Today’s Google Doodle is a Snooze

It’s been a while since we caught up with our beloved Google Doodle. “What’s up with that old son of a bitch?” I wondered this morning. Well, nothing. It’s just “Google” today. What a waste, Google! So many amazing things happened today! Let’s imagine the Google Doodles that could have commemorated these events.

Very important day.

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Flanny was born and raised in a Detroit suburb, but tells people she's from Detroit without clarification because it makes her sound tough. She is not tough. Her favorite member of One Direction is Louis Tomlinson, and her favorite Agatha Christie detectives are Tommy and Tuppence.
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15 Responses to Today’s Google Doodle is a Snooze

  1. FRQ says:

    Today marks the opening of the Baseball Hall of Fame

    • artdorkgirl says:

      God…that’s almost as good as this:

      • martinmegz says:

        The butt fumble!!!!!!! That was Sports Center’s longest-running “Not Top 10″ and I used to wake up every Friday excited to see it. Then they arbitrarily retired it, I’m guessing because Sanchez’s people or the team made a big fuss about it. I still love you, butt fumble. #neverforget

    • My favorite baseball related gif:

      • Sota says:

        I love anytime someone gets accidentally splashed with a beer. Why is it always hilarious? (Ps. Am I tempting fate by saying this? Because it might end up happening to me now.)

        • flanny says:

          This seems like a good enough prompt to tell a seemingly unrelated story! This morning it rained really hard just before I drove to work, so the grass and farmlands I pass were all lush and green, and the hungry cows on the dairy farms were out nibbling away after being penned up. I was driving, feeling good and cheerful and full of joy at nature. I saw a baby cow running through a field after a bird. I literally thought, “Oh, I love nature!” And not ten seconds after I had that thought, a robin flew out in front of my car and I smashed it. I heard and felt the impact. The whole rest of the drive I was terrified that there was a dead bird stuck to my grill. (There was not.) NATURE!

      • martinmegz says:

        That guy is such a menace!

  2. artdorkgirl says:

    All you’re doing is reminding me that Popeye’s is too far away to justify having for lunch and then saving me from an afternoon of regret for having Popeye’s for lunch!

    • mordonez says:

      Yeah I wouldn’t worry about it. Every single experience I ever have with Popeye’s involves A) them screwing up and leaving something out of the order or 2)It taking 20-30 minutes to put some chicken in a box and give it to me.

      Tasty, though, if they ever get things squared away. Luckily I have a local fried-chicken option that does not have these problems (bonus–it’s called The Chicken Shack).

  3. catweazle says:

    I just hope to god they have the good sense to honor the 29th anniversary of the birth of the Olsen Twins tomorrow.

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