Monster Beauty Corner: June Edition


No, I wasn’t just introducing myself in a super rad and tubular way, but it is the actual season of Summer now!


Summer always a weird, if fun, time for beauty.

You want to have liven things up and look super cute in your sundresses, but then all your plans are DASHED by the heat and sweating! No fair, Summer!

How do you keep your look fresh and cool? Is anyone trying anything new?

I am!

I recently got balayage highlights. Balayage is fancy Francais talk for “free hand.” They’re a more natural looking, loosy-goosy way to highlight. Supposedly. I think mine turned out okay!

Here’s some examples of balayage from our beauty frenemy, Pinterest.

You know what else I just splurged on? The Naked eyeshadow palette. OG version.

Does anyone else use the Naked palettes? They are like MAJORLY popular on all the beauty blogs. Any tips or favorite tutorials? I feel like I am drowning in a sea of very expensive eyeshadow options.

So, what are your Summer beauty tips? Let’s discuss THINGS and STUFF!


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25 Responses to Monster Beauty Corner: June Edition

  1. artdorkgirl says:

    I am really loving the Oil of Olay 7 effects daily moisturizer. It’s not heavy, has sunscreen, and when combined with my base, makes my skin look crazy nice! Like, dewy in the way you want it to look.

    I’ve never sprung for the naked palette, but I sure do try to find knock offs.

  2. catweazle says:

    My advice is to chop off all your hair. You’ll feel so light and cool! And the less hair you have, the less havoc can be wrought by heat and humidity. If I thought I could pull off being bald I would totally shave my head.

  3. I’m getting an asymmetrical pixie tomorrow! Biking in this weather makes me a sweaty mess and I figure less hair would be better. But now I want to buy a bunch of lipstick to make up for the lack of hair. Not that I don’t think pixies can’t be feminine, but it’s also a good excuse to play up the feminine even more. Any brand suggestions would be lovely, since my favorite was discontinued.

    • old man fatima says:

      I just bought Revlon Ultra HD matte, which the internet is telling me isn’t a thing? But I just double checked the actual tube of lipstick and that’s what it says! I just bought it, so it should be out there… anyway, it is everything I ever wanted in a lipstick! It isn’t as dry as other mattes and it smells like berries and it stays on forever. The only thing is, it kisses off really easily so don’t wear it if you are going a-smooching, or if you are me wear it every time you go a-smooching because smeared lipstick on unsuspecting boyfriends in public is never not funny.

    • summerestherson says:

      All my lipsticks are good old fashioned Covergirl (I think it’s their Colorlicious line?) and they last FOREVER. On me anyway, Especially if you get them in a really saturated shade.

  4. Sota says:

    Well, as I mentioned yesterday i have been researching eye creams so that I don’t end up with old lady wrinkly eyes someday. After reading a bunch of articles/reviews and getting friend recommendations, I think I found one. I am going to try this one:
    I will report back on my thoughts. (I know you are all on the edge of your seats.)

    Ps. There are legitimately eye creams out there for over 175 bucks for a TEENY tiny bottle. I see you beauty industry…I get it, but omg.

    • summerestherson says:

      Oh man, I am starting to freak out and wonder if I need to start an eye cream regimen? Like, I remember about 5 years ago my friend asking me if I wore eye cream and I laughed a careless laugh that only a 22 year old can and said “Of course not,” and now I’m like ????? Maybe I should?

      So yes, actually, I am very excited to hear back about your eye cream.

  5. Commentatrix says:

    I have very oily skin and most moisturizers, especially those with SPF, feel way too greasy/thick on me, but I finally found the perfect one! I buy it in multi-packs from Amazon at a slight discount because I don’t see myself switching anytime soon (though feel free to recommend other daytime solutions, monsters). It keeps me shine-free for pretty much the entire day, which is a miracle for me. (I actually blend it pre-application with my one-shade-too-dark Clinique BB cream, which I like for the coverage but not the spreadability. Let dry, then dust on some translucent powder and I’ve got myself a decent summer-proof face.) I would only recommend this for skin on the oilier side, though, as I notice that it tends to even dry me out if I’m not diligent about my nighttime moisturizing. (I use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel right now, but what I love but can’t bring myself to splurge on is [the oil-free version of] Origins Night-a-mins. Ugh. I hate that I’ve drunk the beauty kool-aid so hard, but there it is.)

    In general, I would recommend moisturizers in gel, rather than cream, form for summer. Also, I hardly ever wear eyeshadow or eyeliner (because my vision is so bad that I can never apply it very well), but for those of you who do, I would highly recommend an eyelid primer to help keep it from creasing/melting off on those muggy summer days/nights.

    • Sota says:

      Shadow primer is the best. It helps make your eyeshadow stay so much clearer and longer. I have a bestie who is a TooFaced artisan and due to that I have a lot of Too Faced brand makeup. My favorites from their line are these two things….

      Everyday color pretty eyeshadows:
      Face Primer:

      The face primer I wear very minimally, and most often without anything else. It works as just a nice smoother for your skin without being heavy or makeup-y looking.

    • 101percentjuice says:

      oooooh, thank you for this. i also have rather oily skin on my face, and have tried so many moisturizers (okay, probably only like four or five, but i am a man so that feels like a lot to me!) since i started really caring about my face. none of them were quite right for the same reason you described (among other reasons), and i’ve sort of given up trying. but i’ll definitely look into this! any further advice? also, i’m not entirely opposed to buying a tinted moisturizer to even out skin tone a bit, but i would want it to be veeeeery subtle, and especially so given that i have a fair complexion.

      • Commentatrix says:

        You might try to mix regular moisturizer with tinted moisturizer or a bb cream like I described above, if the stuff is too opaque for you right out of the bottle! There’s also a very nice moisturizer made by Origins that also works subtle wonders. This one:

        For oily skin, you could also try a mattifier. I’ve used the one from Boscia for the t-zone with favorable results. (There are also tons of mattifying moisturizers out there.) My cleanser is Origins Checks and Balances, and it leaves my face squeaky clean, which I love but some people don’t, so idk. It’s more money than I would have considered spending on a cleanser a few years ago, but a little seriously goes such a long way, so it’s a good bang for the ol’ buck imo.

    • Ooo now I want to try this sunscreen because I also have oily skin. I use Neutrogena anti-aging wrinkle repair with retinol and sunscreen and I super love it but can’t use it til I’m done breastfeeding. So I’m currently using zero sunscreen (gasp, such scandal!) so I need to fix that.

  6. old man fatima says:

    I need every beauty tip that you are willing to give me, monsters. I almost never wear make up, but I get super envious of good make up on other people. (“Don’t compare yourself to other people, you are naturally beautiful and don’t need make up” -moms everywhere.) I have no idea what to get or how to put it on, though! And the internet gives a million different suggestions and products and my make up artist friend recommends only products that cost 100000000000 dollars. I want something easy and cheap (like me lololololol) that will make me feel like a proper fancy adult, please!

    No foundations, though. My skin is fine and painting a new face on my face just feels gross. I have a lightly tinted moisturizer that I use for fancy occasions.

    • artdorkgirl says:

      The eyeliner I use by Clinique has a sponge on the other end and I use that to blend out my eyeliner into a smokey eye look. then a neutral eye color on top of that. I alternate between a purple eyeliner and their peridot color which is sort of a mossy green with flecks of gold. I’m super fair skinned, brown hair, blue eyes and it looks really nice and not overly done!

    • Commentatrix says:

      All you need to do is moisturize and use SPF to protect your beautiful face!

    • The only makeup I know how to do is cat eyes from watching countless youtube tutorials and lots of practice. I use a black liquid eyeliner pen from Stila and I love it.

      • summerestherson says:

        Man, liquid eyeliner feels like The Final Frontier, and I am very scared of it. But I would also very much like to learn how to use it, because I feel like all the cool cateye makeup looks require it.

        • summerestherson says:

          Eyeliner pencils are TERRIBLE for doing wings/cateyes.

        • It takes a while to learn but at this point I’ve got it down. The worst is I’ll do a cute little wing on one side then go for the other eye and it ends up bigger so i have to adjust for the other. I’ve learned to accept that my eyes will never be perfectly symmetrical.

        • summerestherson says:

          I will have to give the liquid pen a try, then! You like Stila?

    • I like to make my eyes look fancy cause my skin is fine and I don’t like wearing lipsticks usually. I have a eyeliner crayon that smudges easily that I just smudge with my finger to make it look smoky. Eyeshadows are fun too…get a cheap pallet from e.l.f. or similar and a cheap eyeshadow brush and just play around with different colors until you find a combination you like. Google image search “eyeshadow diagram” for some helpful tips (but don’t feel overwhelmed, you can start with just one or two colors).

      • old man fatima says:

        I’ve tried eyeshadow but I’m shit at blending! It just ends up as a big chunk of colour and I’m not into that. How do you blend?

        • summerestherson says:

          Either get a slightly angled blending brush or just go to town with your fingers! That’s what I do anyways. I’ve heard/read you should use your ring finger for blending around your eyes as you index finger is like TOO STRONG.

  7. Sota says:

    If there are any other redheaded monsters around here, this blog is fun. They often have makeup and skincare tips just for our pale, freckly ginger peoples on it!

  8. I think I would like to get my hair cut before I go back to work but won’t do anything more than a trim and maybe some subtle layers. Too burned from the last time I tried to do something different. Also I want my hair super long again still.

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