Perhaps a Trailer Post Is In Order

The summer movie season kicked off almost 2 weeks ago with the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron.  In the following months, we will see the likes of Mad Max: Fury Road, Jurassic World, Tomorrowland, Inside Out, Ant-Man, and Entourage (save the best for last, amirite?).   However, this doesn’t mean we can’t watch other movies, or at least learn of their existence.

Jem and the Holograms

The movie based on the show based on the award winning novel by James Joyce (probably not true).

Ricki and the Flash

Same thing, right?

Absolutely Anything

Hey look it’s Dr. Life.


As a person without a uterus, I have no thoughts on the movie’s premise, but if any of you ever pour juice into a Cheetoh’s bag and drink it, you will be banned from this site.

Magic Mike XXL

Always fun to bring up this movie.

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28 Responses to Perhaps a Trailer Post Is In Order

  1. Sota says:

    Jem did not need to be made into a modern day teen angst movie. That said, I will totally watch it when it gets to Netflix.

  2. Unexpected is an interesting subject but probably something I don’t want to see as a lady who really likes working but at some point in the (very distant) future would like children. Also it looks “uplifting” and I hate things that force that on you. I’ll just stick with Obvious Child as my movie about getting preggers and needing to deal with it.

    • Maybe I’m the minority because I never ever ever considered being a stay-at-home mom (nothing against it, just not for me), but I don’t know that this is something most women think about…the only woman I know who didn’t want to be a stay-at-home mom but is one, it’s cause that’s what her husband wanted (cut to: three years later, she’s depressed and their marriage isn’t great…). I have another friend who had a career and decided she didn’t want to go back when her kid arrived…not what she expected, but she’s happy. In summary, in my experience, as difficult as it might be at times, most women know in their heart what they wanna do.
      I guess I just mean this movie seems like her husband wants her to stay home and just when she’s considering it, she finds out how much she’s needed at school! (So touching…)
      I also have to give major props to mr truck (as usual) cause long before we were trying to have kids, I asked him, “you’re cool with my going back to work, right?” Cause I didn’t want that to come out after we were married. He said, “well, since I’d be going back to work after we have a kid, I figured you would too.” It was just perfect, like why should one of us be expected to but the other isn’t?
      All that said, my kid is awesome, and I am in no way ready to go back to work yet and yet I’m still following the news and can’t ever leave work 100%.
      This post ended up being longer than I expected!

      • Oh I would never consider being a stay at home mom, but I know for some people it’s actually really hard to go back (and others were ready after 3 months). It just pisses me off that we as a society still sort of frown on the idea of moms working. It also pisses me off that your best years income-wise are you 40s and that’s when most women have to make the choice between kids and career. So by watching this movie I might just get more mad at society.

      • martinmegz says:

        I would like some baby stories, please! At your convenience, of course.

        • She started smiling at us! It’s not on command yet, but it’s great! Also yesterday I had her in foot rattles which are seriously the cutest things ever!! Today she got her foot stuck in a hanging toy and it was crazy cute. I’m home alone with her all week (mr truck works from home but has to be in the office all week) and it has gone well so far (knock on wood)!

        • martinmegz says:

          Baby smiles! That brightened my day.

    • Wallflower says:

      Never say never! I said I would never be a stay at home mom, but after having a kid and then having him constantly get sick from other kids at the daycare and figuring out that I was basically spending all of my paycheck to send him to daycare, I decided to try staying at home and ended up loving it! I mean, I got to read Videogum and comment during the day!!! 🙂 However, I didn’t really have a career that I enjoyed so it wasn’t a hard decision. When my son started school I decided to pursue a career that I really wanted (teaching, I know, I’m crazy) so I’m back at work and enjoying that as well! Every woman is different and I wish society would just say “You do you ladies! Whatever you want to do is right and fine and great and you shouldn’t feel bad about it!”

  3. flanny says:

    It’s TV, but can we also discuss the trailer for Heartbreaker??? It looks TERRIBLE.

  4. summerestherson says:

    Cobie Smulders = A+, Cobie Smulders’ haircut = A++, that movie trailer = C-

  5. old man fatima says:

    Oh, Magic Mike. You’re going to be so terrible and I am going to get day drunk and smuggle wine into the movie theatre when I pay money to watch you.

  6. Casey says:

    Currently waiting for the mini-meeting behind my desk to break up so I can watch Jem.

    • flanny says:

      Spoiler alert: it features a VERY good song at the end.

    • hotspur says:

      I am too busy reading about how my company forges relationships to deliver industry-leading solutions that materially impact your business. (Not YOUR business. But someone’s.)

      • Simon Spidermonk says:

        But what if I want an industry-leading solution that immaterially impacts my – or someone’s – business? Are just gonna completely disregard the burgeoning metaphysical market? Why, because it lacks corporeality? Sounds kinda racist, guy.

        • hotspur says:

          Au contraire. We have 12+ years of experience impacting the insubstantial demographic both in English-speaking and Hispanic markets and are prepared to conduct a deep dive into data with remarkable breadth. You will find our award-winning seances robust, with well-established benchmarking for concrete, measurable KPI. Our holistic goal is to grow your paradigm rebrand crowdsourcing, best of breed. Value added. Haunting.

  7. artdorkgirl says:

    I’ve got tickets for Mad Max tomorrow and I am super excited!

  8. catweazle says:

    My little sister accidentally walked onto the set of Unexpected when they were filming at the Tastee Freeze in Logan Square.

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