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Hankswatch: March 2015

This week marked the beginning of the James Corden era of The Late Late Show on CBS.  One of his first guests was none other than beloved movie star/volleyball conversationalist Tom Hanks.  During the program, the actor and host performed … Continue reading

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Let’s All Have A Nice Cry

The headline pretty much speaks for itself: This Man Lives Alone In A Radioactive Town To Care For The Abandoned Animals. “I had no choice but to stay,” Matsumura told Vice. “I couldn’t leave the animals behind. They needed to be … Continue reading

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Maybe We Should Just Go Back To Making Phone Calls

Despite the fact that it is the mobile phone’s original purpose, voice calls are giving way to text messaging as the primary way to contact others.  Aside from standard SMS texts, apps like Snapchat, Kik, BBM, GroupMe, and WhatsApp are giving smartphone owners … Continue reading

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Are We Cursed? An HM Investigative Report

After the terrible news broke yesterday that Zayn was leaving One Direction, our very own blogmother, Theresa, made the offhand comment that we may be cursed.  I think she’s right, and I think we might be able to trace it … Continue reading

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The Bovine Buffer

If it’s good enough for shoes, it’s good enough for cattle. Via Tastefully Offensive

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So, How Was Your Day?

We’ve just gotten some upsetting news, but hopefully the rest of your day is going well! I cleaned and opened up a bank account and went grocery shopping like some kind of adult, so mine’s been pretty good. It’s raining … Continue reading

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The Darkest Time, Part Two

Earlier in the year, me, your very own artdork, suffered a setback that left her reeling. As much pain as that’s caused, it’s nothing compared to the pain our trio Flanny, Cassmasterflash, and Gnidrah are going through right now.

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Jon Hamm revealed to be susceptible to vice like rest of us, is but mortal human man

In news that probably shouldn’t be as shocking as it nevertheless still is, objectively handsome and impossibly charming male person Jon “sometimes God does give with both hands” Hamm has just completed rehab for his heretofore secret alcohol addiction. As a concerned … Continue reading

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RuPaul’s Drag Race S07E04: Weird Al Yankobitch

Welcome to a very stressful episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race! You’d think that Jasmine biting the dust would make for a lighter, less tense show but you’d be wrong (or at least, you’d be wrong if you like the same … Continue reading

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Power Posing: Yes You Can!

My very favorite lifestyle TV show is Canadian import Steven & Chris. I don’t know which one is Steven and which is Chris even though I watch it at least once a week, but one of them is blonde and … Continue reading

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