Flippers The Size Of A Party Sub

While I have frequented a many video arcades in my time, pinball machines were never my forte.  If I’m ever in Germany, I might make an exception for this particular model.  Niklas Roy (of balls fame) put together a giant pinball machine, being displayed at the Phaneo Science Center in Wolfsburg.  Galactic Dimensions has a playing area of roughly 10 x 20 feet, and features a hydraulic system that propels the ball into the bumpers.  One aspect that remains low tech is score keeping, as scores appear to be recorded on a sheet of paper.  Don’t be surprised if you see “FRQ: 70 bajillion points” mischievously scribbled on the list.

Via Engadget

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  1. hotspur says:

    I know you gave us the dimensions, but before I clicked play, I pictured it much bigger and imagined that criminals would be sentenced to try to survive it and we would drop them inside as part of a game show. Man, 2015 is really not panning out like 1987 me expected. Close but no cigar, 2015!

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