his dopamine back when he downloaded a surveillance video showing his son in the background. I hope our searching reader was able to form his own conclusion/not lose sleep.

  9. artdorkgirl says:

    Wow. I think that Tom Hiddleston on Top Gear post was one of the first ones I wrote. Who knew it would remain so popular!?!

  10. summerestherson says:

    Aw my vagina weightlifter got a hit! I was at a party on Friday where I was trying to explain to people what her deal was and inexplicably found myself defending her? And threatening to send people pictures from her Instagram.

  11. msmessica says:

    I hope everyone found the locker room scene from he Covenant they were looking for. (I know I did, PS its been on cable recently.)

  12. mikaelajm says:

    teen boys evil eyes in boarding school film swim team –The sad thing is that I know exactly what this is referring to.

    I don’t, spill?!?!!!!

  13. mikaelajm says:

    also, this might be our best month for search terms ever.

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