It’s My Birthday, Give Me Some Goddamn GIFs

29 years ago I emerged from a uterus and now I am ready to burn through the last year of my 20s in a blaze of glory. To propel me forward, I beg you to provide me with GIFs! I welcome GIFs of whatever you think is good but here are some suggestions.

  • Ridiculous teen soaps (i.e. Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, The OC), literally any Sherlock Holmes adaptation (but bonus points if it’s Elementary), or RuPaul’s Drag Race
  • People attempting to ghost ride the whip who end up crashing their cars
  • Exceptionally tiny kittens
  • Exceptionally handsome men (some suggestions here)
  • My dream aunts Emma Thompson, Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett
  • Zelda
  • If you really love me, Blingees of any of the above (or just anything that strikes your fancy!)

About catweazle

Catweazle is an 11th century wizard trying to make his way through the modern world while living in a disused water tower with his pet toad.
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41 Responses to It’s My Birthday, Give Me Some Goddamn GIFs

  1. FRQ says:

    Happy goddamn birthday!

    • catweazle says:

      That goddamn scarecrow! How many times did we all write a really killer Scarecrow’s Song only to forget how it went and then go back in time and just change it to “AAAAAAAA”?

  2. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    Happy birthday!

  3. artdorkgirl says:

    Happy birthday! One more year and you can join me in the 30s zone

  4. nastyemu says:

    Happy birthday!

  5. gnidrah says:

    My stupid computer won’t let me make blingees any more, but here’s something to take away that pain. Happy gifday!

    • catweazle says:

      I can’t make Blingees at work anymore because it’s blocked by the company internet filter. It’s just the saddest thing, isn’t it? But A+ tiny kittens.

      • gnidrah says:


      • gnidrah says:

        To be honest I think this is just an elderly (work) laptop but lest we forget, I work for the media company that banned Facebook till 2010.

  6. Sota says:

    TEEN SOAP GIFS! One of each!!! Happy Birthday!

  7. Casey says:

    Happy birthday, catweazle!

  8. Commentatrix says:

    Happy gifday!

    Also, PSA everyone: Emma Thompson gif search is a veritable treasure trove.

  9. nastyemu says:

    This one doesn’t really fit any of your suggestions, but I want to post it anyway.

  10. martinmegz says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope it’s exceptional!

  11. flanny says:

    Happy birthday, normal twin!!! Hope you eat some cake!!!

  12. Wallflower says:

    I’m late but happy birthday! I don’t know if this will work because I’m posting from my iPad and I usually never get gifs to post right the first time, but know that I did try (and Tilda Swinton is the best).

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