A Weird, Gelatinous Dreamscape


Gelatin is a large part of our culinary lives.  It may found in all sorts of fun treats, like marshmallows, frostings, trifles, and Jell-o, of course.  But artist Sam Lyon thought the substance would make for some interesting imagery.  Lyon took photos he found and transformed them with Sculptris and Blender, two graphics programs, and gave them a wobbly, surreal look.  The video above is a brief example of what he can do, but here are some others:

You can see his works on his popular tumblr, or just eat a bunch of Jello before you go to bed and hope to see the same thing.

Via The Verge

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7 Responses to A Weird, Gelatinous Dreamscape

  1. In the art world there’s always room for jell-o!!

    • Sota says:

      ugh. MONDAYS.

        • flanny says:

          Can I quickly complain about my Monday here? Last week some guy yelled at me over the phone just because he didn’t like something that no one else had a problem with and which was actually doing its job. So he yelled at me and hung up on me. Whatever, I’m not taking it personally, because he’s a jerk. So I told a few higher-ups so in case they encountered this guy, they would know that he wasn’t happy. Since then, though, literally everyone had stopped by to be like, “Oh, I’m sorry that guy yelled at you.” One of my coworkers stopped by this morning to say that, and it’s like, ugg, people, I’m not a dainty flower who cannot handle being yelled at, but also, PLEASE STOP REMINDING ME OF IT. Every time someone brings it up I just get angry about it all over again, and I didn’t want to start off this week feelings angry, thanks!

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